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Dog Days

Magic Info!

October 27th 2012 2:30 pm
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In the last few entries I told you I would tell you more about the magic act my humans were looking into. Well, they've stopped looking into it and have decided to actually start training me to do some tricks for their enjoyment. I like to please them, but they are really pushing it. I guess I'll do it though. After all I have seen many dogs on the site are dreading Halloween, and my humans have not brought it up(yet). If I do go out, I definitely won't wear a costume. I am hoping for a nice night at home instead of going out with all of the loud, scary demon-like human pups with their glowing pointy sticks and their strange horns and their rotting faces :O And people give them candy! If those monsters came to my home I would show them a thing or two >:(
Anyhoo, the humans have the hoop, but have not yet put fire on it. I wonder if they were exaggerating? Hopefully, because I quake at the thought. I shall though, because I am brave and I will do anything to prove it.
For the first time ever, the Little One took me out for a walk on her own. It was quite strange, but fun too.
Alas, it is time for me to leave you. I must have my dinner now.


PDSA! Oh Noes!

October 18th 2012 9:46 am
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Today I had to go to the PDSA, which is kind of vet. Ugh, vet. The word sends shivers down my spine. Dear puppies reading that have not had their injections yet: I don't mean to scare you, but it's horrible! It smells of fear and there are lots of different dogs there that are big bullies to the tiny dogs that go there. It wasn't even the normal human that gave me my jags, but some other stranger! I didn't bite, because I didn't want to get on its bad side. Oh, I was so relieved to get out of there! Not only dogs were there, but strange things with shells on their backs and little furry rats and mice with no tails and - dare I say it - CATS!!!!! Their smug little faces make me so angry!


Kept Inside

October 7th 2012 12:53 pm
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Hello all,
The second day of my, quote the Little One,awesome diary. This morning I went on my morning walk, as usual, but the humans left me in the house on my own. I took this as an advantage to find out more about the 'magic act'. There was a book I found, called '101 Dog Tricks: Step By Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog' By Kyra Sundance, but it was clearly her dog, Chalcy, that was doing all of the work. It told me lots about the 'magic act' the Little One had mentioned the previous day. I have to learn to jump through a hoop of fire, and learn how to pick a card from a deck. It all sounds very strange, but no match for the fearless Lucy. I shall complete these dangerous feats and upload a video of me doing it.


Park Confusion!

October 6th 2012 9:58 am
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Hello all. Welcome. This is my first ever entry to the diary. Hopefully I shall become famous for my great intellect and stories and get many adoring fans!
Today I went to the park, just like a normal day, but - it was very confusing. There are two humans with which I live - the Big One and the Small One. Today, the Small One played a 'game' of which tested my scent powers. In fact, she played two, one in the park and another at home. I shall mention that later. The one in the park was called 'Hide and Seek' of which I sometimes play at home, but never in such a wide space. The Small One had to go and hide somewhere, and I had to find her. I must say, I was quite worried she may possibly have Gone For Good, which my previous owners did and left me quite alone. It was very confusing, because there was so many different scents crossing paths with hers. But, eventually, I found her. I was so relieved, I licked her face all over. Then we played a game I love, called 'Piggy in the Middle'. Mmmmm, bacon! But no, it was not about bacon. The Big One throws the ball to the Little One, and I am the Piggy In The Middle, and I have to try and catch the ball before the Little One gets it. Of course,I won all of it.
When I got home, the Little One tested my mind and scent powers by yet another game. I had to pick which of her paws the treat was in. I guessed she was doubting my skill. But, I think I will keep my mind power under wraps, at least for now. I overheard the humans talking about a 'magic act' involving me, and I will find out as much info and hopefully tell you ASAP.

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