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Eating My Way Till The End

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Wolf Toetem

September 15th 2015 9:43 pm
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Movie Review - Wolf Totem

Well, tonight mom said that she wanted to go see a movie and talked Talker and Me into tagging along with the BanCam for a movie called Wolf Totem. I must say that I was a little reluctant to go because a few months earlier, mom said we were all going to see Wolf Pack. Wolf Pack is about a pack of wolves in New York City. I was jazzed because I envisioned wolves battling in the streets of New York City. I had not seen a good wolf battle since Jacob's pack battled it out with those bad vampires a few years ago. I have to say that I was very disappointed in Wolf Pack because there were no wolves in the movie. There were only a pack of boys wiff long hair walking around New York City and watching movies in their New York apartment.

So when Mom said let's go see Wolf Totem, I gave a paws down. Talker said he wanted to see the movie wiff mom so they out voted me.

Anyways, this movie takes place during China's Cultural Revolution in 1960; before my time and probably before your pawrent's time too. Two city students are sent to the Grasslands to live with Mongols who are sheep herders. The city boys are to teach the sheep herders how to read and the sheep herders are to teach them how to be sheep herders.

The sheep herders believe in the power of balance of the eco system. Every living animals has a purpose and none can be eliminated without suffering the consequences. Pretty heavy stuff for the sixties. So the sheep herders need the grass to feed their sheep. The Gazelles eat the grass and the wolves eat the gazelles.

When an official comes to the sheep herders and gives them the responsibility of tending the army's horses, that's when everything becomes unbalance. The Army officials believe that the wolves need to be slaughter but the Mongols say that it is wrong and that if the wolves are killed, then the wolves will seek their revenge and come after the sheep. But the Army official do not believe in such things and they do things to the wolves that really piss them off; like stealing the food that they bury in the snow/ice so they can have enough to get them thru the winter or when the Army demands that all the wolf cubs are killed so that the pack is reduced in size.

This was all very upsetting to mom, Talker and me and I often had to hide my eyes at the horrible scenes. Is this what life was about back in China??

But true to the beliefs of the Mongols, the wolves did seek their revenge in a big way. I had to constantly calm Talker down as he was out of his seat and lunging towards the big screen. He was always a dramatic theatrical dog; always trying to upstage even the smallest of roles such as when one of the city students tried to raise a wolf pup. Talker tried upstaging the wolf pup by trying to coach the pup out of his den; trying to get him to escape the ties and cages that kept him from the wild; and trying to make him learn the ways of the wolf when he couldn't since he was being raised by a human city boy.

There was a thrilling scene when the wolves worked together as a pack and herded the Army's horses to a lake. I won't tell you the end results because it was just too much for me to take.

The deep meaning of this film was that you can't tame the wild and you can't disrupt nature's course and balance without consequences.

I give this film five paws up (the highest rating), five pupcorns and five snap snap and five howls to the wind for the beautiful wolf packs and the scene they were in; the running scenes, the howling scenes and for the movie's message.

We left the movie truly touched by the story. Talker left in a harness because he was trying to find his wolf roots and well...I just didn't want him to break our mood so I kept him leashed up until we got back home.

So...see Wolf Totem for a taste of the Wild and See Wold Pack...if you're a city person and want to see five guys running around the city in a pack. Not the same thing, I tell you.



BanCam Movie Review - Chef

June 3rd 2014 10:15 pm
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Sorry for the delay in writing my movie review on this movie. I saw it a few weeks ago by hooking up the BanCam to my Dad's head. I actually don't need to do that anymore since I'm an Angel, but I do it for Talker because he can't go to the movies. He can only go to the drive in theater but we don't have one near by. So I give Talker the hook up via my Dad's head.

A good movie, according to my Dad, is one that keeps him awake. This is one of those movies and good thing because we've had plenty of movies where Dad has fallen asleep and we only see the dark floor of the movie theater and Dad's feet.

But back to my review! I really enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining and funny and the food looked soooo good. I wish there was smell o vision and Taste O'vision for this movie because that Chef could cook.

