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A Shi Tzu's Story

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Aussie Petz

February 8th 2015 9:53 pm
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Hi furiends!

I have a group, Aussie Petz. I have started a new thread, for help questions and answers, titled 'Help!' Please feel free to answer the questions there, or to ask your own.

That's all fur now.


Back on Dogster

February 6th 2015 4:48 pm
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I'm back again, after a long period of time. I hope I didn't miss anything exciting! I'm trying to write a diary entry every day, but you know how many times I've said THAT! I don't have much else to say for now, so I'll leave it there.

Suie (Beloved Angel)


Here he comes!

February 5th 2013 9:13 pm
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Digby, the new memfur, is joining us today. Or at least, he tried. He couldn't join up though, due to some problems from Dogster. com. Don't worry, Dogster,, we forgive you! I'll have to be quick today, 'cause Digby really needs my help, but you'll see, in my pictures above, in some of them there is a blueish grey dog. That's Digby!

Suie out


A New Memfur

February 5th 2013 1:53 am
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This is Suie (Beloved Angel) reporting in. I have not been on my diary for a long time, but now there is an exciting event that is coming up! My furiend Digby will be joining soon! I will paw mail all my furiends when he joins and let them know. He is great to be around!

Let me tell you a bit about Digby. He is a Kelpie I think, and he is bluey grey. He's great fun and loves to pawlay with and meet over pets.It may be a few days before he joins, but he is so excited to finally be able to meet some of my other furiends that I have told him all about. His page will probably appear before his pictures do, because he is still trying to get the pictures onto the 'puter so he CAN add them to his still-coming page!

My group Aussie Petz is falling to pieces, so anybody pawlease, I need he-yelp!!!!

I will check in again tomorrow.
Shuie (Beloved Angel)


Doggie Authors

November 5th 2012 10:46 pm
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Today I have decided to write a book about some cats and dogs. The cats are detectives. Here is part of the first chapter. If you see any mistakes, please let me know via paw-mail. Here is the first part of the first chapter, I will put in more every time I do a Diary entry. I will try and publish the whole story:
The Mystery of the Thanksgiving Turkey
A Cat Detective Short Story
Chapter One
It was very early, one summer morning, and very, very hot for the time of day. The sun shone down on a small cottage, scorching the daffodils and tulips, lavender and daisies, and, most of all, a brown cat crouched in the withering ferns. The tall trees in the garden where motionless and dying from the heat. Heat waves rippled over the road and if you were unlucky enough to be walking along the road at that time, your feet would have been scorched from the cement. As were the paws of a large red Cattle-dog that was trotting towards to cottage. He barked, two short barks, then one long one. He nudged the wooden gate open and trotted off the hot cement road. The cat rose when the ferns and came out to meet him. “Hi, Red,” the cat said. “Golly, its hot today, isn’t it?” the dog nodded and looked at the sky. Then he glanced at the withered flowers and ferns and the dead trees. “I think we need a good rain, and soon!” the dog said. The cat, in his turn, nodded. “Yep, and soon, rather than later.”
The dog’s name was Red. The cat, who was his friend, was called Detective. He and his two friends had formed a club, naming themselves, ‘The Cat Detectives.’ They had already solved one case. Last time, it was the mystery of a robbery at Wilton Drive and the disappearance of the family’s dog, Brown Boy. Brown Boy, or Brownie as the gang called him, helped Red, who was the Cat Detectives mad ‘dogentist,’ as he called it. The two scientists worked side by side, inventing things such as the Human Glasses, which enabled animals to be able to read any words they looked at, just like a human, and it also helped them to be able to see colours.
I'll write more tomorrow. See you later, dawg'!
Suie (Beloved Angel)
Admin and memfur of Aussie PEtz
Over the Bridge and HAVING FUN!!! :)


Hanging around

November 2nd 2012 11:19 pm
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Sorry I haven't been on the computer, furs. It's been pretty boring up here at the Bridge. Nothing to do, nothing new to look st, and everybody else is snoozing! I can't sleep, though. I'm bored. The worst thing about being over the Rainbow Bridge is that there aren't even any sticks to catch! :( I wish something would happen! Uh, that dog is always snoring. I'll go now. I'll come back again some other time. Bye, furs!
Suie (beloved Angel)
Over the Rainbow Bridge
Admin and Memfur of Aussie Petz Group


