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living little in a big world

no more snow!!!!

March 22nd 2013 11:45 am
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Hello everybody! Mom told me its spring, but i don't believe her. I look outside and all I see is snow, snow and more snow!!! We had 2 big snow storms this wk alone. Yesterday was a bad storm. We had a 60 car pile up on the hwy not far from my home. Mom won't even take me out in the car:(. I can't wait to be able to go play in moms flowers on the deck again:). I love that Soooo much. Mom says its a good thing I use per pads in the house cause she would never find me again if i went out. Our snow banks are over 6 ft high in places. I guess it's not to bad being inside with mom. I do love all her undivided attention and all the cuddles;).

Well I think I will go find my mom and see if she is ready for cuddle time in a nice fuzzy blanket. That's my favorite! Sending warm hugs.....Tia


is spring here yet?????

March 12th 2013 1:38 pm
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Is it Just me or does it seem like its been winter forever?????? . I can't wait for spring so mom and I can go plant flowers and i can explore the great outdoors known as " the deck.". I haven't seen the deck since last October. I'm Sooo small I don't go out to potty, I use puppy pads. Mom said ifi go out alone in winter, I would be stuck in the snow and i have to watch for hawks, they think I'm a snack. I only can go outside if mom comes with me. I do go lots of places with mom, but I'm always dressed in my winter coat and its cold out there. I love to explore on the deck. So many flowers to smell and mom has a lot of ornaments I love to look at. There are so many things on the deck, sometimes mom can't find me and will call me and because I'm stll Just sitting next to an ornament She will look right past me. Silly mom lol. Mom says be patient Tia, it won't be long now til We can see the deck. I hope she's right:). Happy spring to everyone....Tia


spending a quiet day with mom

February 26th 2013 3:47 pm
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This weekend was very busy, my human sister had to go our of town for a night so mom puppysat her jack russell Chase. He is a lot bigger than me and is very hyper so I have to make sure I keep out of his way so i don't get ran over. I like him, but I am also a little afraid of him because he is Pretty rough. The next night mom babysat 3 of her grandbabies, I really love them but i miss Not being moms #1 priority. They stayed over night, so by Sunday afternoon when they left, mom and i were Pooped.
Dad is out of town, so most of my time is Just with mom. I love to be with mom, she spoils me;). Mom said she wasn't feeling to good the last couple days so i do what I know makes her feel better and smuggle with her. I am always right beside mom, especially when she has a bad medical day. Well I'm going to go smuggle mom some more, so bye for now........Tia


back from holidays

February 6th 2013 9:16 pm
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Well We are home again after 2 wks in sunny California. We had so much fun. I loved the sunshine and warmth. While We were gone it snowed lots and the temp went down to -47 with the winchill brrrrrrrr. Guess mom and dad picked the perfect time to Leave. It was 3 when We came home:). Mom said I am such a good little traveler. I never make a sound on the plane.I love meeting all the people We do on our ventures. Mom said i fit right in in Hollywood since everyone wants to pet me and some even take picture. Everyone always thinks I'm a puppy because I'm so tiny but when mom tells them I'm 2 they all say I'm the smallest doggie they have ever seen. Mom says there has to be more my size out there. Everyone wants to know all about me. How big I was when I went home with mom, where did mom get me, do I have any health issues, etc. I'm as healthy as can be, mom says I'm perfect. When mom and dad would do things I couldn't I went to the petsmart doggie daycare. They all had so much fun playing with me and my daily report cards were awesome.

Now that We are back home, I'm catching up on my naps. Going to go smuggle with mom now. Night night..........Tia


going on holidays

January 15th 2013 2:17 am
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Let's see, went to vet, check, had a haircut, check. Mom said I'm ready to fly on the plane now. It's been Pretty busy with Getting all the clothes washed, Packing, and doing last minute run around so We can fly to California in 3 days. I'm a really good girl on the plane. I make mom proud! Everyone will want to pet me and I like that:). I think We will be very busy in California. That will be good because mom said it will help us be distracted from our Dipper being gone. It's sad at home without her. Well I better go and start Packing. I'll write soon.... Tia


missing our Dipper

January 8th 2013 2:16 pm
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Something is very different in my house now. Someone is missing. It's been a few days now since Dipper left us. I don't know where she is, I keep looking for her, but I can't find her. every time I run to the patio door to tell mom She must be outside, let her in, mom picks me up and cries. She keeps saying, "I'm sorry Tia, she's not out there". I'm starting to think she went away for good. I miss her sooooo much. Mom says she misses Dippy too. I lick my moms tears away and she holds me close, I think We are helping each other. I know We will get through this in time. Time to give mom a cuddle, so I'm going to say goodbye for today.....Tia


