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Gilly's Great Days

Story Part 12

October 3rd 2012 11:29 am
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It had been three months since the accident and Landon was weary on how the were going to survive the fall and winter. And with it being middle of August all ready the smell of fall was in the air. They were all scavenging, collecting, and all of their winter coats were coming in. But Scarletta was his main worry. She had a thin short coat, that was not very resistant to the cold. But Scarletta had told him not to worry she had been through enough winters to know how to stay warm. Scarletta's age was all but a number she had said but Landon and Penny still wanted to know. She wasn't graying yet, and her body was not frail and weak. Landon was guessing 6-7 years old, but he never pondered on the situation because there was a bigger issue to worry about. Rikky had been at the pond, and said he had seen Raven circling a deer carcass. But Bengal was not around. Where was Bengal? Had he died, or had Raven gone rogue against his leader? But Rikky didn't wait to find out. He had high tailed it out of there.
During the next few months, they were fattening up for winter, and storing food in the newly dug out, food extension room they had put into the burrow. It was about a foot across with a tiny roof. But it saved them from facing the cold winter wind and snow when they were hungry. But Landon still didn't understand how Scarletta was going to save herself this following winter. But she said she had it all planned out. So Landon didn't question it. But he did begin to question some of her decisions when he noticed she wasn't stocking up on food, or making a nest. So he asked her one day, and all she told him is Were doing to let nature take its course. If I die, fine then my spirit will leave you and my remains will stay. But if I survive, lovely I live another year, and prepare for the next winter. But Landon didn't want Scarletta do die! HE wanted her to live and be prosperous and he still needed protection. But he couldn't influence her decision. So he went on his way. The winter months came and they all settled down,and faced the winter. Plus their birthday's had come and gone all of them a year old. Sadly though Scarletta passed away, she hadn't made it past the third storm, when they found her frozen to the ground, but with a twinkle in her cloudy eye.


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