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Fizz's Story Part 3

October 18th 2012 1:11 am
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( these are Fizz's life stories from the time she came into our lives until the time she made her brave and spiritual end )

Now I know how long 9 Weeks are but Oh My 9 Weeks is an awfully long time to Wait !!!
But eventually it came around and even though Fizz was due on my Birthday Xena decided to hold off for another 2 days ( Cow Bag !! ) So My Fizzly came into this world on the 6th June 2004.

I managed to control myself and decided I would go and visit Mummy and Babies when they were a bit bigger !! Though I went to visit Xena and babies before, I decided to wait until 7 weeks before picking which fat lump I wanted !!

The day I brought my Fizz home was the same day I went to pick her ???

Mainly because I wouldn't put her down, and I think Linda was scared I would bite her if she asked to take her back !!!
We travelled home with bags of food and a very fat Rottweiler Puppy and once we got home I still don't think I let her on the floor for over an hour ??

The next day my friend Mai came over to see my new baby and we are sitting having a coffee and she turns to me and says I hope you didn't get that Stupid Looking one that I saw when I was at Linda's the other day ?? It was sitting with it's brothers and sisters looking stupid with the tip of it's tongue hanging out it's closed mouth !!!! I said I most Certainly did not have that one ? We turned around to look at Fizz and she is sitting there with the tip of her tongue sticking out ??????

Now I have had a variety of Dogs over the years and when I was growing up we had around 25 Dogs and most of them lived inside, so I was used to puppies but I have never seen a puppy grow so quickly and grow so suddenly huge !!

By 8 months Fizz Towered over my Chocolate Labrador Coco and would stand on top of Corgi Tiggy and just stand there with this Corgi watching the world go by, between this huge Rottweiler's front legs !!

It was around this time that I realised that Fizz was not right ?? I have always gone with my Gut and even though she didn't look ill ~ I knew that something was wrong with her ? Now those of you who have had one of my Puglets will know my Story about Coco ( But for those who don't know it, I will add Coco's Story to my pages soon )

But the thought process is that from Coco's Story I Strongly believe that No-One knows your Pet like You Know Your Pet ............. and I knew that something was the matter with my not so little puppy Fizz, I always leave a dog for 24 hours, to wait to see if it's just an off colour day as we all have them every so often ??

Anyway I waited and by this time Fizz would not eat her breakfast and had not drunk much water ?? I took her to the Vets and they checked her over and couldn't find anything wrong, so I was told to take her home and bring her back if she didn't get any better ??

I took her home and she still wouldn't eat and she started salivating as she wasn't drinking anything.... Lovely I know. We took her back the day after and each time the vet would squeeze her tummy and feel for Guarding ( Tensing with Pain ) She did nothing not even blink !!!

Home again .............. and back to the vets once again squeezing tummy, checking temperature all the normal things and still no idea. I was thinking of Coco and her twisted Gut, but she wasn't flinching when her stomach was being squeezed so...........

The next day she started being sick and as she hadn't eaten anything she didn't have anything in her stomach so she was really unhappy ............ by the time we got her to the vets she was still trying to be sick and she collapsed on the floor and could hardly get up .......... when they took her temperature she was off the scale and they decided to operate on her to see what was up ??????

I went out of the surgery in a complete state and went home feeling numb and once I got there I just sat by the phone and waited ............... and waited , for hours. Then the phone rang and I get told that she was lucky to be alive and they did not know whether she would make it and I should come and see her straight away.

We rush to the vets and what greets me is a very sorry sight, she's lying down in this cage her eye's closed and with a line of fluids going into a front leg. The vets tells me that she had, had a twisted bowel and that they were so rotten that they had removed 8 inches of Bowel and they felt that she had blood Poisoning and she would be lucky to make it through the night ................

I said that she would make it and the Vet looked at me and said " She had never seen a dog with such a bad Twisted Bowel that did not even blink when they had squeezed the dog's stomach ........... It was unheard of and impossible for her to fathom or get her head around and that Fizz must have the Highest Pain Tolerance of any animal anywhere !! "

I said nothing and just opened the door to the cage and sat down next to my special lady :) She opened her eye's and her lil tail starts moving and she started crawling towards me !! I tell her don't be silly and I moved closer to her and she lay her head on my lap and started purring !!!!

The vet looks at Dai he just shrugs his shoulders and says " that any animal would go through anything to please me " and the vet just looks and smiles and walked away !!

The next morning I rang the surgery and I get told that she had made it through the night !! She had chewed her way through 2 fluid drips and she was hungry !!! and please come and see her and if she did well through the day then I would be able to collect her that night to take her home !

That was Fizz's 1st glance at death and it wouldn't be her last ...................


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Barked by: ♥ Anya ♥ (Dogster Member)

October 18th 2012 at 9:15 am

What a brave dog your Fizz was! I'd be screaming.
You've always known you had a very special soul in your beloved Fizz.


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