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Roxys Adventures in Life

January 7th 2013 8:57 pm
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Dear Diary, Today me and mom went on an adventure, we went to the trail i love where there's lots to sniff and dogs to meet, i saw the biggest dog today, he looked more scared then i did tho , i dont know why, i was only trying to nibble on his ears. We also saw a strange looking animal that looked like the cat at home , fat with black stripes and a mask,walking across our path , so rude, so i chased them off. I dont know why momma was so mad and worried I was only protecting her. On the way home we stopped at the pet store where mom bought me a new toy and more food , I was so excited i didnt even want the free treat the lady gave me so i made mom carry it home for me. I LOVE my new toy it makes noises when i bite it and is so soft. I hope i get to sleep with my mom tonight , but if I have to ill sleep outside her door. Cant wait for tomorrows adventure.


Another day

January 6th 2013 8:22 pm
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Dear Diary, Today me and mom went to the empty hockey court where my mom lets me off leash and run free , the first thing i do is sniff along the whole fence that keeps me safe from those scary loud metal boxes on wheels and mark my territory. It snowed more today, leaving a fresh layer of snow to run and play on. Momma brought my favorite blue ball to chase , she calls me back after i catch it but its strange how I always see something interesting after i catch my ball and wonder off towards it. Suddenly mom has the ball again and makes me chase it again. After an hour of chasing and playing with mom, we headed back home. I tried to play with the cat but he always has terror on his face whenever i try too and runs away.Overall today was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

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