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The Awesome life of a Poochon


November 19th 2012 5:03 pm
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I am sooo in the mood for growling! Snoopy tried to TAKE MY FOOD! How dare him! Doesn't he know any better that I'm a bad dog? I barked at him "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY FOOOOOOD!" He just looked at me surprised and ran away! That should do it hehehe! I ate my meal peacefully, looks like I taught him a lesson! Next night I was in my bed chewing on a bone I snatched off Mommy's plate when suddenly Snoopy came up to my bed an TOOK THE BONE AWAY!!! He had the nerve to do that?! I growled and picked him up by the neck and threw him across the floor until he went sliding and hit the couch. I quickly distracted him saying there was a squirrel that ran into Mommy's room so he went and dropped the bone! Finally, hmmf! Next thing he came stomping down with a angry look in his eye. I dropped my delicious bone and we both barked at the same time: "THAT SETTLES IT.... DOG FIGHT!" He pulled my tail I bit his ear. He grabbed my leg I rolled him on his back. The next thing you know when Mommy came in the living room she saw me with my suspicious face and she said, "Oh boy, where's Snoopy?" I kinda looked at her strangely as if I was saying, "Who's Snoopy? I know no Snoopy"? She looked around and called his name a few times all she heard was a mumbling bark. Then, A tiny head peered down from underneath me in an angry look and stared at Mommy saying: "Take this crazy mutt away from me pleeaase! MUTT?! MUTT?! Did he just say what I heard him say! Just because he's a purebred lets him call me a mutt?! "For the record Snoopy I prefer the term Designer Dog rather than Mutt.", I said the calmest I could kind of fake smiling. We had another fight but then we got to tired and slept beside each other on the carpet Zzzzz! Bye guys!

Your pal who fights a lot,



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