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Whats with the POO

November 16th 2012 12:39 am
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So every time we have a play date with Sasha Or Rex, they like to do odd things. Mom and dad don't like it play dates happening much since they don't want Koda and me to start doing them. Mom has tried to help their mom teach them not to do those things but they keep insisting. They have bad breathe and never smell good ;/
To be honest i can not understand what is with the POO, they eat poo poo. My mom has tried everything to help stop the poo eating but they do it more and more. Mom even tried taking them for awhile to help the situation but they drive her up the wall, they poop in their cages to eat it and will even drink their pee. She tried removing the poo from the yard but they will eat it as it comes out....
She thinks maybe they eat to much or even less? maybe they eat to late or maybe not processing the food right? maybe they are in the cage to long at night?
She said it seems like they wait to poo until they are in their cages?!?! she just doesn't know =[
I can not figure out why they would want to eat Poo 0.o

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