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Doing the Rumba

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Rumba's Top 10 Winter Favourites

March 28th 2006 6:07 am
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This is my list of great wintery things:

1. Eating snow! Especially brand new snow, when it's still fluffy and dry

2. Ice walks. It's great to expand ones territory when the sea freezes over.

3. Sledding. Especially if I can push a little bit!

4. Breaking the ice. It's great when the puddles ice over and you can break the thin ice with your paws...

5. Digging in the snow. Any kind of digging is good, but snow is excellent for this purpose!

6. Breaking snow formations. Anything goes, but snowmen are very good and satisfying.

7. Going to Seurasaari outside cafe. In the winter Mummy always fries me a sausage when we go there.

8. Chasing snow balls. No matter how many Dad throws, I always catch them all!

9. Ice fishing. Grandad takes me every time I go visit him in the wintertime.

10. Warming by the fire. After staying out in the cold, nothing is sweeter than lying on the carpet by the fire... Bliss!


Hello, remember me?

January 25th 2006 3:22 am
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My gosh, time really is flying when you're having fun!
So many things have happened since Mum wrote my previous entry. First of all, I have a nanny! Well, she is a walker really, but I like calling her my nanny. An old friend of ours called Divina now takes me out every day. Isn't that super! She's so great - we usually take my rubber chicken or some other toy along, and we play like mad!

Also, Mum and Dad have travelled quite a bit, and I've had great holidays myself. The first one was a week and a half with Grandad in the country. We went ice fishing every day! Grandma said it took us too long - four or five hours a day... That's not too long, it's just the right amount I think. Especially when I can play with Piku, Grandad's dog, and we have a lunchbox filled with sandwiches or sausages...

The second holiday was two weeks ago at Mira and Tomppa's holiday home. I love it there! Their dogs Aldo and Sombra are my dear friends. And Tomppa knows dogs love their sausages, so he made sure we had some every time humans did!

I bet my holidays were way cooler than Mum and Dad's!

Must go now, Divina is here! Speak to you soon!


Missing the kids already

October 20th 2005 9:58 am
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Our god-daughters Jenni and Sanni were visiting and just left today. They were great fun! We were running and playing tug, eating crisps, wrestling on the guest bed... doing all the good stuff! Saying goodbye was so difficult after all the fun we had - it took almost an hour for them to get through the door. And they thought I was the one who looked sad!
Now they're gone and the house feels so empty. Better tell Mum and Dad to adopt a few kids to keep me company at all times!


Miss Awareness here

September 17th 2005 6:23 am
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Today I took part in this event called Project Aware. It meant that I got to wear my I Love Whales collar and leash, and meet tons of friends on the dock and eat cinnamon buns afterwards! Isn't that great!

For people it's slightly different though; they were scuba diving and lifting pieces of rubbish from the sea bed.
I love being on guard when Mum, Dad or their friends go diving. Today was extra fun because they came back several times and I didn't need to wait that long. And every time they surfaced they brought up something interesting. I mean, you should see some of the things people throw away! Mobile phones, cameras, bikes, money - you name it! In just an hours time we collected enough to fill a small van.

They told me I was so "aware" throughout the event that I get to be their mascot next time! Isn't it top being environmentally aware!


Pilates - is it the new massage?

September 15th 2005 1:23 am
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My Dad bought a book on doggie pilates last night. This morning I had my first session. It wasn't half bad! That double leg extension thing was a bit tricky, but otherwise I just slept through it. Let's hope I'll need a treatment every morning from now on! I just hope this doesn't mean I will have fewer massages from Mummy...


Holy Moses!

September 8th 2005 2:16 pm
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I'm so excited!
I'm going to have a new friend soon, and guess what - I already know his name! His name is Mooses, and my friends Jukka and Antti are going to be his Daddies. At the moment Mooses is only a wee baby, about 7 weeks old. Mummy says I was ten times bigger when I was that age but I don't buy that, it's only my bones that make me look bigger!

Mum says Mooses is a pug. I don't buy that, either. I know how pugs look like, and this guy looks more like a hamster to me. A very cute hamster! I hope he grows real fast so we could start wrestling soon. I mean, can you imagine wrestling with a hamster??? And if he wants to come over and have a play date, I'm ok with that. He can even stay the night if he likes. But NOT in the big bed!

I hope I get to see him soon enough, but maybe I need to wait a while until he's had his first shots. I'll let you know as soon as I know more about this little guy!


Just to let you know

August 24th 2005 7:01 am
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That the mushroom season has started. That's great news! Bava and I went to the doggie forest to pick some (with a little help from the Mums) and got to run like crazy. I wish we could go every day!


Waiting for tomorrow...

August 18th 2005 12:40 pm
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Because tomorrow my friend Hubert is going to come over. And guess what, he's going to stay till Sunday! Better go polish my tennis balls, because tomorrow evening we're playing like there's no tomorrow! Ha!


Country Feelin'

July 12th 2005 1:52 pm
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It's official. I'm a hick.
I simply adore the countryside. Love the grass, the lake, fishing, gardening, the works! I never want to leave!

Feel like swinging in my hammock, slurping my water and singing that old Brian Wilson classic;

Country feelings they're a-callin me
And brother I'm feeling fine
Wanna cut loose from the city
Get out and run around

Oh boy, this is life!


Life's a beach -

June 30th 2005 12:26 pm
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This whole summer malarkey is actually quite good. I mean, very good!

Last weekend we were celebrating the Midsummer, which is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. My basset hound boyfriends Mauri and Lyly invited us over to their summer cottage. Oh and Mum and Dad were also there. On Midsummer Eve we were doing a nice barbie, and Teppo fried some sausages for all of us doggies. Isn't he just great! Lyly also had this great soft ball I really liked; I carried it around in my mouth for seven hours. Mum thought that was somehow amazing, but hey - it was piece of cake!

Tomorrow evening Mum and Dad will start their summer holidays. Hurrah! Five weeks of relaxation sounds good to me! Also, we will host the tradional girlie birthday party (for me and Mum) on Saturday. Mum has invited tons of friends, which means tons of presents!!! Wonder what they will get me...

So all in all, I'm very pleased! In fact, I LOVE THE SUMMERTIME!

Life really is a beach,
- and then you dive!

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