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Joined Dogster!

November 18th 2012 10:26 am
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My human finally let me back on my laptop after ruining her tasty shoe. Thought I might meet new friends, so now im on dogster! my human made her account and let me make mine. Already I've been invited into 4 groups! I'm popular you see. Been at home all day, human was to busy to walk me (and it was raining). Tried to play frisbee, but failed, I can't catch it! My human was looking to buy a clicker to "train" me, Pfft! I don't need training, I know how to sit, stay, shake, blah blah blah, its only if I chose to do it! Oh well, if it makes her happy. Christmas soon, when I get the same thing every year, a pigs ear, a bone, a chew, treats. Oh well, I'm happy with that anyway :) Going to watch this screen with changing pictures, I think its called a "TV", she thinks its cute if I stare at it? Wired right? Anyway, Im going now, bye! x



November 19th 2012 7:59 am
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This morning was so boring! I just layed in bed, chasing my tail, cleaning my self, blah blah blah. And finally my human came home from school, and what does she do? take me on a walk! I was so chuffed! And even better was she was eating digestive biscuits, she won't give me them because its "human food". So when it was hanging low, I took my chance and grabbed it. And all she was going on about after was "you shouldn't do that" "it's wasn't your food" "you'll get fat" "I was ganna eat that" and so on... I could of saved her life, that biscuit could of been poisoned or have knifes in it, and what's the thanks I get? Being muttered about being "disobedient". It Was totally worth it though ;) x



November 21st 2012 11:07 am
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I couldn't add a dairy yesterday, my human took me to a sleep over round her friends house, so much fun! Today was boring again, no walks! Just slept and ate. Nothing really to talk about... But im ganna get ready for bed, im ganna watch a program with my human, bye! x


Sponsored Walk!

November 22nd 2012 10:07 am
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I was so happy when my human got home from school, she told me that we and lots of over people are doing a sponsored walk for GSD (glycogen storage disease) she has GSD and was on the news and in several newspapers because of it, so we are trying to get lots of people to join us so we can donate the sponsor money to "AGSD". GSD is a very rare liver condition that 1 in 3 million people have, and the money goes to finding a cure for this. She want's people who are interested to join us, you can also bring your owners! Its in Clacton-on-sea in Essex, If you would like to join me and my human on this walk please put a comment if you are interested! my human would really appreciate it! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu! :) bye! woof! x



November 23rd 2012 12:45 pm
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Was so happy today! This morning my other human took me for a walk while my human was at school, and then when she got home, she took me for another walk! Whoo hoo! Was so chuffed! I do love her so much! When we got home she went in her room, I got bored so I went upstairs to join her, my other humans says im not allowed upstairs, but she lets me when their gone. And I pushed my nose to open the door and she just smiled and said "ohh, come on then!" Had the best belly massage EVER! All my humans have gone to bed at the moment, I always stay up late, keeping guard for any intruders. Oh, I do love my family!



November 24th 2012 9:00 am
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Did nothing today, it was raining all day, so I couldn't go for a walk or nothing. My other humans left the house so it was just me and my human, I went on her bed and we cuddled up and listened to music. So nice to be in the warmth. I need some days where I just stay at home, most days I go out for ages and it's normally cold, but today was a relaxing day with my human, happy as ever! x


New Trick!

November 25th 2012 11:54 am
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My human was so happy that I dropped my ball in her hands? Really? I don't get it? I had me favourite ball im my mouth and went over to her to drop it in her hands, and she jumped up and was saying "Lucifer finally knows how to drop!" and every time I repeat this, she gives me lots of hugs and massages. Didn't know it was that easy! Today was my lucky day. The humans were eating steak! And where there's steak, there's steak fat. And that's where I come in, looking all innocent and cute, then the feast begins. My human feeds me the most out of the others, she always gives me half of her steak, and that's why I love her! :) x



November 27th 2012 9:11 am
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I wasn't allowed to go on my laptop yesterday to write my diary, I was grounded :( Yesterday my human took me out, we was halfway through the field when I went into the bushes because I could smell something, 2 mins later she was screaming my name but I ignored her, she was running about screaming my name for 20 mins so she started to get upset and teary, she was ganna call for help but then she spotted me in the bushes eating.. well...I don't even know what it was, but it was tasty! She shouted my name so loudly and grabbed my collar and stormed out of there. She sat me down and looked at me straight in the eyes and was saying how much she worried and how I should come when called. She didn't speak to me all day, didn't even give me a treat when I got home! Not fair! Bless her, she was so worried that she started to cry. Today she was still going on about it, so she took me to the vet to see if I had a hearing problem, turns out my hearing is perfect, and I just was ignoring her. Well, its true, whatever I was eating was to tasty to miss.


Party House!

November 28th 2012 9:36 am
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Today it was just me and my human! awesome! like always, she plays songs loud when they are gone, she's so much fun when she's singing crazily, im jumping about every were getting excited by the way she is, and she jumps about on her bed, so I join her, jumping on her bed nipping at her feet for fun! What a great day, some days I need my quiet day where I do nothing and just sleep, but some days I need to get crazy and keep young.



November 29th 2012 7:46 am
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Today me and my human went to go park for a walk, ran there, ran back, was on my very best behaver from what happened last walkies time. I was so tired. And when I got home, my human bought me a brand new bed! it was so big and fluffy! It said "I Love My Dog" on it, and it was a really soft velvety texture! Lush! So after all that running I could just relax on my new bed and go sleep :) x

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