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Seeing My Baby Girl Again

February 25th 2013 6:26 pm
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Finally the weekend came when I got to see my girl! I was so happy I kept spinning in circles and whining so she would pet me. She seemed happy when she first came then a little sad after she figured out I was losing weight, I mean you can feel my hip bones and stuff but you can't see them so that's good right? Always look on the bright side of things. The day she came was just a relaxing day 'cause it was Friday and not much we could do. My girl fed me some extra food which I ate really fast, it was just so tasty and I was really hungry thirsty too but that's because of the medication I'm taking I think. While we were outside for dinner and potty breaks it started hailing! My girl seemed to think it was funny and hurt but I didn't really notice it, just went about my business. The little pup Storm though, she went absolutely nuts, tearing around the backyard like a mad dog. The young thing even tried to get me to play but I was haaving none of that and a quick growl got her off my back. After that it was time to go inside and nothing remarkable happened, just watched T.V. while I laid by my girl and she petted me until we went to bed. I woke her up nice and early in the morning and I got extra food in my bowl again, a whole two cups plus half a can of wet food! Needless to say I didn't leave a single morsel in that bowl. When dad woke up my girl got to drive me and him to Petsmart where I got to meet some puppies (I scared one of them on accident, I guess I'm an intimidating gal even at my age ) and then got petted by nice people as well as a scrumtious treat. We went back home after that and a quick stop for some smoothies then I got to go on a walk with my young sis Kiara. We went pretty far and my girl seemed to feel bad when I was slowing down a lot but she didn't have to worry. After getting back home I just needed a quick rest on my bed to cool down then I was good as new. I got a nice treat and for the rest of the day it was relaxing again until bed time when my girl tried to feed that weird slithery thing that lives in a cage in her room. I always have to keep a close eye on that thing, it creeps me out and I don't like my girl touching it though I never do anything about it. Just lay there and watch it like a good girl. Sunday came and my girl woke up early again, fed me my big meal then we sat together until it was time for her to leave. I can't wait for her to come back again, until then I'll just have to keep watch over her room and wait patiently for her to come back.


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