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Dexter's Life

First time in the beach

February 26th 2013 5:44 pm
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So last weekend Carla took me and Bebe to the beach, it was so much fun!!! Obviously Bebeb preferred to stay in the chair but not me, I was sniffing every bit of the sand at first I thought I could eat it but then I realized that there was way to much so I gave up on that. Besides there was way to much to do in the BEACH!! I saw a bird next to my big brother, Bebe, so I barked and barked until it flew away, how dare it disturb my brother's nap!? After my act of bravery I got a bit hot so when Carla got distracted and dropped the leash I ran to the water and ofcourse she was right behind me. When she finally got a hold of my leash we were both wet so we just swam for a little and then it was my turn to nap so I barked at my brother and fell asleep in Carla's arms


Three Kings Day

January 7th 2013 4:16 pm
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So The Three Kings Day is something like Christmas, but you have to leave grass for the camels, well... they din't get much from our house..see.. I kinda got a bit hungry at night and.. well you get the point. Carla woke up early that day and I did so too. We ran downstairs and she gave me a big blue stuffed bone with a red ribbon wich I thought was food so in someway I got to presents a bone and a ribbon treat!! This is the best Camel Day EVER (probably because its my first)


My first Christmas

December 31st 2012 10:28 am
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I spent Christmas in daycare with my older brother Bebe. Carla came home the day before New Year's and picked us up. On the way home Bebe went to sleep next to Carla and I curled up on her lap. Once we got home she gave us some presents from under the Christmas tree and said "Dexi come here I got something for you!" I went running over to her and she was opening the big present "here you go"she said and gave me six new toys!! and then she walked over the my big brother "here boy merry christmas" she said whispering Bebe raised his head and ate one of the cookies from his present.
Now I look foward for Christmas a time of cookies and presents and most importantly family.. haha not really food!
Im sitting on Carla's lap barking her what I want for The Three Kings Day on January 6 wich will be another story explaining that celebration.


I bark in my sleep

December 10th 2012 11:23 am
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It was around 10 is at night when Carla was studying for her finals and I was in her pillow comfortably sleeping, but then I started moving my front paws, I wagged my tail and let out a soft bark. Then another this time a bit louder then louder then I finally woke up realized what had happened and went quietly back to sleep. Oh and then Carla came to bed and I curled up next to her and some ofher hair got in my nose I turned around and sneezed in her face and she said "Dexter!? You sneezed on me!"


Sleeping arrngements

December 8th 2012 7:14 pm
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Well the first day I got home I was supposed to be sleeping in a blue craet in Carla's room but then it turned out the crate was not big enough so instead i started sleeping in a play yard in mother's room after a week I went back to sleeping in Carla's room in my play yard I would spend a lot of time in her bed before she would put me to sleep in my play yard. After I was a few months older and could hold going to the bathroom I started sleepng in Carla's couch with a diper just in case but things went wrong I would wake her up at 4:00 am so I could be with her on her bed. Once I could sleep with no diper she allowed me to sleep on her bed all night long the first night I forgot there was no diper and I wet the bed but she understood and gave me a second chance this time it went better I would sleep at the foot of the bed but as I got more confortable on the bed i would cuddle up next to her and now i sleep in her pillow

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