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Real Boys keep Diawies!

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My First Snow Day!

December 18th 2012 7:26 pm
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Today Mommy woke me up early in the middle of an awesome dream about dog food and rushed me downstairs to the backyard to do my business. But instead she took me to the front door! As soon as I stepped outside OMD! Everywhere I looked there was vanilla ice cream! I took a lick of it, BLEEEAK! It tasted more like ice or water than vanilla ice cream! Then I thought, wait doesn't Mommy buy ice cream instead of picking it from the ground? I looked at her confused. Mommy explained that it was something called "Snow," just like my brother! Well, I soon fell in love with the snow! I rolled around and ate some more and began to pee on it. To my surprise it turned yellow!

After I played in the snow until I nearly froze to death my fun was cut short when in the afternoon Mommy said I was due for my shots! AGAIN??? Mommy put me in the truck and we drove away. Then, I got happy again when the vet said they made a mistake and I'm still due for my shots another week! Hooray!

Now, I'm back to the snow playing and freezing my paws out there enjoying my day as the sun goes down. I begin to yawn and decide to head back inside for bed time. I fall asleep quickly as I dream of mountains and piles of snow everywhere. Zzzz...Good thing it will snow even more tommorow!


Cwismas r Com'in!

December 4th 2012 6:23 pm
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Tuday we are putting up teh Cwismas Twee and hanging our stockings! I have a wittle tiny wone! I can't wait 'till my first Cwismas! Mommy says if I be good, mee and Snow wills get our picture with Santa at Petsmart! Hopefuly not wit my stiupid wittle Santa Hat...

-Yur Pal ♥



Today's A Big Day! Back at Petsmart

November 27th 2012 8:21 pm
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Hey pups! It's your pal Snoop and I want to tell you about my big day! It all started in the afternoon when Mommy put me in the truck and took me to the vet office (shivers!) The vet checked me and then the worst thing happened! He got the biggest needle I've ever seen in my life and explained to Mommy a bunch of nonsense all I heard is bla bla bla kennel cough vaccine bla bla bla he needs to be immunized I just turned my head to the side I was kinda creeped out and confused and then he said bla bla bla you won't feel a thing Snoopy and then, EEEEK! I felt something painful go into my arm and let out the loudest cry ever. People stopped and said in the background What was that? Is there a dog dying in there? The vet just looked Mommy's jaw dropped then the vet broke the silence Wow he sure is a loud one! Obiously he's a beagle, said Mommy we said thanks paid and left.

Later in the afternoon Mommy took me to Petsmart again! This time she took me to a place called the "Groomers" and they all were saying I was sooo cute! Then, Mommy said, is there still time for my dog to get a nice grooming session? I have a coupon. Then the groomer said oh sure thing just write down his information. After she was done in fancy writing was my name, Snoopy Pasquier. Mommy gave me a kiss and left to go buy stuff at the shop next door. At first I was crying and then I stopped. They checked my teeth and wrote on my report card "Clean." Then they checked my ears and wrote clean again this went on and on until she stopped at checking my skin she wrote down "Dandruff." They bathed me and then they finally put a big red bandana that said showed the Petsmart logo on it. I waited a few minutes till Mommy came back and then I saw her for a second picking out some new dog food. I looked out the window and saw her in the aisle looking for Blue Buffalo Puppy Chow. Then she smiled and waved and ran back for a second. Then about a minute later she came to get me! I wagged my tail and quacked with joy! The groomer explained that I had dandruff in my fur and she said that it was the food she was giving me and she said Blue Buffalo was better. We said thanks and went back to the cashhier we paid for dog food a Kong Ziggie and dog food and guess what it was all free! Mommy had bought a puppy starter kit with free stuff coupons. Anyways, see ya pups

Your Pal, Snoop


Some wittle Updades

November 23rd 2012 12:27 pm
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Wew I finawy went tu Pedsmart!! Id wuz su fun!!! I god tu sniff eberyfing and I meated sum uder pupz an we sniffded eachober an id wuz jus su fun!! AN on tob ob id aw... I got tu pik oud a noo toy!!!

Anuder fing... Momma bought mee a wittle Santa hat fwom teh Cwismas seckshion in PetSmart. It took her tuu howers tu put it on mee and ten finaly it was on! Mommy took mee to teh miror. AR YU KIDING MEE?? I WOOK 'ORRIBLE!!! I wish dis stiupid hat wud get off me!!! Exscuse mee while I try to take dis hat off, I will catch yus later!! Now weres tat hat?...

-Yur Puppy Pal ♥




November 18th 2012 7:52 pm
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Mommy was outside with me in the front yard when suddenly she realized I was gone! She went on her bike with her friend yelling my name she even mistook me for a leaf pile! Suddenly she realized that I was behind her the whole time! Next time look behind me Mommy!

Your Puppy Pal,



Hello Pups!

November 17th 2012 5:26 pm
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Do ya wanna know why I'm soooo happy? I got to meet my real bro Hatchy! He looks just like me except he has more white spots! How did I meet him? Well Mommy's friends bought my bro a day after she bought me so now we will have play-dates more often! One thing for sure is that we loove to playfight until we start growling and pulling our ears! Well anyways pups, See ya later!


House Training Part 1.

November 13th 2012 4:14 pm
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Otay pups, wisten up! Mommy ha been twying to houstwain me but it has bin a disaster. Well, teh twuth iz, I'm nod inawested in houstwainin but Mommy says I hav to learn! So wet mee tell yu a wittle bit of how tat wuz wike.

First ob all, on mai first day Mommy lay fwesh newspaypur on teh flor in her room fur mee to do mai business on it. How r I sapposed to know tat I'm supposed to PEE on tem, nod yus tem as a toy! So, Mommy had enuf of my whining and howling and she tot maybee I wuz homsick so she put an 'ol ticking cwock and a hot wata botol and I went tu sleep. I kept 'ondering wut tat paypur wuz fur so I brought it tu mai bed. I sune wealized I had a new enemy! It wuz teh newzpayper!!!! I decided to wip it up to shweds heheheh! Aftur a while I weely waned tu poop but ter wuz no space to poo!! I just pooped on a nice spot wite in fwont ob Mommy's wug. When she stepped out ob bed in teh morning, SQUISH! Mommy had stepped in mai poo!!! Mommy said if I had'nt ripped up my twaining pads I would hab pooped there! I gwess dis twaining iz gonna take a while...



Welcome Snoopy!!!

November 10th 2012 7:28 pm
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Today, we brought Snoopy home and it feels great =D We have settled in nicely, introduced her to Snow and he approved of Snoopy and started to slowly change her food to a grain free product. He seems to really enjoy the nylabone we got him and she is just the sweetest ever.

At first, getting into the car she was a bit nervous because I guess she didn't understand what was happening, but not too long after he calmed down and started to smile and nuzzle into my arms. He was confused about the long car ride to Canada. Since getting home, he has already started to follow me everywhere and does not like us to leave the room. He already has a real beagle howl!

He's already learned to give a hand shake! I feel like a proud dog owner who can't stop looking at my little beagle, now my beagle to be exact. We will continue to update Snoopy's pictures as he gets older! (:

-Snoopy and Snow's Mommy

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