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My new life

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The first month of my new life

September 16th 2012 8:15 am
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My name is Mika and I am a Siberian Husky. I just got adopted by a new family about a month ago. I was really missing my old family, but they could no longer care for me. I was upset for the first few days but i think i am fitting in nicely here now. They are really good people and have 2 kids i get to play with. They put my pics up online for everyone to see, so i know how proud they are of me. I think i'll do just fine!


all about me

September 17th 2012 12:09 pm
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Today I got to go fishing in a boat. I had a lot of fun. My owner took alot of time grooming me today, I have a really thick coat for the cold days. I have made quite a few friends in my neighborhood. Some of them seem scared of me but I just want to play!!! Every time I walk by someone they always tell my owners what a beautiful dog I am...thats always nice to hear, hope thats not to conceited. Anyway, until next time...


scary new things

September 21st 2012 8:25 pm
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Well my mom took me to the groomer today. She had my toe nails clipped and the hair between my toes trimmed!! Talk about make me nervous! I have never been there before. They had me get up on this table that i was just not very comfortable getting up on. And then they tied my head and my waist to the table (not tightly but still!!) And then this noisy grindy thing came at my toes I was scared but thankfully my mom was right there with me rubbing my head and i knew she wouldn't let them hurt I whimpered a bit but let them do it. I tell ya my feet feel a lot better now though. My family told me they had to take me there because they are afraid to cut my nails to short and hurt me. But after going once i can't wait until the next visit.
I felt soooo pampered!


Dog Park

September 28th 2012 2:22 pm
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Im so excited today. Mom and Dad are talking about taking me to the do park tomorrow morning. I love going there because I get to smell new smells and meet new people and dogs....There are always other Huskies there like me, and we like to go off in our own little pack. I run and run and run, man, by the time I get home i'm so tired all I can do is sleep for the next couple hours....I can't wait. I also got a new food lately. I really love it. It is real baked food, and healthy for me to. It has duck and sweet potato's..mmmm delicious I can't seem to get enough of it.



September 29th 2012 3:47 pm
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We went to an off leash park today!! I had so much fun and met a lot of new dog friends and people friends. There were 2 other huskies there, they really liked me!!! I ran around so much with them...But there was one dog that didn't like was a tiny little terrier....he kept biting me a wasn't very nice!!! But I still had a lot of fun.



November 7th 2012 12:46 pm
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Winter is fast approaching!! This is my time of year, the snow falling, being able to dig holes in the snowbanks.....i can't wait. Summer time is good to because I get to go swimming a lot but snow is what i like best. The first snow fall came the other day but it didn't stay, at least i got to play for a minute or 2 though. When it's cold outside like this i feel like i could just walk and walk and walk for hours......sadly my mother is not built like myself (made for cold weather) so we only get to stay out for an hour or 2 for our daily walks.....but thats ok. hmmmm sometimes i wonder why she doesn't build herself a coat out of my fur that she's always sweeping up into piles and grumbling about....silly human, if she only knew how warm it is!!!!!!!!



November 8th 2012 1:02 pm
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So my mom keeps telling me I have stank breath!! Well I have to say it hurts my feelings just a little bit.....hehehe but on the other hand it is quite funny when I am giving her kisses and she is holding her breath....I just keep on kissing!!! Tell me I have stinky breath will ya!! Anyway how does she think her breath smells early morning when she she says goodmorning to me (BLAH) LOL so i guess it equals out. She is trying hard to find out why my breath is stinky and what to do about it. And thanks to all the wonderful people and dogs here at dogster she has a lot of info now. Thank God for Dogster so I can get back to my kisses!!!!!!!!
Mika xoxoxo


Park Park Park!!!!!!

November 9th 2012 9:25 pm
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so tomorrow I get to go to the dog park again!! I love dog park day because it's the only day I get to be off leash and play with other dogs, besides in my own yard! Im so excited!!! And we went to the pet store today and mom bought me a huge knuckle bone thing that smelled really good but i wasn't sure at first but im tearing it apart now . its sooo good. Thanks mom!!!!



November 14th 2012 1:53 pm
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Well my nose got the better of me the other night. My mom has been letting me off leash for the last few weeks, but 2 nights ago, i couldn't help......that smell!!! I had to go check it out. Man she got upset and scared, i didn't mean to scare her, i couldn't help it..At any rate, she bought a clicker today and some different treats from my usual, and she is now clicker training me. The sound it makes when it clicks scares me though. She makes it sound like this whole clicking thing is suppose to be a good thing, but every time she tells me to a command and i do it, she's clicking at me!!! Pretty strange if you ask me, but i'll humor her for while i guess



November 16th 2012 8:34 am
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Well i'm not as scared of this whole clicker noise thing as i was at first.....see my mom didn't know she had to "charge" the clicker before trying to train me, a couple helpful pups here on Dogster helped with that and a lot of other stuff she needed to know. So I guess i'm getting used to it now, at least i get a treat or a good girl praise when she clicks me to death LOL
Also i mentioned the other day that mom said my breath was stinky, a lot of people helped her with that to, she brushes my teeth now as well she got me a bone to chew on, i wasn't sure of the bone at first but i like it now, and besides at least mom doesn't say whew!!!! stank breath when i give her kisses now. hehehe although it was kind of funny!!!

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