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October 2nd 2012 8:30 am
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Dear diary

Hooray, mommy's camera is fixed, so we had a little photo shoot. Watch this space for new pics of me! :-)




Hi and all that stuff

October 1st 2012 5:11 pm
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Dear diary

Hi, I'm Ceridwen and I'm new to all this stuff. I've been in my new home almost a week now, it will be a week tomorrow.

Its been very good to be back with Fjordi again after not seeing him for almost three months. Mommy adopted him in July.

I did get adopted by another family before mommy took me home, but they brought me back to the shelter, they said I was 'completely uncontrollable'. Have you ever? As if I was some kind of robot! Sorry humans, us dogs don't come with remote controls, we DO try our best though, its up to you to teach us what you need from us.

Anyway, mommy was talking about it to her friend on my second day home, she thought it was stupid, rolled her eyes and said, 'She's tiny, how bad can it be?' She says I do need to be house-trained though and that I'm a very very busy little girl, but she says that's good because I will do well in training. Mommy has promised to train me and help me be even more awesome and not to take me back to the shelter.

So for now i'm learning the rules, and its a lot to take in, especially because the house is upside down with mommy packing for our move to the Natal Midlands. I am looking forward to seeing what its like there.

Mommy's camera is broken but she promised we will take lots more photos for my page very soon.



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