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Getting ready to play!

I Figured It Out!

October 25th 2012 7:44 am
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I finally started using my legs to walk the other day. I'm not even three weeks old yet and I got up on all fours and walked around, i'd say i'm ahead of the game! I'm still clumsy though and lose my balance a lot. Mom and dad think it's funny though! They like to watch me as I learn and grow because i'm so cute and adorable. Me and my mom Pasha play a lot more now that my eyes are open and i'm learning to walk. She's really gentle with me and she tries to help me get around by nudging me gently with her nose. I can't wait until I really get around...i'm going to be such a handful! Look out world cuz here I come!


Almost there, i'll be two weeks old tomorrow!

October 22nd 2012 9:32 pm
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I am such a cute little guy! My whole family just loves me to pieces. I am the only puppy in my litter. I guess i'm not part of a litter at all since I was the only pup born. I really surprised my mom and dad with my arrival! Since my momma is a big dog and she only had me in her tummy, her tummy never got big so our mom and dad didn't know she was pregnant. Mom and dad didn't know a whole lot about dogs, they thought that maybe because my momma wasn't spayed that she was experiencing either a heat cycle or a false pregnancy. Boy did I surprise them when I decided I was ready to come out of my momma's tummy at 2:30am on the morning of Oct 9, 2012! It was very exciting! My human mom was so funny about the whole thing because she thought that my momma needed to go potty really bad and that was why she was whining and panting a lot, she figured she was just very excited! When my momma wouldn't go potty she let her back in the house and my momma ran straight to her kennel to lay down. My human mom sat with my momma Pasha to make sure she was ok because she knew something was wrong with her and she was really worried. Well, my human mom freaked out when she noticed the sac I was in starting to poke out of my momma' know what. My human momma freaked out and yelled for my human dad to come quickly! It took over an hour for me to be born and my human momma helped deliver me because I came out backwards and everything came out but my head! My human momma thankfully knew how to deliver me because she'd helped deliver kittens on many occasions. She knew to gently push back on the vulva around my head to make it pop out without actually pulling on my tiny fragile little body. My momma freaked out and yelped and ran away after my momma helped deliver me. My human mom had to break the sac off me so I could breath and she tied off and cut my umbilical cord. My momma came back to me and my human mom introduced us for the first time. This was a very exciting time for me and my momma Pasha! I'll write again soon as I have more new experiences as I grow up :)

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