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It's a Pug's Life: Louie!

What's that on my neck?

November 25th 2012 7:50 pm
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Hi everybody! Woof! I just wanted to write this note to address a question a few folks have posed... "Umm...what's that dark spot on your chest?" Well, thanks for asking! Well, over a year ago I was living with some folks who liked to keep me tied to a rope in their backyard for hours on end. I rubbed up against the harness so much that it just plain rubbed my fur off on my chest. A little fur has sorta come back in that spot, but it's pretty fur-free. So, it's not a skin condition or hurt at all, it's just a fur-free condition =b Woof! Needless to say, I'm not tied up to a pole anymore! Yay!

So, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and lemme know if you have any more questions!

Lots of licks and wags,

Louie Patooey


Dairy of the Day!! WOOF!

October 31st 2012 7:56 am
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I'm so happy I can't stop wiggling, wiggling, wiggling! Jump, Jump, Jump, Wiggle, Shake! When I'm soooo happy I shake my whole rump - shake shake shake! Then I bump my rump against my foster human - bump bump!

For this I'm gonna post a new video! Stay posted!

WOOF!! Thanks for making me Dairy of the Day!! WOOF!!

By the way - I've been scratching at my eyes a lot lately and it turns out I have a very common Pug eye thing called "Entropion," where eyelids fold inwards and causes my eye lashes to rub against my cornea. If left untreated over time the damage to the cornea can cause blindness. The vets are going to operate on November 4, and the Pug Rescue (that I'm fostered with) is asking for donations! A dollar can go a looooong way if a lot of Doggies give! Please go to to donate and find me on the Adoptable List!

Wags & Kisses!

Louie Kablooey


Skyline Drive! Woof!!

October 21st 2012 8:20 pm
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omydogness...omydogness...guess where I went this weekend??

Skyline Drive!!

For all you doggies out there not living in Virginia, Skyline Drive is one of the most scenic roads ever. The views of the Shenandoah Valley were breathtaking - pant pant pant!

So every time we stopped at an overlook I got to jump out of the car and take in the fresh air (Snifffffffff) and sniff the trees and grass and I nearly went bonkers! Totally bonkers! Then... I saw the wall!! The wall is totally Pug Size and I jumped on top of it to walk along it every chance I could get. (Don't worry, there was no drop on the other side - I wouldn't have been allowed otherwise...)

On the wall, I was so much taller! I walked along every wall next to my foster person standing tall like I was a Great Dane! Woof! I licked the air a lot to savor the sweet autumn scent on the breeze - yum!

Skyline Rocks!


My New Pekingese Friend, Maverick!

October 2nd 2012 7:01 pm
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Hi everyone! I met the coolest doggie on the block today ('cept for me, 'natch)! His name is Maverick and he's a Pekingese. I think we look so much alike but he didn't think so. We both have huge eyes, short snouts, and smushed noses. We also pledge undying devotion to our guardians and will guard them to the end! WELL, Maverick, didn't think we had anything in common, so whatever, I think he's in denial. I mean, who wouldn't want to look like a Pug?

Anyway, we walked together on the sidewalk for blocks and blocks. He sorta led the way. I sniffed what he sniffed and ran when he ran. He totally knew where he was going. Me, well, I'm new to the neighborhood, so I liked to be led around a little. He showed me all the Doggie Bulletin Boards (popular poles for peeing) where I could learn who was there and when and what they had for lunch. He also showed me all the squirrel hideouts! OOOH!! I loooooooove squirrels!

So, when it was time for Maverick to go home, Maverick's guardian said, okay, time to say good bye! When I heard that, I walked right up to Maverick and sniffed his nose. My foster mom was laughing so hard. I didn't know what was so funny. Isn't that how you say goodbye? She couldn't believe that I did that. I think she is starting to realize that I understand everything!

Nightie night!



Dog Park! Dog Park! Dog Park!

September 29th 2012 7:33 pm
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Woooof!! We went to the Dog Park tooooday!! First we went to the littlest dogs area and I got to sniff lots and lots of doggies. First I met a pomeranian who was obsessed with my curly tail - he kept trying to put it into his mouth! Then I met a baby chihuahua who barked REALLY loud to protect her human. I was so curious about her and moved in closer. Then my foster mom called me over and I came. She didn't think it was a good idea to mix with the chichi.

Then, we left the little dog park and walked through the BIG DOG PARK! Well... there were lots of courageous little dogs in there too, and I was one of them! I loved that park Much, Much more. I strutted my stuff like I owned the place. I said hi to nearly everyone and peed on nearly everything. Yup, I like the BiG DoGs PaRk!


More later!

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