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New horizons

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New Horizons

November 22nd 2012 7:05 am
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Hi! My name is Burli.
Last weekend I came to live with my foster pet parents. I'll be staying with them for a while and getting to know my new friends Abby, Jack and Cat-tastic.

For six days I've been running, playing and having great fun. We have lots of room to run and romp. My appetite is crazy and I've cleaned my plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today, Thanksgiving, I want my pet parent & family to know that I am learning new things, eating well and happy. Thanks to you, I feel peaceful and am never without the company of a four or two-legged friend here. We are all going to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner together and eventually an afternoon nap. Until the turkey is done, my two new friends will be kicking up our heels in the back yard playing keep-away and tag.


Romping in the whte stuff

November 23rd 2012 7:00 am
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Yesterday was a beauty! Romped & ran outside until dinner and had a blast with my new pup family. It started getting chilly we went in for turkey and all the trimmings. Delish!

The fluffy stuff started to fall but we were all cozy in front of the fire. It was everyone on the bed this morning. Foster mama insists that there's ALWAYS room for one more and they've made room for me since I arrived. By this morning there were three inches of fresh snow. Abby & I put all kinds of paw prints on Mother Nature's blank canvas. We rocked & rolled all over the place while mom was making eggs & cheddar for breakfast for all of us. More yummy goodness.

I cleaned my plate and am going for a quad jog (dad, Abby, Jack & I) at the river. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring but I'm ready for it all.


Puppy muffins

November 25th 2012 7:12 am
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Abby is wearing her Red Ball Jets (shoes) while we're running. After our run, foster mom made more puppy muffins. You should smell the kitchen! We get them every morning. They are packed with wonderful things like oats, flexseed, blueberries & pumpkin. Each of us get our special treat by hand right after breakfast.

Jack and Abby are taller than I am and have raised bowls. Because I prefer being lower to the ground and have my very own bowl on a special rug just for me. It's my very own space with the other 'kids'. :) So cool.


Travel time

November 27th 2012 8:08 am
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Go, go, go. When we aren't running with dad, out for a walk or playing in the yard, we're on the road. This last weekend we went to visit a farm. There are three dogs that live there; Bueno, Lexi & Lady. Lexi is a shepherd like me and just about my size. She isn't afraid of anything including the horses. There's also a fluffy horse that's called a llama and a little fuzzy one called a mini-donkey. New smells everywhere!!

Abby and I are becoming fast friends. Sometimes it's hard to tell us apart. Not only do we look alike, we even move the same. If I keep eating like I have been, I'll be as big as her in no time. We have a schedule and at mealtime that we all sit together & wait until we get 'OK'. It usually takes me a little longer to eat but Abby & Jack just wait nearby & we all go back out to play.


Farm Hand

November 28th 2012 4:11 am
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We got to go to the farm again last night and visit Lexi, Lady & Bueno. It was dark so we stayed in the fence but we still had a great time, played and played and played. I must have worked up an appetite because I wolfed down dinner.

No play before bed tonight; all tuckered out. Foster mom gives me a kiss from my mom every night and reminds me what a wonderful thing she did to let me stay here. Thanks mom!


Houdini Squared

November 29th 2012 4:17 am
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There's something about the ambition of a puppy that is to be admired when it's put to good use. I'm thinking now that my leaping the kennel isn't a good thing but it's such a cool game. How do kennel walls grow overnight? :( I can't jump that high! But Abby and I have fun playing games and tussling in here. We even helped 'distribute' a bale of hay. What is shredded wheat anyway?

Abby & I got to go to work too! Lots of new people to meet. They hugged the stuffins' right out of me. Who exactly is 'Mini-Me'?


Wabbit season

December 1st 2012 4:59 am
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I'm still getting used to Cat-tastic. She is a marvel to me and I am VERY curious. Sometimes I even tiptoe so quietly behind her that she doesn't even know I'm there. Quite the trick for a dog, eh?

There is a bird feeder in the yard that attracts all kinds of critters. It's the white-tail little balls of fur that get my attention. Sometimes when we go 'outside', the fuzzballs are snacking on bird seed. Abby & I race to try and catch them but they are always faster than we are and have many places in the yard to seek shelter. Still fun trying, probably notsomuch for them but great exercise for us!


Game on

December 5th 2012 3:49 pm
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The yard here is sooooooooooo big! We have open spaces, woods and obstacles to play around and climb on. Sometimes I think that Abby & I were separated at birth. We look the same, act the same and have found that we like the same games.

We play keep-away with just about anything. If she picks up a stick, I try to catch her. If I find something interesting we run all over the yard together.

Abby, Jack & I went running this afternoon. We go at least twice a week. I'm in awesome shape!


Making new friends

December 7th 2012 4:29 pm
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We all went to do chores at the farm again tonight. This trip I met Montana, Dixie and Eeyore. The little donkey and I almost met nose to nose. He's really fuzzy and has the biggest ears I've ever seen! We fed all the horses, donkey and llama, Cookie. They sure were hungry. Hey, come to think of it, so was I. Farm hands sure work up an appetite.


Snow Day

December 9th 2012 6:22 am
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White, white, white everywhere. It's so peaceful this morning watching the silent flakes fall. Once again, Abby & I have the same idea and are just enjoying the quiet time together after Sunday morning family breakfast of eggs & toast. A little work shoveling and we're off for my favorite, a walk in the woods. Everybody together and no leashes. We run & run & run and run some more. Sundays are good.

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