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Gilly's Great Days

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Story part 7

October 1st 2012 12:46 pm
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Landon awoke, was he dead? No, he looked up and saw the stars shaping above him, where was he? He knew it was night, how long had he been wiped out? He tried to get up but a zipping lightning bolt ripped through his leg and lower spine, telling him to stop or else more pain was in store. Then his memory started to come back, the gun shot, Bengal and Raven, running for dear life. Yeah he remembered. But where was Bengal or Raven? He crawl-slided to the opening. Just outside he saw the knarled roots deep with teeth marks and claw scratches. Bengal had tried to get in to where he was. He didn't make it very far, Landon guessed and by the looks of it didn't make it out unscathed. There next to the entrance covered in blood was a shiny canine tooth. It showed on the trunk exactly where it came out, a long tooth mark gouged the bark, but it stops right where a thick new piece of bark begins. And eventually after a thorough investigation he found a couple of claws in the dirt, two in the actual bark. He was very lucky, but how was he going to get home? he couldn't yelp or cry it would just call Bengal and Raven right back if they were still around. So he decided to crawl back. And that my friends is a journey that only the true brave can endure. TO BE CONTINUED


Story Part 6

September 30th 2012 3:36 pm
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Landon's heart raced a million times a minute, he could hear as the dog's steps got closer as their brains were set into kill mode. His adrenaline was pumping through him, and the crevice he was in could not hold them off for long. Oh how he wished he would have just gotten the berries and brought them back to the burrow. But then he thought, if he had done that Penny or Rikky might have heard it and gotten either killed by the bullet or killed by the blood- thirsty dogs. He was thankful but the ride wasn't over yet, a dog had caught his scent and was headed straight for him. The dog was a bloodhound that went by the name of Bengal, he had one eye, and part of his left ear was ripped of from an encounter with a cougar. He was mean and showed no mercy, Landon and Rikky saw him once when getting water one evening. The pond was quiet and peaceful when Bengal and his partner Raven ripped through the trees with a dead rabbit in their jowls. They ripped the rabbit apart, a bloody mess they watched, then the dogs left and all that was left was the foot prints to show they had been there. But Landon had to think of the way to survive and make it back to his family. So he thought, since Bengal obviously had a blind spot in his vision from his missing eye, if he could escape past him and high- tail it back to the burrow he would be alright for then. But wherever Bengal was Raven was never far behind. So Raven was Bengal's extra set of eyes. Landon didn't have much time in escaping so he thought about where he was, he knew he was far enough away from the burrow that the dogs didn't catch his scent, but he also knew there was a tree trunk not far from where he was. The trunk was knarled and had a dip in it so that it was the perfect spot from predators, Landon had used it before to escape from a coyote one evening. But this was no time to think of the past he had to think of now. So he peeked out and saw Bengal about 50 feet from where he was. So he slowly ever so slowly creeped out of the crevice and ran for it. But he didn't go unseen, Raven spotted him almost immediately and howled a mean horrible snarl that put even a bear or cougar in his place. Bengal turned and began powering after Landon, lessening the space between them with each stride. Landon could see the trunk about 100 yards away, he just had to make it there and he would be safe, he ran with his last bit of energy and dove straight into the hole. He pressed against the hard back roots that made a force field from the dog's strong jaws and razor teeth. But he blacked out before he could even see the light seeping through the hole. TO BE CONTINUED...


Story Part Five

September 30th 2012 10:06 am
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Everything was going as planned for a few months. Wake up find food, rest, explore, find more food, go to the pond for water, and keep eyes and ears open at all times. You never knew when a baby human would come and chase you or a coyote would call you his next meal. So never think for a second that you were safe be because you weren't. So everything was going as planned until Landon decided to let his guard down early one morning on a hunt for food. He had left early in the morning before the others had awoken to surprise them with a secret stash of blackberries he had come upon the night before. While going on his way he was distracted by the sound of a rabbit in pain. He hopped along and soon came upon an open meadow, the noise he couldn't hear any more and he wondered if everything was okay. But something wasn't right. So he paused and sniffed through the air, but before his breath even reached his lungs a piercing gun shot powered through the air hitting him in the leg. He high tailed it out of there as fast as he could. His leg was numb from the pain, but he knew the bullet sliced right through. He ran out of the clearing when he heard dogs, his absolute worst enemy. His life flashed before his eyes as he thought of the cold- hearted dogs ripping him limb from limb. As a split second passed he saw a hole in a burrow. He curved towards the little crevice and stuffed his injured body inside."


Part four, of Rabbit story, please go down a couple to read- number one if not read before!

September 29th 2012 4:18 pm
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" It all began when Landon's stomach growled like a wolf protecting it's kill, so they had no decision but to go out and find food. They were all fairly good at it being as they had to find food for themselves since under a month old.So out they all went hunting and scavenging for a meal they all needed and badly wanted. Thankfully Rikky was smart and found some grass with wild grains attached. Chewing off a few stalks he dragged them back to the burrow where Penny found an old rind of wild onion and Landon was unlucky. But this was just the beginning of a journey that would tear them apart and reunite, illness, and death. But for now they were doing all right." TO BE CONTINUED...


