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Sick and not feeling better

Dec 16, 2012

December 16th 2012 1:48 pm
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I'm such a cheerful dog that loves to play with my best friend (owner) I'm never in the spirt to sleep I always want to play but one day my adventures led me to we're I'm today . As I wonder the backyard in need of some excitement as I came across a pot of oil that was in attended , I Began to eat my little me away yummy yummy (cooking grease) it Taste not knowing it would make me sick as the days went by I begin to lose energy to play and throwing up this yucky stuff I hated smelled like poop my owner notice my lack of energy and began to worry she took me to the vet and they gave me pinch that hurt and some medicine as I came home to recover I still feel sick and catch myself throwing up that yucky stuff I want to go back to that playful me I want to run and jump like before I want to be the dog my owner fell in love with I want to be me again -Nala

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