The movie is about a talented chef who conformed to what the owner wanted him to cook and not what the Chef wanted to cook. This Chef could cook but he somehow got caught up on the mundane and boring food that was safe. I bet lots of you pups have the same ol kibble day in and day out. I bet you pups would love to have your very own personalized Chef come cook for you. Heck, I would too! Anyways, this Chef goes back to his roots and finds himself and also finds that he is first a father and then a Chef and that's the important message to this movie. Also, that you can get really excellent food off of those gourmet food trucks.

I have this movie four bags of garlic and chives butter popcorn with sea salt. Not your every movie day popcorn, but the real buttered popcorn. I don't recall any pups in the movie, but I may have missed them because I kept flying to the screen to press my nose over the dishes to see if I could smell the food.

So go see Chef and then go have a really excellent meal! Talker's treat! Just send him the bill.



Talker, the Dawg who Cried WOLF

April 11th 2014 8:01 pm
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Talker, the basenji who Cried Wolf!

Oh boy do I have a Tell for you. Well let me tell you what happened this late afternoon. Mom has been home sick all week. Actually gramma was at our house sick too. So Talker was home wiff mom all week but she was too sick to really pay much attention to him. So this afternoon mom felt a bit better and took him for a walk. Well they just got started when they saw the elderly Miss Minnie who was taking her afternoon walk. Mom always stops and talks wiff her cuz she nice and mom always gives her pictures of our xmas cards and Talker's Valentine Day's cards. She really likes Talker. She liked me too and more but now she only likes Talker.

Anyway, they chatted awhile and talker got whinny and they moved on. Then mom saw her other friend who walks Sage who will be 18 on April 18th! Way to go Sage! Oh pawsitive paws for Sage who is going to the vet on Saturday cuz he hasn't been feeling too well.

Anyways, Talker was getting upset cuz they were now heading home. So they said their good byes and moved on.

Well Talker had to pooped and then he did his boy dawg patch out on the grass. After he got off the grass he started limping and holding up his paw. Mom checked it and checked it and couldn't find anything. All the way home Talker kept licking and limping.

Then they get home and all the way I'm telling mom that Talker is faking it cuz he wants attention. But then Talker starts making that funny face of his like when he's gonna throw up and sure enough! He throws up! That yellow stuff. He did it three times! Then he's running around the backyard and panting and running in the house and tearing up the beds by digging to china! Mom keeps checking him but sees nothing so she thinks he needs a benadryl. She she tries to get the tiny pill in his mouth but Talker ain't having it; nope not at all -- not wiff cheese, not wiff dog food, nada!

Talker is just really playing up the scene. Mom takes a wet towel and wipes him down and wipes his paws and tries to cool him down, but nope...Talker is acting it up!

I yell at mom, Take him to the VET ;c;
Cuz I know he's faking it. So mom calls up the emergency vet and hauls Talker to the car.

Then Talker is in the car and he's shaking his paw and he's holding it up like it's hurting him big time. He's going for the Oscar now! But the thing is that he doesn't know he's going to the vet cuz mom had to take him to the after hours vet and he's never been there.

So they get inside and suddenly....yeah..just like that, Talker starts walking normal. The he's not panting anymore. The lady vet comes out and gives mom paper work and mom is about to sign him up, but Talker gets all calm and serious about the situation so mom waits. Then she tells the lady she's going to sit and wait for a bit. Then mom takes Talker outside and walks him around the block and Talker is walking and acting all normal CUZ HE FAKED THE WHOLE THING!!!

He realized he was at the vet's office and he cut the act right then and there!

So they came home and now he's all quiet and embarrassed.

Now mom is all mad at Big Daddy cuz she called him three times but he didn't pick up his phone.

That's my tell!




August 31st 2013 8:12 pm
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You see, mom and baby J were in the bedroom cooling off because it's been really mucky at home. Dad was in the living room getting ready to watch the Dodger game. Well Tee decided to do his security rounds five minutes early in order to watch the game wiff Dad. Well he went into the computer room and flung the door open. Dad, being a stickler about keeping all the doors closed while the A/C is on, immediately shut the door; locking Tee in there wiff out any AIR!!!!!!!

