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My New Home!

September 23rd 2012 10:23 am
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I am so happy to have a home! My old home was ok until my people took me and my big sis, a Great Dane out into da country one day and dumped us off along a road! We didn't know where we were or where we should go. My big sis tried to find our way back home and I followed her but we were so lost and scared. We came across several different houses with people but we were scared and still looking for our old home. We didn't know if we could trust any of these people so we just kept on moving around. Then something really bad happened, somebody shot at us with a shotgun! Terrible pain shot into my front legs and I tried to run as best I could. I'm not sure what happened to my big sisfur but I never saw her again. I limped my way back to a house we had come by before and I couldn't go any further. I curled up in a ball and just waited for the end. The people there talked nice to me and let me stay in their dog's pen.

Then a heard a car and a woman that had tried to give me some food on that very first day came and talked to me and gently touched my head. It was a soft touch and I was so happy to finally feel a warm touch I started licking her hand. She put me in a carrier and drove me a short distance to my new home. She put me on my new Daddy's lap for a while. There were a lot of other dogs to get to know. The first night Mom put me in a crate by her bed. I cried some but she said it was safer for me since not all the other doggies were sure they wanted to be friends just yet.

The next day Mom took me to the vet and he said I had been shot with a shotgun with some really tiny shot but that over time my legs should heal up and not hurt. He gave me some pills to take in my food. Sure enough over time my legs did get better and now I can run and jump and play like the happy boy I am!

After the second night in the crate Mom said I could try sleeping in the big bed with her and some of the other dogs. I snuggled down real close right under her arm. It was soooo nice to be in the big bed! Over time I became friends with all the other dogs, well everyone but Rambo. He is old and grumpy and doesn't like anybody to get too close to him. It's not just me, he growls at all the other dogs. Mom says he can't see or hear very well anymore and that we just have to respect his space cause he spent many years guarding the farm from varmints and now he deserves to just lay around the house wherever he wants.

My best buddy is Dibby (Taz). We are about the same size and both love to play, play, play. I also like to play with Molly. She is a really big girl but I was used to playing with a Great Dane so size doesn't bother me. Sometimes Dibby and I both gang up on Molly. I also like to pester my smaller sis Sophie. She acts like she wants me to leave her alone but I can tell she really likes it when I pick on her. Sometimes she will get the zoomies and start running all over with me chasing her. She always runs under the bed and then I will bark at her until she runs back out. With so many fur siblings there is always someone to play with.

Mom thinks I am so handsome she said she wanted to show me off at the annual Halloween pet costume contest in town so she has been working on a pirate costume for me. I don't really like to wear clothes but when she pulls out the treats I am willing to humor her:)

I went through a terrible experience but now all that is forgotten and I am living a wonderful life with lots of love, fun and play!

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