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A Barkless Life

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No Movie

August 18th 2006 7:44 am
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My mom took my movie off Dogster. She said I was getting too big and I was taking up too much space. She's going to try to make another movie and have it small like everyone else. Hmmph! I wonder if she saying I getting a big head? I better talk to her about that.


I'm in a MOVIE!

May 26th 2006 6:00 pm
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Hey, look over there to your right. That's me. I'm in a video. Objects appear much larger than what they seemed. In order words, mom figured out how to put a video on my page, but she didn't reduce the pictures in the video, therefore when you view my video everything on my page EXPANDS.

But she tried. Her inspiration for the video? ME. She wanted to take me from morning until night and until sleep. I'm feeling pretty vulnerable in the sleeping shots, but I guess for the sake of art, she has my permission to post.

The name of the song is Nocturne.

Well, I hope you like it. Hopefully, there will be more.

I haven't posted in my diary for awhile. I've been mostly spending my days on Paradise Island. We do lots of stuff on the island. It's a real Paradise. There are no dog fights but plenty of good entertainment. Currently I'm on a mystery chase. There's been a lot of phantom rosettes being given away on the forums. Well, let me tell you, I've got my own mystery islander and this doggie has got me wagging my tail trying to find out who they are, AND believe me, I don't wag my tail very often.

Anyway, I've got to go put on my sunscreen and get back the island. I'm always suppose to be keeping an eye on my niece, Savannah. She thinks she getting married to Stormie, but that ain't gonna happen on my doggie watch.

Gotta go. Enjoy!



December 22nd 2005 9:25 pm
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Tomorrow is my birthday! Mom been talking about for a week--funny ting is that my daddy's birthday is on Saturday (christmas eve), but mom is more excited 'bout my day!

I hope dad don't get mad at me for having my birthday first. I wonder what's in store for me. Last time I got whip cream and strawberries--but I only eat the whip cream. I like licking my nose when there's whip cream on it.

What have i learned in five years???? Well since I a basenji I don't expect that what I learned counts cuz i'm always relearning everything over and over.

But there are a few tings i learned...I learned that mom and my dad loves me lots and they want only the best for me. I learned that when 'banners ggggrrrs at me when I get under the covers...that it don't mean much...she just talking trash. I learn that i have the best 'give me treats eyes' and my mom has a soft heart and I can always get what i want from just staring deep into her eyes. I learned that the best place for warmth is in the bathroom near the heater...but second best is in bed and under the covers between mom and dad.

I learned that squirrels can be caught, but mom doesn't like me very much when that happens. I learned the chase is just as exciting except when you have company over and ignoring your true love is not exciting for them. I learned that I need to put more chicken cologne on for Chey to be interested in me and that she really likes me but finds it hard to show me.

I learned that I have lots of friends like my Dude Pal Stormie and my Fun Pal Patan and that Nikki is a good gal and she a good friend and will back me up if something ever goes wrong or i just need some advice.

That's a lot for five years. I can't wait for the next five years. I have lots to learn. I can't wait til morning!


christmas is coming

December 9th 2005 10:50 pm
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mom tells me that the next big holiday is Christmas and that we need to get ready for it. I don't always remember what she's talking about until the big green smelly tree comes inside the house.

it not smelly in a bad smells pretty good. It smells like the outside is inside. Makes me want to....not that! It makes me want to take a deep breath and remember all the other Christmases that pass.

My birthday is near Christmas. It on the 23rd. I'm going to be 5 years old. In my time i've smelled 4 Christmas trees wiff my mom and dad. I can't wait to smell my 5th Christmas Tree. I tink mom really is telling me that the next big holiday is my birthday. It gonna be a nice Birthday and Christmas for me!


My Date with Chey

November 13th 2005 8:46 pm
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Well, Chey came over today. I tink we got a long pretty good this time. It wasn't so tense. We did alot of smelling--i guess we have to do that to get reintroduced. I had my chicken cologne on to entice her and I tink it worked. We didn't play much, but I tried. I'm a playful sort of guy, but I guess it's not what Chey likes to do.
I tink the more we see each other, the more closer we'll get. I hope she feels the same way. Her mom left us treats and she took our pictures. We hunted for squirrels and birds. Chey's quick on the mark when it comes to hunting. we didn't catch anyting, but it's something we now have in common.

Well, it's time to sleep. I had a big day with my Chey. When she left the moon was full and it made me think of her on her way home.


Chey Visiting Tomorrow!

