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An Angel's Work is Never Done!

I got my wings ♥

May 23rd 2013 4:22 pm
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Woohoo! My generous Dogster pal Mimi-In Loving Memory gave me my wings. Mom sez I look handsome. I'm flyin' around the bridge showing off my shiny new wings. Big thanks to Mimi and her amazing ability to make such amazing wings! Mommy tried and trust me, it's not easy!




To all dogster friends

April 15th 2013 3:31 pm
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Hello doggy friends if you are reading this well thank you because your about to expireiece a dogs life in heaven!!!and how I got in heaven!!!Well first I am going to start with how a dogs life is in heaven well you meet all the nice friendly doggies and you can trust in them they just make you feel comfy and you do so much activities you can do a lot of actully but one thing I will never ever forget about my owner even if I have the funest time in heaven but nothing will ever beat my best moments with mommy.Well know we will talk about how I got into heaven well a lot of doggy have been intrested in this story it all started when I was old I very sick and they took me to the vet I threw up and they also x-ray me to see and I really wanted to run and go to the park but the vet said I should not get excersice soo she listen but a few weeks past by and I could not walk!so I went to the vet again they had said to get more excersice so she listen and we went on walks so I got to do it!!! but there was just one thing I wanted to witch was to play and run I took my ball and we went to the dog park for a walk she saw the ball and threw it for me but could not run I felt something weird on my leg fell onto the grass and mommy ran as fast as she could they to me to the vet I had to stay home and rest mommy stay there with me and petted me but it was just us and I knew I would pass the next day Daddy came and I said bye to him by jumping on him and licking me but the next morning I past away to go live a new life in heaven but when mommy saw me I was dead on the floor she cried and cried and called everyone she knew and posted on facebook that I past away and that is it thanks mommy for everything and for letting me live with you I relly had a great expirience


It's me, Leo again!

January 19th 2013 7:41 pm
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I just was just remembering some old memories up at the bridge and I wanna share a really funny one with you!

It all started when we were walking through the park and a news reporter just randomly started taking pictures of me and Mom walking through the park. In the afternoon Mom saw us on tv and she looked so embarrassed but me on the other hand appreciated the attention. That's all I wanted to share with you! Bye-bye!

With lots of love,



A nice Poem

January 18th 2013 4:19 pm
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Mommy saw this poem online and thought it was really nice. It's comforting for any Mommy or daddy who had to make the choice to let their beloved pet go to rainbow bridge. Here it is. I apologize, I don't know who wrote it.

Today I made a painful choice
For my little friend without a voice
I held you close against my chest
I saw you relax for your final rest
You looked at me with tired brown eyes
I felt you breathe just one last sigh
No more pain in the moment of release
Just gentle sighs and lasting peace
It was the hardest thing to let you go
I only did it because I love you so

Thinking of you all and sending love from Rainbow Bridge.


My Birthday!

January 13th 2013 12:29 pm
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Well, Yesterday was my Birthday so I had a HUGE party with all my angel friends. First we played hide and seek and I hid behind a bush in the garden. Then it was lunch time and I smelled steak! We sat down and an Angel served us steak with gravy! We ate up right away and then one of my fur angel friends started laughing because I had gravy all over my face! We started laughing too and then we went to go play. Finally it was cake time! And to my surprise there was a giant cake! We all climbed up the cake and buried our heads in the icing (which was liver flavoured!) And ate and ate until it was all gone. We laughed until we cried and played the whole day long. Today I came to Max in a dream to say that I had a good birthday. I know my Mom and my fur family still misses me a lot.

Much Love and Angel Hugs,



A New Angel

December 2nd 2012 9:26 pm
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Well it all started Thursday November 19 2009.It was morning and I always wake and pet my dog well, it was my older sister dog because I wasn't born when she got him. But anyway when I woke up to see my dog I saw my dog dead so I started to cry but first I ran to my sister room and opened the door and told her the news she got up as fast as she could and saw him dead she started to cry too and ran gave him a hug and we cried on him and kissed him.

maybe I should start from the beginning on why he died and stuff. I don't remember the day but he got real sick and we took him to the vet and they gave special medication and at that time my older brother got a cute little Pit bull he was still a puppy. i made an account for him. His name was Enzo and when we went to the vet Enzo came with us to get his shot he was doing good but as I was saying Leo got real sick he couldn't even walk they had to put him on a blanket to get him inside the room. In Heaven a new angel arrived and they celebrated. I still miss him a lot and think of him. But it was a good thing to end his suffering. But here's the happy part 2 or 3 year later I got a new dog name Max thank you for reading ;)

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