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Being the oldest of kids has its advantages!

I tried to Climb A Tree Today

December 15th 2012 7:50 pm
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I was outside today and treed a squirrel! Yippie! But the story is much more interesting than that. I tried to climb the tree to get to that darn squirrel and when that didn't work, I tried jumping on the doghouse then jumping to the tree. I couldn't make it so I circled the yard and there is a shed in one of my pictures (red and white) I was sizing up to get on the roof but it was too tall also.

I tried leaping as high as I could. no good, that squirrel was on the top branch and not moving. Mama sed I needed a ladder, don't know what that is.

Mom got the camera but by then I was laying at the bottom of the tree laying down, looking up at that squirrel. The nerve in my yard and all.
Finally I got hungry and came inside. then it got dark and mom turned on all the lights outside so I watched them.
I told mom I had to go potty but I'm really looking for more squirrels.

Paws to all!


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