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Where's My Chey?

September 3rd 2005 10:35 am
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I haven't heard from my Cheyenne for a while now. I'm wondering if i've been dumped. I didn't get any pee mail or a dear Spot letter. Mom says not to worry cuz Chey is a very busy basenji and is probably out on an adventure. Savannah and me have been snarky at each other. I guess I was being too mean to her cuz she had not heard from her Stormie. But now she has and she's humming happy tunes. She don't barrrooo like me. Now I'm singing the blues. I wonder if I should start looking around for a replacement or something. I'm not the kind of 'senji who likes being alone and I can only hang on my mom so much.

Well I'll keep my ears up and on the look out for a fresh gal. If Chey don't call me, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Talker on the lOok our for fresh meat


Summer Love

August 25th 2005 5:10 pm
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Boy i don't know what's in the air over here, but sumthang happening to us. Poor Banners, she got the blues and she mope around all day long with her cinnabum tail down. Not me. I as happy as can be. I no got the blues like banners. She got them badders.

She sez daddy still giving her a hard time and she can't have a boyfriend. She got my poor mom typing late into the night and 'banners sits on the desk next to the 'puter and tells mom 'write this, say that, no type this not that'. Geeze, it enuff to make you crazy.

Daddy sez no problem with me having a gerl, heck, he sez I should have a few. I never thought about having a few. Me having more than just one? Dad sez I too young to settlle down with just one. Play the field. What field? I'm not suppose to play unattended. I don't know if I can handle more than one and my Chey is a looker. I know if I slip up she'll find another in no time.

I don't want to slip up. Chey has my heart, well some of my heart cuz mom has it too. Not that I'm a momma's boy. That's what dad calls me. But hey, it feels good being my momma's boy.

Summer love in August; it's getting crazy in the heat. There is nothing that can settle my heart; nothing until I see my Chey again.

She's under the desert sky
where the quiet night beats with restless love
We sleep under the same sad moon
while we dream under our blankets
while we both push paws against our hoomans
I dream of Chey and she dreams of me
we run together into the night
our hearts run as one

Anyway, poor 'banners and happy me!


No Floors!

July 22nd 2005 5:17 pm
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Wow, I not know what's bugging my dad, but now he's torn up the floors in the house. 'tabannah and me don't understand what is up with dad! He a mad man and he's doing some serious tearing up. We know mind about the floors though, cuz now we can run fast and not slip and slide; especially when we headed for the big cold box in the kitchen. We always sliding to a stop in there. But daddy better stay away from that big cold box that holds all the gooder food. I hope dad not tear that up cuz then he'd be in real trouble with us 'senjis.

Mom makes 'banners and me stay in the bedroom all day with her when dad tearing it up. She not want to take any chances with us getting dad all upsetters. It's hard to stay quiet all day and 'banners gets on my nerves sometimes. We fight on the bed and mom get mad at us. Nothing serious, but still. It's hard for us 'senjis to be real good.

Mom says dad in the dog house now. We not know why, but maybe that's why he tearing things up. Maybe he building a dog house for himself, I don't know, but I do know that he not building a dog house for us 'senjis cuz we have a place to sleep and we no need another dog house. We sleep fine in the bed and when dad is in the dog house, we sleep really gooders.

We'll see what's in store for us this weekend.

TalkTalk, on guard in front of the big cold box


Summer is Here

July 6th 2005 9:38 pm
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Summer is here and its getting hot. I sometimes don't mind sitting in the morning sun, but I like to keep cool inside most of the day. Mom's been taking us 'senjis to the school for our running around. I love the school cuz I love running free! It's the only place mom feels right about letting us run. I run the fastest and Savannah is the slow pokey. She's always cutting corners cuz she can't keep up. I'm getting lots of exercise but I wish there were some other dogs I can run with. I love being chased and Savannah just can't keep up. Mom sez I still need to work on my doggie manners. I guess I too ruff around the edges for most dogs. Still, I love running with 'senjis and I hope some come over soon.

Daddy is tearing up the kitchen. First there was a wall, then there was no wall and now there is another wall. What's that all about? It don't make sense, but it does to them. I don't know what else is coming but there is alot of banging going on and naps are something that ain't happening on the weekends. Mom takes Savannah and me out for rides in the big car. Savannah still having little accidents in the car, but Mom not getting too mad at her. Savannah is a baby.

When we walking in the city, I like meeting people and people like meeting me. I just not use to seeing other doggies and mom sez I have to stop making a scene. Sorry mom I'll try if you get Daddy to stop messin' with the walls. it's all confusing.

