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Adventures of a Dachshund

Change is Scary

December 11th 2012 11:13 pm
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Today my mom was packing a suitcase. I was getting worried about what was happening. I heard grandma and papa fighting. I was worried something was about to happen. Mommy packed up everything in her room in plastic bags and backpacks. She was crying. I nuzzled her to try to tell her it was okay and we would be fine. Mommy came and took me out front to play ball. She had everything out on the drive way, she sat down and out her face in her knees. I walked over mot her and licked the tears away. She just kept telling me we were going to be okay and we were going to be safe now.. I wasn't sure what was going on but I knew I had to trust her. Her sisters van pulled up and she put me in the van. Papa came out and started yelling at her. I was barking at him and showing my teeth. I wouldn't bite him unless he hurt her but I was tempted by the way he was gesturing.
She tossed everything in the back of the van and as my mummy's sister talked to papa for a few minutes we were on our way. She said I would be staying with my cousins Copper and Sophie for a we days before we she would come stay there with me too. I wasn't Sure why but trusted her. We dropped her things off at her sisters house, and stayed there for a few minutes before leaving in the car again. When we got to my cousins house I was greeted by my uncle Tim and warmly embraced. Copper licked my face trying to comfort me but I knew mama was going to leave me there.
She hugged me and kissed me then said bye and that she loved me. I know she will return soon.. I hate sleeping without here though, it doesn't feel right.
The Long short of it is I may not know what is happening but I love my mommy and trust her. I am holding onto her words. I love you mommy

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