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Life with Ziggy

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My First Stay at DayCamp

February 16th 2013 4:00 pm
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RoosRoos to my Pals and Friends,
Wow. I had my very first stay in DayCamp at Petsmart. I loved it! My family got a glowing Paws Report. They took good care of me. I really didn't care about mixing and mingling with the other dogs but I loved playing with my human keepers and looking out the window.
Hope everyone is having a good time wherever you are!


My First Big Hike!

February 7th 2013 6:18 pm
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Roos to all my friends and pals,
My family took my on a 3 mile hike to see the ruins of Ft. Bowie. It's a National Historic Landmark, they tell me. It was a beautiful day and we got had a picnic at the fort when we arrived. We saw lots of scat from javelina on the trail but didn't see them for real. Thank goodness. We saw an Apache home and the Butterfield Stagecoach trail.
This is my family's favorite hike in Arizona and I think it's mine, too! Though I was pretty tired at the end and slept in the car all the way home.
I hope we go again soon!


My Motor Home

February 2nd 2013 4:56 pm
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Roos Roos to all my pals and friends,
Yesterday i took my first ride in our motor home. I LOVED it! I sat in the rocking chair and got to look out to see where we were going. I was there with my kitty sisters, Boey and Sophie, and we all did great together. I hear we're going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks. WooWoo!!!
Today I went to an old Victorian copper mining town called Bisbee here in AZ. I walked the streets and met lots of other dogs and people and even walked partway up the famous 1000 Stairs. (My mom had to photograph me doing this. I have no idea why.) We had lunch at the Bisbee Coffee Company and I met another terrier and a Golden Retriever named Daisy.
A very fun day. When we got home, my Mom took me in the golf cart to play fetch. I just had my dinner and I'm falling asleep.
Life is good for me. I hope it's being good for you.


My First Hike

January 20th 2013 6:42 pm
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RooRoos to my pals,
I got to go to Catalina State Park in Tucson today. Me and my family hiked into the Romero Ruins. Huge saguaro cacti everywhere! It was a little warm but I had lots of water to drink and I had a blast. I hear we're going to Ft. Bowie next. I can hardly wait! I must do these hikes now before the really hot weather returns.
Happy Inauguration everyone!


A cold and snowy day

January 15th 2013 1:23 pm
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RooRoos to all my pals,
We are having record-breaking cold here in the Sonoran Desert. Actually, I don't get cold.
Could it be my Scottish or my Tibetan ancestry?? Mom thinks it's one of these. Don't know what it means BUT she took me up to Mt. Lemmon today to run in the snow and I LOVED it so much!!! Snow is cool.
Oh, something really neat happened while we up on the mountain. We saw 3 wild turkeys! Boy, they were huge. My mom was so excited taking photos with her iPhone. She made me stay in the car and watch.
Hope all my pals and friends are staying warm and safe,


My First Javelina!

January 8th 2013 4:32 pm
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RooRoos to my pals,

I saw my first javelina last night while on my nightly walk. He was huge! Would you believe I barked a bit and tried to run after him? Luckily, my mom stopped me. She told me Javelinas don't like dogs so I might have gotten hurt. He was right of my house. Imagine.
He was looking for food. Gotta be on the lookout from now on.


My First Walk in the City

January 5th 2013 1:43 pm
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RooRoos to all my pals,
I did it! I walked in downtown Tucson for the first time with my Mom and waited patiently, I might add, as she photographed stuff. Don't know what was so special but she was having a good time and I kept an eye on things. We even met a man walking his grey parrot!

There was lots of noise and confusion cause there's a bunch of construction going on. I walked by her side and only got scared once when a metal plate on the sidewalk clanked loudly. Mom told me it was OK so I relaxed.

I gotta take a nap now. I'm pooped.
I hope I get to go there again soon.
See you later,


I Squig Therefore I Am

December 30th 2012 5:46 pm
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RooRoos to all my pals and friends,
My mom finally learned the name for when I take a pair of sox and shake the livin' daylights out of them: Squig! I squig A LOT and throw in throaty noises and when I do I always make my moms laugh. I heard everyone saying "Maybe Ziggy's name should be Squiggy instead." I don't know about that. I kinda like Ziggy but Squiggy would be OK. My mom calls me her "little buddy" an awful lot and I really love that.
Happy New Year to everyone!


Winterhaven Christmas Lights

December 29th 2012 9:46 am
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RooRoo to my friends and pals,
Last night I got to see the famous Winterhaven Christmas Lights here in Tucson. They were awesome! My friend, Silkie, went along, too. We rode in the car so it was warm.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


How many more trips to the Apple store?

December 27th 2012 5:23 pm
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RooRoo everyone,
I've now made 3 trips to the Apple store and have yet to get a gift. Oh, I just learned I have to go back again TOMORROW! I hope we can stop at a dog park. Maybe the new one dedicated to Ivan. He was a heroic police dog killed in the line of duty. I wish I could have met him. Tucson sure has brave police dogs who work very hard at their job.

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