Food thief adventure

September 19th 2012 2:26 am
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Right now I'm going outside to get my food bowl, 'cause I'm hungry. Hey, what's that?! It's a long, cord like thing that has it's mouth in my food bowl and it's lots of colours. Oh, good, it's not alive and it's not eating. Good. Now, what is this thing? It's very large and if I squeeze I can get inside. That's not better. I'm inside and CRAMPED!!! (And DUSTY!0 *sneezes* I wonder if I can get out. Nope. Hey, I'm rolling over and over and over and over and OVER!!!It bounces too! Ah, good. Here comes human mum to get me out. Thanks Mum! *lick* Now, this thing bounces well. I'll jump on top of it and then it'll bounce me. Jump and ... LAND!!! *boing, boing, boing, boing* If you don't mind, I'd like to bounce by myself. Go away. All right, GOODBYE!!! Thank you!


Beef bones, anyone?

September 16th 2012 12:18 am
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Great. Human Mum has some guests over for the day and they have children. Children love me- for all the wrong reasons! They pull my fur, they poke me in the face, they scream and yell, everything I don't like. Okay, now it's getting better. The children have brought some wooden things that zoom along rails on the ground. (They also crash into you and really hurt!) What's Mum bringing out on a plate? She's walking up to go past the table... no, she's not. Now she's bringing something else out to go past the table. No, she's stopped at the table. Now another plate to put on the table. No, she's walking past- towards me!!! No, out into the garden. She's put it on a small table- wonder why she's putting them there. They're beef bones!!! Um, excuse me, those bones have my name on them! Hand 'em over! Look's like I'll have to get them myself. Wait, somethings in the garden. It's a bone eating bush! I'll sneak up on it! Dodging in to the bushes. Into the trees. Snake sliding. Getting my fur tangled :| Okay, get ready to..... POUNCE!!! Hand 'em over, Mister Bush! Uh, oh! It's Cloud! No, it's not! It's the guests dog. Oh well. Two bones, two dogs. All right I'll be nice for once, Mister Bush. See you next time, and remember, when you're stalking, "Stay cool, dawg!"


Hjacking Mum's 'puter!

September 14th 2012 7:50 pm
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*Cich* This is Suie reporting. Human Mum's out for the day! (I don't usually like it when she goes out, but this time she forgot to turn the computer off!) :) For the first time, I'm glad of a manuel of how to log in and get on Google Chrome! Okay, where's all my tabs gone? Ah, here they are! Dog photo game, cat photo game, my profile and homepage. Ooh, look out the window! Clouds being beaten up by another dog. Sweet! Okee-dokee, now. La di da, ah, a friend request. Just a sec, I'll read it. Uh-hu, okay, right! I'll replyin a second. Now, what was I going to say. Um, that's right. At least I can get on the computer and do whatever I want now. Usually I have to dig up Human Mum's daffodils to get her outside for a bit while I'm hijacking her computer. Anyway, I'd better reply to the friend request. See you some other time, guys!
Suie is signing off. *Cich*.


Looking for a place to bury my bone

September 11th 2012 12:10 am
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I'm looking for a place to bury my bone, at the moment. I won't risk Cloud getting it again. (He ate half of it!) Ah, here's a good spot. Uh,oh! I don't think human mum likes me digging here. Oh, that'l be why. It's her flower bed! Okay, new place. I'll just pick up my bone. 'Ere, at's better. O'ay, u'er a 'avender i' too o'vious. C'oud 'ill 'ind it u'der the 'affo'ils. Ah, in a ro'e bush 'ill be 'est. O'ay, I'll ju' jump into a bush an' 'rop my 'one. O'ay, rea'y, stea'y, jum'! Uh, oh! Too prickly! Drop the bone! Pooh! Yuk. Okay, how do I get out? This way? No. That way. No. Out the top? No. And I can't get to the bottom otherwise I'll get pricked even more. Hey,what was that that bit me? AHHHHH!!! A mosquito. (Hate the suckers!) Ow! EEK! Well, ow, I'll see you, ouch, next time! GET OFF!!!
Suzie- duzie
Mosquito magnet

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