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Whoa me

January 7th 2013 11:57 am
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I had such a rough day today! My mommy and daddy went back to work today, but my big sister stayed home with me! we watched a movie together, or rather, she watched and I slept. and snored. heehee. My friend Max (he's a cat) got jealous and perched on my sister for attention. he's a little weird, but he's a cat so its expected. later, I went potty outside and there was this cold white stuff on the ground! I didn't stay out long because my feet got numb and the stuff got in my eyelashes. Well, I have to go sleep so more...Zzzzz...



January 8th 2013 5:55 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] great.My big BIG brother was home with me aaaaall day! I I snuggled with him a lot, but not as much as I do with my sister, cause you know, us girls have to stick together. Plus, he doesn't put CHEESE in my bowl. every one knows food is the way into my heart. I sneaked onto the good couch this morning, and she didn't even yell at me! I love her. She says that she has to do these "exercises" to keep my hips from hurting. I doubt that. I think more cheese would be better for me,but when I told her, she just laughed. Sigh....IS THAT PEANUT BUTTER I AM SMELL?

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