That's it for me. TalkTalk later.



Basenji Play Date -- Cheyenne

May 31st 2005 10:26 pm
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'tabannah and me have another play date. We meet a new tri girl and her name Cheyenne. Patan come over too and he still getting taller than me. We played with his dad who scared us. But I try to be brave and find him when he hid behind the house. But I got scared too.

We all play real good, but mostly we sniff around each other. We all getting to know Cheyenne and she getting to know us. She not fight with 'tabannah, but I did "argue" with Cheyenne. I got testy cuz there was this squash olive on the ground and i see her sniffing at something and then, i just had to have that olive and I just had to fight her for it and I was bad and Daddy yelled at me and I was put inside to think things out before I could come out. I made Cheyenne cry really loud and I didn't mean to hurt her but she cry big and I not know how to help her. Everyone came to see the fuss and I got embarassed. Later Cheyenne got off her mommy and walked around again and we were fine. Savannah just lucky it wasn't her on the ground fighting.

we had good eats and lots of extra treets. It was a good 'senji day. We went to bed really early.

Sorry Cheyenne.


Pesty Squirrel

May 17th 2005 5:08 pm
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there's a pesty squirrel around my backyard. he there alot and he's just asking for me to grab his tail and pull him down. he must not know that i caught his brother once and 'banners and me had squirrel for snacks. I keep a good ear out and zoom real fast out our doggie door when i hear him laughing at me on the wall. he better watch out cuz i'll have squirrel soup for dindin.

Talker, Squirrel Catcher on Rye


Mommy Sick

May 12th 2005 10:31 pm
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Our mommy sick and that means no walkies cuz daddy don't like to walk me and savannah alone. He skeeered. 'tabannah and me sleep with mommy all day and that's okay too, but at night we play and run and ruff things up. Mommy sez i have sad eyes cuz i want to go for a walk but all the sad eyes don't make daddy walk us.

maybe tomorrow we walk.

sad talker


Talker Meets Toby Sunday, May 1 2005

May 3rd 2005 4:33 pm
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On Sunday mommy take 'tabannah and me to the trails near the big park (golf course). We like that place cuz there all sorts of smells there. We like to run free cuz mom sez it's okay for a little while. When we almost leave, i see a big black dog that come my way. I take my stance and mom try to say 'sit, stay, calm, treat" all that stuff she sez. But I keep watch and the black dog and his hooman come my way. His name is toby and he not get mad at me cuz I snark and grab his hair. I do this two time and hishooman lady keep saying nice things to me and make me confuse. I give up and I smell toby and toby smell okay and then we alright. We so alright that we even walk and play together, but toby a little older than me and he no run like me and play like me. He no 'senji, but he alright. But i okay with Toby and mom happee and she give me treats and say 'good boy talker, you a good boy" and the lady is nice too. She like me too for being nice to Toby.

'tabannah and me have a new friend and his name is toby. Finally, someone who understands me.

Talker, friend of Toby


Flying 'senji

April 22nd 2005 6:06 pm
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My mommy was upset with me yesterday. She say I no walk with her right. I walk fast and pull hard and mommy no keep up. But I excited and there is sunshine and I see lots of dogs and I want them to see me and I pull and snort and kick up my back legs and mom no like that. Last night I crash into mommy when I run and jump on the bed. She in the way and I was flying and we crash and mom fall down. She got a bruise on her leg cuz my teeth hit her. Sorry mom don't get in the way of a flying 'senji!

I try to do better. Tomorrow is mom's off day and she'll stay home and she'll see me walk better cuz we walk long on her days off.

too bad 'tabannah has to come.

Talker the flying 'senji


Sunday with Patan – April 17, 2005

April 19th 2005 1:27 pm
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Oh, we had another play date with Patan! Mommy keep saying Patan coming, Patan coming, but I not know what that means. All I know is that we not go for a walk like we always do in the morning. Finally, Patan comes (with his daddy) and I a good boy with Patan. We run and play again. Mommy sez that I’m getting better. Patan look for squirrels and birds just like me. We run back n forth trying to catch them. They are pesty and I tell Patan he needs to watch for hours and hours like I do, but that means he has to stay overnight and I don’t know about that. Patan likes to eat taterchips. Funny Patan even ‘tabannah no eat chips. We have so much fun, but not so much fun that I didn’t want to walk at night. Daddy had to walk me and ‘tabannah and that’s no fun cuz he always in a hurry.

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