November 12th 2005 3:59 pm
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My Chey is coming for a visit tomorrow! I xcited. Mom not taking me a bath cuz last time I got a bath to get ready for Chey's visit, Chey not like me. She not like the way I smelled or sumthing cuz she didn't play wiff me and she did a lot of ggggggrrrrrsss. So Mom sez no bath and I all for that.

I tink Chey and I have a rocky long distance realationship. She has 2 houses now and so i tink when she away, she forget about me. She a basenji of the world. She chase more than just squirrels--i only a one back yard man and I only chase squirrels.

Tomorrow morning we gonna be really busy getting things ready for Chey. I got advice from other dogster dudes who told me that this time I should just play it cool around Chey. You know, like let her come to me, and maybe me just ignore her for awhile until she settles in and gets comfortable. I'm gonna try that approach. Mom sez that she know that I won't be foolin' anyone, and that the minute I see Chey outside, I gonna freak!

Well I'll be keeping my paws cross and hoping that we have a fun visit. I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

(yawn, yawn) Well maybe I can get some sleep now.


Paranoid Savannah

October 13th 2005 12:44 pm
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Wow, sumting up with Savannah. I tink her meds are still kicking inside her. She walking around the place in a bandanna and looking for food. She whispering and no one around her. She keeps talking about a plan but there's no one around--except the cat, Casey...and she don't do anything but swipe at Savannah when she get near.

Mom sez that 'banners may be feeling the effects of the steroids and that even if she's now off the 'roids, it may be lingering in her body. Anyway, mom sez she might be a little paranoid about stuff which means that she can imagine stuff that ain't really happening.

Mom sez i need to be patient and understanding and give her some space. I hope she gets back to normal cuz this kind of stuff is just too crazy for me.

Talker, keeping an eye out for 'banners


Savannah Pissed Off!

October 11th 2005 1:18 pm
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Something funny going on here at home. Savannah is acting funny—yeah again. She doing strange stuff and she always typing on the ‘puter and hiding tings. She always talking to herself in whispers and she staying away from me. She acting really suspicious. I think she mad at me. About a week ago I peed on her head. It was an accident…well I mean I know she was in the general area; taking her time sniffing at something. I sniff too but she sniffs forever! Well I wanted to hurry up and mark my place so I lifted up my leg and I guess her head was still in the general area…and well I hit her on the head. Every since there she’s been all pissed off! Hee hee.

I tink she has something up her fur sleeve for me. Her and Stormie are up to something.


A Few things Happening

September 30th 2005 10:27 pm
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Well, a few things going on here.
Savannah is still on the island. She's getting better, but she's still not playing wiff me. She cranky and if she don't watch out...I gonna vote her off the island! All she does is sleep, drink water, pant, and gggggrrrr at me. I just walk by and she's all sensitive. Bugs me and I'm BORED!

Second...well Chey and I are taking a little break. She came to visit me and I guess she forgot that she liked me. She snarky. boy, gerls really get snarky. Anyway, she not play with me like usual. I tried running and she ran a little then stopped. I tried play bowing and she just snarked. I guess it was too much time away.

Before she left I told mom to give her one of our best cans of gooders foods. I didn't tell Savannah cuz she would have snark at us--but she knows now.

Anyway, I thought maybe chey hungry and if she eats this stuff she'll like me again. I know she ate the food, but I think it didn't really work. She wants space. I tink space means "let's cool it". I never met anyone like her before and I wonder what we're going to do now. Will we mend our relationship? Is the long distance thing a bad thing?

Well that's all for now. I gotta go bug Savannah......

Talker on Ice


Sad Day for Savannah

September 23rd 2005 9:55 pm
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We're all sad today. Savannah had an accident and now she at the vets. She got tangled up in the blankets and she fell off the bed. Dad found her in the blankets and she didn't get up. He took her to the vet. Dad never does things like that cuz he always has mom do tings like that. Anyway, I left all alone today--all day.
It was quiet and lonely and I guess I missed her. Mom come home and we went to the vet to see 'banners. She walking funny and slipping on her legs and the vet says she has nerve damage on her leg and the other one might just be hyper extended. She don't look happy and mom crying and daddy really sadders too.
I tried to be a good boy but then I saw a dog and I had to snark at it and dad got a little mad at me. I guess I started crying for 'banners and mom tried to make me quiet, but mom was really upset and so I got upset with her.

We all missing our 'banban. Daddy is missing his 'pumpkin noodles' and mom is missing her baby gerl. Mom praying that if she's alright she will get rid of her high bed and go platform all the way!

All you in dogster land, please put your paws together and think love and healing for my niece! She can be pesty but I guess we all love her!


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