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Aura's Tails (Tales)

The Great Crate Escape

January 9th 2013 11:53 pm
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Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 6:16 PM

Well Kemah and Aura are "budds" now everything is fine but she gave us quite a fright. She slipped out of the collar as I was taking down out of the trunk from the crate and escaped between the cars and took off out the garage door. I chased her though three neighborhoods and down a creek. I eventually had seven people trying to corral but she was too fast. After two hours, she ultimately ran back home and into the side gate we had left open for her with me in pursuit. She came in thought the dog door and Kemah wanted to play with her. She is still kinda pacing around though her crate is in the living room with an extra blanket. She ate on the patio and seems to be wearing down. Serge was walking the neighborhood in the meantime with Kemah,and we think that ultimately Aura smelled Kemah and was able to find the path home that way. She is pretty smart though, and very quick!

What a sweetie, she is finally coming up to sniff me on her own.

I think the flight really spooked her. I wouldn't dare take her to the dog park until she is settled.

Liz: OMG, she probably was very spooked and just wanted to get away. I'm relieved to hear she made her way back and didn't get hit by a car. At least she has a microchip but the call-in info is on the collar. All of you must be exhausted. Guess you'll have to drive into the garage and close the door before you get her out of the car again. It will take awhile for her to recover from having strangers chase her all over the neighborhood. Make sure your fence gates are bolt locked. Keep in touch and let me know how she does these next few days and the weeknd.


Well you cant close the garage and open that hatch for the trunk for the crate, it was backed into the garage when we did this I am surprised she is such and escape artist .I would have to put her in the car and into the seatbelt to take her to the vet and attach the leash to the seatbelt harness to take her in and out.

Everyone is happy now, no worries. I think Aura runs about 30 mph, she bolted across a field and I had to go driving to the other end of it in my car down a collector street. I was parked in a bank parking lot that the other side is a main road. I had to corral her back the other direction. The tellers were waving at us out the bank window. Then there were apartment guys on the other side of the creek driving the golf cart up and down the other side of it downt he parking lot to deter her form crossing. I had three other ladies surrounding the two acre field who pulled into the lot seeing me in pursuit.. She ran in that area for about and hour and a half eluding us all. Then I sat down and started calling her, she came up to me until she saw the leash and bolted and ran back to the house, crossing the collector street. Then she would run back the other way. This is after she kept doing the same form one end of a bricked in alley to another as I would drive to the other side, then she had run past me, and across though a preschool and down that creek way.She did cross that creek twice and was chased back buy the cart guys or another lady trying to catch her. I figured she would wear out after two hours but no sign of it. She decided to go "home". I think she got hungry and thirsty before she got tired. If she were a human she would be a dodge ball champion. Everyone was honking to warn other drivers when she was crossing the collector streets. I am sure that scared her even more.

She seems fine now:) Maybe because she ws so tired form running she didn't fight with Kemah at all. Kemah is very playful wagging her tail and such but the dog is too tired now to play. Shes has not gone in her crate yet either.

I am so glad we couldnt cut the ties at the airport....

Liz: Could you imagine that video on utube? A Dal running down the flight line and out pacing a taxiing plane!

yes well a cat got loose recently and shut down one flight for a while because it got into part of the plane. another cat got loose and it took to long to find it, by they time they did it was in too poor of heath to survive. So they have seriously tightened up pets getting loose over there. I dont know if they always put those plastic lcips on or if it is something new.

It would be a great video though. She really is *fast*. She is young, so I might do some agility with her once she gets used to me:)

Maybe you should look up some lure coursing clubs...


I was only laughing about the airport because it *didn't happen*.




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