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Home, Sweet Home!!

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My friend, Ziggy.

July 13th 2012 11:35 pm
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My mommy and daddy's parents brought their 6 month old shitzu puppy over to our house for us to meet him. His name is Ziggy. He acts like a Ziggy. He is crazy!! Ziggy and I became friends and ran around together, I even let him play with my toys, so long as he didn't ruin them!! That is my job!!!

Anyhow, China even liked him, and she can be a bit... ummm, how can I put it, ummmm... grumpy. However, today she play-bowed and it was on. We ran around and had fun. I really like my grandparents, especially my grandpa. He gives me belly rubs and talks to me funny.

Anyhow, it was a really fun day!! We had dinner together and my mommy and daddy grilled up hamburgers. I just found out today what hamburgers are...



My Sister Likes Me!!! SHE REALLY LIKES ME!!!!

July 9th 2012 12:42 pm
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Hey everybody, my sister China has finally told me that she likes me!!!! Yippee!!! We played yesterday and she ws nice to me. She even let me roll her on her back, she never shows me her belly so this was a momentousness occasion!! We ran around the yard and she barked a happy lets play bark so I would chase her around the yard. Then we wrestled around for a bit and tried to knock each other over. I know this is dominance play but it all came out okay in the end.

Finally, we went inside, got a treat and took naps together.

I love my new sissy!!!

and I know she now loves me too!!


Days Out!!

July 3rd 2012 2:53 pm
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The last couple of days have been fun filled going to many new places. I got to go to a fun place called PetSmart and pick out some new toys. I also went to my first obedience class. I started to learn how to sit and lie down. I like class because I get a lot of treats and a lot of attention and pets.

Besides, I also get to play with the other dogs, hooray!!!

After class I got to visit my grandma and grandpa's new shitzu puppy. He was fun to romp around with, but he kept sticking his nose into my business, if you know what I mean.

Both yesterday and today, I went out to breakfast with my new mommy and daddy. I enjoy going out to eat. I meet new people and get to see the city. The loud noises of the city are both frightening and interesting.

Man, I am one busy pooch. All of this activity is very tiring.

I think I will lie down and..... Zzzzzzzzzzzz......


I Have A Home!!

June 30th 2012 12:21 pm
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I FINALLY HAVE A HOME!!! A real true home!! A place where I can hang my leash at night!! I have a sister named China, she may be a bit grumpy now, but I am sure I will win her over soon enough!! I have a real true mommy and daddy who shower me with love and keep me knee deep in toys. I have a yard to play in and a real house to keep me warm and safe!! I even have kids who pop in every now and then to play with me!! My grandma and grandpa love me and have a new puppy for me to play with too!!

Hmm, not bad for a pound pooch from a dangerous kill shelter!!

I am happy!!

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