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My Diary As Told By Spunky the Counter Surfer

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I thought it was a regular visit to the vet......

April 6th 2013 1:03 pm
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Dad and mom took me for my dip that I have to have because of my condition but she had some questions fr the vet, who is very nice I must add. Mom wanted her to look at my paws because it looked like I was getting webbing and she knew I had been limping and my paws were tender.

The vet took my temperature and did a skin scraping and also took a sample with a needle and syringe from what mom thought was webbing.

It was not webbing it is the same thing I have inside me,but it is rare she said that it happens in the paws too.Mom has to give me pain medicine and foot baths with epsom salts 2 times a day.
I feel bad , but I feel bad for mom too cause she feels like she let me down. Oh I also have to start taking an appetite booster because I've lost weight.

wuvs to all my friends,



Mom found a lump part 2

March 12th 2013 7:37 am
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Mom talked to the vet tech Michelle, she is really sweet. She knows mom always calls early and talks a mile a minute. BOL....Anyway. The way I eat on sticks when I play fetch she said it was an abscess and I got it from it poking my inside of my mouth.. And to keep an eye on it, but as long as it doesn't come back, and I keep eating and playing and doing stuff that mom has to rake up, I'm fine. Mom said that Michelle said if it comes back, to bring her in immediately. She said mom popped it when she was always feeling my neck. Mom never knew dogs could get absences.

So good news,
They are a really good place to go.Nice people, mom really likes them.
Thank you all for keeping your paws crossed!I Wuv you all!

oodles of love,


Mom found a lump

March 8th 2013 5:19 pm
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Mom was readjusting my pretty pink collar and felt a lump under my skin tonight.It moves but is hard. Mom is hoping since it is where my wrinkles hang down on my neck it is maybe just like a fatty pocket,but I can tell mom is worried. She called dad at work. She didn't feel it the other day, of course she thins she might have missed it. I'm still eating and playing and frisky but mom is going to take me to the vet Monday.They close early tomorrow.

Your pal,



Spots........Mom's Confused

March 5th 2013 9:29 pm
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As my fur is getting thicker and I'm getting older mom noticed I'm getting spots on me.Mom thought she was pretty sure what kind of dog I am until the dark spots started showing. Can anyone help my mom? Any input? I'm getting more fur but my mom is pulling her hair out trying to figure me out. If any one has any thoughts could u please maybe help. Oh the spots are black and mom says they are about the size of a pencil eraser,so far.

Bark at you later,



Thank you Dogster

March 2nd 2013 2:42 am
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Thank you for the birthday wishes and all the bones! 'll share,I promise.



My 1st Birthday

March 1st 2013 9:50 pm
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I have had so many 1st experiences in my young life as a pup. That is why My diary is so special today.

My first experience that my mom and dad know about was I was mistreated and abused.
Another first was mom finding me and taking me in and I found my first and last furever home,I had never known what vets were. that was another first.
I didn't know what a full tummy was or toys. I do now though and I learned /learning to share.
Thank you mom and dad!

I had my first Christmas, that was neat and so inspiring,now I know what everyone was excited about.
Boy I found out what snow was. That was scary till I saw Aregon and Casper out playing. Mom coaxed me out. She was bundled up but she got sick anyway.
I found out what furry friends can help with. "Everything"! BOL..

I found this site and mom put up pictures of me and Aregon and Casper. I have lot of friends on here that I just love and pawmail to.
And Tigger is the first cat that likes to play with me.Sometimes.

I found out that some humans have unconditional love just like us!
And so those are just some of my firsts I have experienced by my first birthday.

Thank you all my friends and thank you dogster for being here. I think it helps my mom too.


Foiled Again!

February 28th 2013 7:37 am
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We woke mom up to go outside then come in and it was breakfast, yippee!chow time!!
So I woofed it down then I tried to throw mom off and make her forget my medicine by pretending I needed to go out. She let me, BOL... I got one over on her or so I thought.

All of a sudden there came the spoon with the peanut butter and I know that pill was in there but it tastes so good by the time I ate all the peanut butter I realized the pill was was in my tummy too.

bark at you later,


Peanut Butter and I'm a big kid now,well kinda!

February 22nd 2013 1:04 pm
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I just love my peanut butter that I take with my medicine. Mom started to give me the peanut butter because I couldn't spit out the pills but guess what? It has vitamins in it that help dogs with my condition. Two to be exact. Mom says after she looked it up it can also help with my gene disorder. Be careful though,if your allergic your pawrents will be able to tell. I don't get any rashes or anything so I'm o.k.
Anyways I'm doing the agility bar,I don't cheat like Casper,and I'm growing like a weed mom says and I have all sorts of fur growing now.

hi-5s to you,



A Package Came Today!

February 21st 2013 1:09 pm
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I'm so excited. mom has been working with me on tricks and agility and one of my jumps came in today. Mom knows I do best if I have things to focus on.
Casper even is doing tricks too. But mom hasn't figured out how to capture the moments and work with me at the same took 10 tries but i did the Frisbee trick over her back with mom kneeling once.

Bark at you later,



Ahhh!!!!! My Worst Nightmare!!!

February 12th 2013 11:00 am
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Well I had my medicated bath today which normally makes me feel relaxed but mom clipped my toenails.Oh I hate that,she's not as good as the vet tech or as fast. It's all good though cause she loves me and I got a treat!

Bark at you later


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