a very sad weekend

January 6th 2013 11:16 pm
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This weekend was very, very sad. My big sis (Dipper), is gone:'( . I remember when i first came to my furever home, she was here. My new mom introduced us slowly because Dipper wad huge and i was really little. You see Dipper was a German shepherd and I was only 14 oz. My new family wanted to make sure Dipper wouldn't hurt me. As it turned out, We became great buds. Mom and dad called her my big sis. My big sis had bad hips, and the older she got, the worse her hips Got. The last month and a half was really bad for her. She would fall and most times couldn't get up without help. Mom and dad decided it was time for Dipper to be rid of her pain so decided the family would have one last Christmas with her.
I knew this weekend was different because all my human brothers and sisters came home special to see Dipper and everyone cried. The day She left, my mom cried a lot, on and off all day:'(..she still cries
I keep looking for my bud, but she's not here. I will be lost without her. We didn't rum around together much because of her hips and age (14). She would lay on her big bed and i would lay with hee sometimes and I loved to get on my hind legs and lick her eyes, ears and mouth. Dip hated it.
Although i really miss her, mom and dad made a hard decision that was best for her..We will.always remember our Dipper and miss her dearly. RIP our dear friend.


just another day alone with mom.

January 3rd 2013 3:03 pm
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I love days like today. It's Just mom and i again. Dad is still out of town, big bro Ty is in B.C on vacation and big sis Kat is snowboarding in the mts. My mom said this is exactly why she needed me. You see my mom had a kidney transplant on March 7, 2006, then 3 months later returned to work but only for a yr when she had to stop working for good. Although she is doing a lot better with her transplant, she still had some major issues that forced her to stat home. Working was Just too difficult with the problems She has. Although she had 2 German shepherds, shamoo and dipper, she really wanted a little, cuddly lap pup to love. Shamoo was 13 yrs old when mom and dad had to put her down in July, 2009. She had health issues old dogs often get. My mom cried, she loved her very much. After deciding what kind of little friend my mom wanted, she decided a yorkie was the answer. She reasearched my breed to make sure this was the breed for her. She knew she definately wanted something tiny because now that all the human children are grown (all 5), her and dad didn't want to worry about having to kennel a large dog when they went away. In March 2011 mom started looking for me. Big sis, Kat, found the add for me on kiji. Mom saw me in the pics and fell in love. My mom phoned the breeder and after talking with her was certain She was a good breeder and not a puppy mill. The breeder had lots of interest in me, but refused to let the other parties even come see me. One was a family with small children and my breeder told them I could not go to a home woth small children because i was too fragile (I was only 14 oz.). The other person that wanted me lived in B.C and wanted my breeder to fly me to her. My breeder said no way, sorry. She insisted whover would be my new mom, had to be home and would be able to care for me 24/7. After mom spoke to her, she said We sounded like a good fit and mom could come see me. So that night mom, dad, big sis Kat and big bro Ryan drove to see me. When my mom saw me the first thing she thought was "oh, she's soooooi tiny.". It was instant love! I went to my fiercer home that night. My mom and breeder kept in contact for the next few wks to make sure all was well with my adjustment. Mom said she was a little scared because i was soooo tiny and She worried she might do someting wrong, but she did Just fine. The rest is history and i Just turned 2 in Dec and weigh 3 lbs now. Dipper and i became good friends and although she is a lot bigger then me , she is very gentle. Now We face having to put Dipper down. She US 14 yrs old and has really bad hips. Over the last couple months she has had really bad hips so She needs help to even get up. Mom and dad have decided to have her put down in the next wk. It hurts their hearts, but seeing her in pain hurts more. I'm going to miss her:'(,.. now you know my life story. Until tomarrow..... Tia;)


a quiet night with mom.

January 2nd 2013 9:47 pm
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After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas its nice to have a quiet night alone with mom. We are snuggled under the blanket watching tv, my favorite place:). I have to see the vet tomarrow to get a health certificate and my vaccines so I can fly to California in a couple weeks for a family vacation. I really don't like going to the vet, shots, kennel cough up my nose (Yuck), but I love meeting all the people at the airport and on my travels, so i guess its worth it. I'm going to be weighed tomarrow, wonder if I put on weight over the holidays. I weigh 3 lbs, so maybe only an ounce ir so lol. Time for hugs and snuggles. I'll write again tomarrow.

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