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Fizz's Story Part 4

October 20th 2012 7:47 am
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Once Fizz came home and I had managed to catch my breath and relax ( took a while !! )
Fizz then had time to recover from her Twisted Bowel, though her main complaint was eating ridiculously small meals and having to eat RICE ......... RICE with CHICKEN ........ RICE with FISH ........ RICE with SCRAMBLED EGG for WEEKS and WEEKS !!!!!!

I must admit until the day she passed ........ if she ever saw a rice meal coming towards her ?? her face would react like a Child being given a spoonful of Cod Liver Oil or Medicine !!! I have never known a dog that could say so much with just a look than My Fizzly !!!

Even with these small meals and a totally fed up with RICE dog ?? Fizz managed to keep growing, growing and growing !!! By the time she was 1 year when she was sitting down she was taller than Emma and she was bigger than most male Rottweiler's and weighed over 7 stone !! Everyone who met her no matter where would fell in love with her instantly and totally, but then she was very easy to love.

Our vet Lowri started doing Karate in Ben's Karate Club and she and Jemma a very good friend of our's would actually hold Secret Conferences without my knowledge ?? So they could decide who would Win Fizz !! depending on who would come 1st in any Karate Tournament Competitions they entered !!!! though Dai would know about it and NOT only that,
He Would ALSO then try to Raffle off Mitzi for 2nd Place ....

We then got our Pugalier Mitzi and they soon became best buddies!!! Fizz would play with Mitzi and would actually put Mitzi's entire head inside her mouth and then run up and down Mitzi's Head with her teeth !!! Many a Child and some ADULT'S would quite often panic and claim
Oh My God !!! She's eating her !!

They would also play Tug and War and Fizz would actually swing her up in the air !! around and around flying like a Carousel which Fizz found highly entertaining !! though Mitzi never seemed to be able to return the favour ! Maybe she was just nasty as I don't think it could be because there was any size or weight difference ??

Fizz would not only make friends with any people she met or any dog's ........... She would also make friends with some not so normal things ??? In our back garden we have field's and farm's surrounding our garden as we live in the middle of nowhere !! The field behind was in Fizz's mind did not belong to the farmer, but was just another part or extension of our Garden !! and in turn any animal inside this extended Fizz Garden were in turn Fizz's and so when the farmer would come to check on his animals Fizz would greet him with complete disgust and Barking as How dare he be there, and why was he touching Her Animals !!!

Fizz always had this way of taking things under her wing, particularly Babies, Babies of every type human's, puppies, horses, pig's even bird's !! She would lie near any baby and would just love to be with them, near them or being poked or prodded by them !! No Matter what a child or baby did to her she would just want to be with them !!
She was like me and just LOVED BABIES !!!

Nothing would hurt Fizz more than her seeing a Child walking towards her and the Parent of that Child grabbing the child hand and taking the child to the other side of the road ............ She would look up at me asking Why did they take that baby away ? I didn't do anything wrong I just wanted to see that Baby ???

And in turn Nothing would make Fizz happier than a child coming up to her freely, She would have done anything to have more children around her and her way with children was a truly magical and touching thing to behold.


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Barked by: ♥ Anya ♥ (Dogster Member)

October 20th 2012 at 6:49 pm

Fizz was a truly magical dog!
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