Twenty minutes later, Dad went into the bedroom to ask mom if she wanted to go grab some dinner wiff the baby. Well I was flapping my wings big time and trying to get mom off the bed to go to the back bedroom. WELL finally she did. She saw shadows moving under the door and immediately heard me SCREAMING IN HER EAR, OPEN THE DOOR MOM TEE IS TRAPPED INSIDE AND IT'S 100 DEGREES IN THERE AND HE CAN'T GET OUT!!!!!!!!!

Sure enough mom opened the door and Tee came staggering out of there panting up a storm.

So again...I saved his life. It's tough being an Angel.


BanCam Review - The Conjuring

August 18th 2013 7:36 pm
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Here's my Review of the Conjuring

Mom and Dad went to see The Conjuring this afternoon. I had the bancam on dad and he went to sleep the minute he got in his seat!!!!!! Luckily Mom kept checking him to make sure that his head stayed focused on the screen because I didn't want to miss a thing.

So the movie was about a family who lives in this farmhouse and the farmhouse is haunted!!!
Heck who knows why after the first incident they didn't split was beyond me. Even the pup in the movie knew not to go inside of the house.

There were a lot of scary scenes in the movie. Kids getting their feet pulled when they're sleeping which would really get me mad if that happened to me cuz I don't like to bee disturbed when I'm sleeping. Scary things in the cellar; scary things in the trees and scary things in the wardrobe.

There were a lot of people jumping out of their seats in the theater. Mom didn't jump though and finally dad woke up and he kept trying to explain the movie to my mom which was really annoying because WE SAW THE MOVIE DAD!!!! WE DIDN'T NEED YOU MAKING SURE WE GOT IT!!!

There was a dog in the movie right in the beginning and her scenes were unfortunately cut short.

I'm giving this moving 8 doggie treats for the suspense and the big ending and also for having a pup in the movie.


1st Rainbow Bridge Day

July 23rd 2013 9:18 am
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Hi Puppers!

Today is my first Rainbow Bridge Day. It has been one year since I've been away. Up here at the Bridge I think they'll give me a cupcake and my memory book so I can remember all the good days I had wiff my family.

Mom has been crying this morning. I think it's cuz I came to her in a dream last night. She was sleeping on the couch and I came up next to the couch like I use to do. I would align myself next to the couch so mom could elevator me up wiff her. She was talking to someone and telling them that last year I was really sick but somehow I was cured and that it had been already a year and I was back to normal. Mom felt my weight and knew I was healthy again.

I thought it was a good dream to send her but mom woke up crying. I think she's missing the message. I am okay and I am healthy and not sick and that's how I wanted to come to her.

Thank you all for thinking of me. I'm wiff you all in spirit and here on Dogster. It has been difficult for mom to write for me lately, but she'll come around.


World War Z Movie Review

June 27th 2013 11:04 pm
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Ok I'm going to give my review of World War Z!!!!!

I had the banCam on big daddy this time around because mom gets too excited wiff these types of movies.

Here's my spoiler alert. If you don't want the spoil then stop reading this.

Okay... This movie is filled wiff action!!! Nonstop action. Dreamboat Brad Pittis the hero of this movie and you puppers who love to run will love this movie because all brad does is run run run!!

So the world is going crazy and zombies are taking over! How this happens is just crazy to me. So the peeps try to get away from the zombies and Brad tries to find cure.

Now the best part. One pupper who played a key role in the movie. No it wasn't a Basenji:? Shock.