Story Part three, if not read before please go down a few- stories.

September 29th 2012 9:25 am
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" As the babies awoke from their slumber, their eyes were blurry and their legs were wobbly and uncoordinated. They all tried to snuggle against their mother but she was still and cold. They tried to nurse, but her milk was cold and unwelcoming. There was something wrong and all of them knew it. Being the only girl Penny was getting very nervous. Only three and a half weeks old and still hardly able to walk and see, all of their chances of survival were slim to none. But even though she was still young Penny knew she had a mission in life. And that was to help all of those in need. And she also knew that the weak would never last."

Seven Months Later
" (April) The spring air entered the burrow and Penny twitched her little black nose. She was not the sole survivor though. Rikky, and Landon had made it through the harsh winter. But Landon wasn't doing so well. He had become ill and was dying. But she had faith that Landon would pull through. Boston hadn't made it past the second week. He eventually died of frost bite and hunger. But Rikky and Landon had pulled through and became strong for her and themselves. After finally realizing their mother was not going to awaken, she had made the decision to gather her remaining brothers, and left. They traveled for sixteen suns and moons before coming upon a tree in a secluded wood, with a pond and meadow nearby. The tree was an old Maple with crooked branches, twisted from 250 years and countless winter storms and water sucking summers. But under neath, after digging a little ways they had opened a crevice in between a plot of roots. And upon digging more the Earth fell away and opened through a tunnel which was about seven feet long, and about `8 inches high, into about a four feet of open earth with a dirt roof and the long tunnel to help protect from any predators. With a five foot long exit tunnel on the side. But after finding this and becoming joyous from their find they had to find out how to survive and let me tell that's a whole different story." TO BE CONTINUED.....


second part of story

September 28th 2012 2:12 pm
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" The mother rabbit watched the days turn into nights, but her babies did not die. They were healthy, lively and just beginning to open their eyes. But out of all four one stood out the most. A female, she was snow white with crimson tipped ears and tail. So in a fitting way the mother had named her Penny. But her other little children were unique as well, Boston had the greenest eyes she had ever seen, Landon, another male had silver swirls throughout his fur, and the final male Rikky had a small patch of fur on his pure white coat that was the beholder of a marking that looked like a face with a twisted expression. But she didn't worry, her babies were all unique in their own way and that was what mattered to the mother rabbit. But for now she had to take it one day at a time. Her babies needed protection, not a mother who didn't care for them. A cool breeze curled it's way into the burrow, and the babies curled closer to the mother's fur so that the cold didn't penetrate their skin. The mother knew the feeling of the cold, she had endured seven Iowa winters, and nearly ten blizzards. One of which killed her dearest sister Abelina. But the past was the past and things needed to move on slowly but surely. So the mother closed her eyes and let sleep curl it's black fingers around her eyes and pull her into a sleep of which she would never wake." TO BE CONTINUED.....



September 27th 2012 7:02 pm
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Hey guys, Gill here....Gill is what my owner's call me as a nickname, my full name is Dr. Mcgillicuddy as in the hard liquor. My mommy owner Diane is the one who named me hence the term it's in her favorite alcoholic beverage! Well anyway let's get on the with the topic of this entry......I as in my owner Darian, love's to write stories and poetry about animals...( changing to darian talking) So I am going to start writing about some poems that i have written of just come up with on the top of my here goes!

" The sun shines crisply in the Autumn air, the leaves on the old oak in the backyard are beginning to change to purples, oranges, reds, yellows, and browns. Nobody knows it yet but this autumn there will be a strange twist. Under the oak a mother rabbit dwells with her babies. She is scared of the cold to come, she is afraid of the snow as her last litter died last fall from frost bite before the first snow had even fallen. But this mother senses the babies are strong and will survive into the spring. But she couldn't get her hopes so high. Winter weather in Iowa could change in the blink of an eye. But she needn't worry things would work out on there own". Story beginning, I think i'll start writing more either on here or on sasha's account.


Taste the Rainbow

September 23rd 2012 9:19 am
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Hey guys, Gilly here!!! Just wanted to drop in an say hello!!! Well i'm off again to go on any new adventures life has in store!


first day of fall

September 22nd 2012 1:37 pm
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well today is the first day of fall!! yaya! i can't wait to be jumping through crunchy autumn leaves, running through the crisp iowa air!! happy fall everyone! And don't forget sasha is the dog diary pick of the day today!!!! congrats buddy!


Border collie madness

September 19th 2012 6:19 pm
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Today was GGRRRREEEAAATTTT!!! haha today we played the whole afternoon away with the Frisbee and tennis ball!!! So overall today was a good day, we even got some rib bones from a BBQ in Kansas City! So i'm pooped and am going to chew on my bone! bye

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