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Fizz's Story Part 2

October 14th 2012 1:40 am
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So there we were standing in Linda's yard and I get told she breeds Rottweilers and she has PUPPIES !!!!
I tried to control my excitement and the jumping up and down !! I turned to Dai and his face had the classic OMG She's gonna either start squealing and Guess What she wants to have and What will we need to buy next look ???
Believe me I wanted to do All of them :)

So the clipping job went way out of my mind ! Sorry Linda :P
first things first Show me the babies !!

I followed Linda down the yard almost pushing her over ! Linda opened the door to the room where she had the dogs and puppies.

She turned to me and asked did I mind her letting out Xena Yep that's right Fizz's Mummy was called Xena / Zena ( Linda spelt it wrong !! but yes indeed it was said the same )

I said "don't be silly just let her out " she promptly opened the door and out came this absolutely enormous lump of a dog named Xena ??

She was seriously one of the biggest lady Rottie's I had ever seen and she was gorgeous !
She walked straight up to me and slumped down next to me and for those people who know Rottweilers then you will know exactly what I mean ?? When I say she sat on my foot, she actually slumped against my leg like a sack of spud's and started purring !!

This purring is something that seems to be a totally Rottweiler thing to do and for the untrained person this can be mis-interpreted as Growling !!! It's not growling believe me you will know when a Rottweiler is actually GROWLING !!! nope this is Purring and they do it when they realise your not scared of them and are just totally happy to be adored !!

There is nothing sadder that when your with your Rottweiler and they see a child coming towards them and the parent of that child just grabs their hand and drags them away from the Savage Rottie !!
It used to destroy Fizz when this happened and she would look absolutely devastated when this occurred !! She would look up at me and ask why can't I kiss that Baby I didn't do anything wrong ???

So if you see a Rottweiler walking towards you, if your worried catch the owners eye and ask if its OK to touch their dog ?? and then Please do as there is nothing more loving than a Rottweiler when a stranger gives them affection and doesn't cross the road !! and believe me you will then hear a Rottweiler Purr it's probably one of the biggest things that I miss the most since My Fizz past, and it's a sound that everyone should hear at least once in their life :)

I'm standing there with this big girl purring and you have to remember this is the 1st time that Xena had met Zena !! and she also had puppies ?? If a happy dog is ever gonna turn into an unhappy dog it's going to be when the happy dog has puppies ! and that is acceptable and totally natural. It's a Mum protecting their babies and that is what mother's will do !!

Linda then says "Would you like to see the puppies ? " WOULD I ???

I said " As long as Xena won't be upset ?? I would love too "

Linda says just go in as Xena wouldn't mind, so I went into where the babies were and I'm suddenly surrounded by 10 baby Rottweilers and God they were probably the fattest puppies I have ever seen and they were Stunning !! I sat down on the floor being attacked by a bunch of fatties and in walks Xena, I keep an eye on how she was reacting to me touching her puppies ?? One thing about Rottweilers they can't hide their feelings !! She looks over at me and decides she wants in on the action and then collapses next to me and just starts Purring !!!

This was the 1st time I had met Xena complete with babies and I had finally found the breeding line that I had been looking for, for a whole lot of years !!! I had found the Rottweiler who would be giving me the Love of my life My Fizzles.

Now I would have taken one of those puppies right there and then ??? But unfortunately I was too late :( they had all found homes which was great for Linda but oh my I'm not very patient !! as some of you will know to your peril !!!!

So it was decided that next litter I would be back and I would have pick of the litter !!! and I couldn't wait. It seemed an eternity for Linda to give me the news that Xena was in season and then finally mated !

If Destiny or God played a part in putting me and Fizz together I thank them, and if any of you doubt that things happen for a reason or our paths are set in stone ??

But if any of you are doubter's then let me Clarify something for you ............ Not only was Fizz's mother Called Xena ....... but Fizz was due on my Birthday !!!!

Explain that one everyone


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Barked by: ♥ Anya ♥ (Dogster Member)

October 14th 2012 at 9:25 am

I feel the same way when someone does that to me too - taking their child out of my eyes.

This was such a happy story!! We are so happy for you! You will have a 'baby' soon! We know the waiting will seem like a long time, but it will be worth it all!

Congratulations on your upcoming child!

~ and Mom (Beverly)
Barked by: Walker (Angel Boy) (Dogster Member)

October 17th 2012 at 8:02 pm

Congrats Fizzly on being a DDP today! I love kids and people of all sizes and ages. But some people have their mind set and think doggies are bad when they are not. I have been around our grandson's since they were 2 day's old and they are 5 and 3 now. I even have a picture of me and one of them on my page somewhat BOL! My pupsis Alexandria and I are Rott/Lab and just a little Husky and we are very loving and gentle.We are littermates. Our dad was full Rotti and our mom was Rott/Lab/Husky. Congrats on the baby :)

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