It was a chihuahua! Yes a chihuahua! Can you imagine? AND IT WAS ON A PLANE!!! Now mom and dad told us that we couldn't travel because we couldn't fly first class in the plane but yet this chihuahua was roaming around the plane and not staying seated and no one seemed to mind!!! Why? Because its small and weighs 6 pounds? Well I happen to know that my dad would pay three times the cost of a ticket to get me on. Yet here's this dog running around the plane and making a nuisance of himself. Ugh

Well anyways that was the last scene for that pup. I guess I'm glad he was in the movie but I think I would have been better for the role. After all I once alerted my mom to a potential fire in our garage wiff out yapping my mouth like that chihuahua! I used my nose and she got the message and I saved the day.

so the movie was good even if the chihuahua was in it and not me. Not that theres anything wrong wiff Chihuahuas. For pups who love to run well this is the movie for you.

I give this movie four pieces of kibble ;c; for the action and because a pup got a leading role and held their own wiff Brad.


Beautiful Words

July 25th 2012 9:10 am
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My Friend Angus posted this quote for me.

What we have once enjoyed

we can never lose;

All that we love deeply,

becomes a part of us.

-Helen Keller


July 23, 2012 - Today I Took a Journey without My Family

July 23rd 2012 10:55 pm
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My pain is gone. My family is crying. I'm not here wiff them anymore. Tears .. so many tears they shed. I just stared into their eyes wanting to make it better for them, but I couldn't. Something got inside of me and made me hurt and not be myself. I wanted to come home wiff my mom and dad..and Talker too, but they said I couldn't. I had to stay. My face was wet wiff tears. I've never seen them cry so much. I could only look into their eyes and try to comfort them. Dad kept telling me how much he loved me. I'm his Princess. I'm his Baby Girl. He kept telling me good bye. Mom stayed behind and I sent her all my 'senji powers to her to tell her that I didn't want her to cry. She kissed me so many times and then said "Until We Meet Again Banban". Every night she would say to Talker and Me, "tee you in the morning". She didn't say those words this time when I went to sleep.

She sent me on a journey. I'm scared. My Angel friends, she said, will help me find my way. She said I will see Casey the Cat and she and I will wait together for my family to arrive one day, but Until We Meet Again, I will love them from afar. I will love them inside their hearts. I will love them always for making me feel better and free of the Cancer.

I'm sorry Mom and Dad and Talker too that I couldn't stop your tears. I love you.

Mom says when she finds her voice again...I will be back on Dogster. Until We Meet Again....remember me!

Savannah aka Banners!


Sad News

July 14th 2012 8:23 am
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Some of you may know that I've been going thru a tough time lately wiff my health. One thing after another. Finally they figure out what is going on wiff me...Stump Pyrometra. Left over tissue from my spayed 8 years ago grows back and gets infected. The infection is serious and isn't just a UTI like the vets believed. So I have surgery. My pre test for surgery show I have elevation in my liver. So while having my surgery, the vet takes a few samples of my liver and lymph node which appears to look odd.

Friday the 13th...yes, Friday the 13th of July, my mom picks me up after spending two days in recovering. She is anxious to get me home but the vet wants to discuss the biopsy results. CANCER.

Here's my mom: I swear I didn't EVEN think this was coming. I was totally blindsided. The vet had given me his initial findings right after the surgery. He said were no masses on her liver and I let out a sigh of relief. So when I picked her up, I was not prepared for the Big C. It whacked me like a ton of bricks.

So I was thinking okay, they caught it early. The doctor said he didn't think she had the cells very long. BUT then he tells me that treatment is not cure and that her chemo would not give us the honor of saying, "she's five years cancer free!". Nope. It will only prolong her life until (maybe) one year at the most. I could hear my heart breaking and feeling those words sink thru me.

And my husband Angel loves her soooo much. He's never felt that way about a "dog" before. He knows the love of a child but he could never understand the love he knows now with her. All he knows is that she is his baby girl and his heart is feeling the pain of this news deeply.

Savannah aka Banners! will continue to feel our love for her. We will do what we need to do to fight this cancer. We will cherish the coming days and even the slightest passing moments with her; always.

She is our silent Basenji. Always watching; listening; never making a sound. But she understands the language of love. She speaks it loud and clear. We know she loves us and will trust us as we make this journey together. She gives us so much of that love.

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