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Home, Sweet Home!!

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Since You've Been Gone...

October 18th 2016 2:21 pm
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Wow, I can't believe that it has been 3 years since I've told you about my life, well it's probably because my sister, China became ill with heart problems. This affected my life in many ways. First of all, we had to stop going to agility classes because too much physical strain could hurt her heart. I also got to go on more walks with Megan, hooray!!

The downside is that I have to be more careful when I play with her, eventhough half of the time, she starts it! We have been playing a lot, but sometimes she collapses due to over exertion. Thank goodness she gets up, still feeling good. I hope she continues to feel good and play with me!!


I Celebrated My 1 Year Anniversary!!

July 5th 2013 11:46 am
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On June 22nd my mommy and daddy took me back to the Ventura Humane Society in the beautiful town of Ojai to celebrate my 1 year "Forever Home Anniversary" with them. It is a long drive, about 2 hours I think, I wouldn't know since I slept through part of it. Sister China went with us.

When we got there, I remembered how scared I was when I left. I was petrified of the car and ran away when mommy tried to put me into it. How could I have been so clueless and dumb?? The car is the greatest thing in the world!! When you jump into it, it takes you to really fun places, like breakfast with grandpa, the park, the mountains, and this time to the beach.

Now the plan was simple, mommy and daddy donated some toys to the humane society which was thoughtful but I am not sure they were thinking of us when they got rid of them. I am sure there were some toys in there that I wouldn't have minded tearing up, but I digress. They had a check donation as well that we worked tirelessly to get me to deliver to them in my mouth. However, inside the office, I forgot that they had a very talkative cockatoo who got ALL of my attention the entire time we were there. "Sorry mommy and daddy, this bird comes first!! Come here birdy birdy!!!"

Anyways, it was fun and a few of the people there remembered me, that was cool. Anyways, after that we spent the day at the Ventura harbor which is where we ate lunch. We walked around the marina where I got to play with several new dogs. China got to bark at all of them which is always funny.

We ate at the really cool place called "Blackbeard's Bar-BQ Pit" What a cool place this was!!! We ate here last year coming back from the humane society when I first joined the family, but I think I was too shell shocked and scared to enjoy it. They have a really cool deck and the people are all really friendly to dogs. I can't tell you how many pets and treats I got, wow!!

After the meal we walked around and I dragged daddy into a gift shop where the lady who ran it said it was ok for me to be in there, but if I was a human child, she would not be sure about me. I found the stash of sea shells in the store. They smelled funny and I was not sure if they would move or not. Of course I had to check them out.

Finally we went to the beach. This was great fun. The weather was great and China and I got to play around with each other in the sand. Mommy was not happy with how dirty we were getting, but we didn't care, it was fun.

Finally we went home. China and I slept the whole way home. What a great day, now it is off to dreamy-pie land where I can dream happy thoughts of spending time with my family and catching a rogue cockatoo.

Awww, "I am in my happy place."


4 months later...

July 5th 2013 11:28 am
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Wow, has it really been that long since I told you what was happening in my life? Wow, I am so sorry but when you are trying to figure out the secrets of the universe I guess time gets away from you. LOL

Let's see, I have gone on some epic walks with my favorite person, (mommy and daddy not withstanding) Megan in the local mountains. I have two new best friends who I love to play with.

The weather has gotten a lot warmer. I also realize that I HATE SUMMER!!! This hot weather makes me very tired and uncomfortable. A long black coat does not bide well in the heat.

Oh, I also found out that the best toys in the pet stores are the parrots, especially the conures, they move around a lot and are more trusting (stupid birds, do they really know why I am staring at them?)

I have also gone to the local dog park many times and found nice dogs to run around and play with. I am slowly gaining more confidence around them to the point that I will play with them.

Finally, my mommy and daddy enrolled me back into classes. I am in a tricks class. I am currently learning how to bow, play dead, and play peek a boo. I like this!! Why didn't they enroll me earlier?? I love to learn new things!! I get great treats for learning, however I am not sure that they realize that I would do it just for the love and praise that I would get anyways. Oh well, my tummy thanks you.

Until nest time, hopefully not as long. I bid you farewell.


Snow Day then Breakfast with Grandpa!!!

February 10th 2013 3:13 pm
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Hooray for snow!!! I just found out that I LOVE the snow!!! Mommy and daddy brought China and me to the snow in the local mountains. I love how cold and wet it is!! I even like to eat it!! It is like a softer ice cube. If it weren't for that darned leash that was pulling me back, I would have climbed up the whole mountain and been able to enjoy even more snow!! My snow day was too short, cut short because by the time we got to it, most of the snow had or was melting. Too bad for us. Maybe I should become an Alaskan or Canadian rescue dog. Or how about a mountain rescue dog?? I could even wear those cool little barrels or alcohol, oops I mean medicine around my neck. Boy was that fun!!!

After that, we went out to eat at Chipotle, where they have a nice place where we are welcomed. Then we went to PetSmart. I got lots of attention and got to meet lots of families and other dogs too. What a fun time!!!

Finally, the next day, we got to see grandpa at Brookside Country Club for breakfast. Unfortunately, there were no squirrels to chase, but the fire department came to help a man who fell. That was interesting to watch. They look like nice people. OH!!! and daddy gave China and me eggs!!! He is so nice.

After that, we went to Petco. Actually daddy brought us there while mommy did shopping for human food. First he brought us to see the rodents. China goes nuts looking at the rodents, she wants to eat them I think. Me?? I liked the parakeets. I even got scolded for jumping on the cage and then dropping a display on the floor. I am sorry, I mean truly sorry for that.

Daddy also snitched on me to the store manager because I stole some treats out of the treat smorgasbord. Come on now, I mean they were just sitting there in those open tubs. If you didn't want me to have them, then they should have been out of my reach. What?? Oh... they were put up there to keep them away from me?? Oops. sorry again. I am so ashamed... (actually not!!) But it all turned out right in the end, the store manager knows my daddy and actually let him have the whole bag of treats for free. He seems like a nice man.

Finally we went home and I peed on the rug. Well, it was almost a perfect weekend.


Christmas is Coming...

December 17th 2012 3:43 pm
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I am not sure what this thing Christmas is all about, but it seems to have every human running around and talking about it. Today, my daddy put a giant tree right in front of the window that I look out of to yell at people to get away from my lawn!! It is nice however, real twinkly. There is space under the tree to put something, I hope it is boxes so I can drag them out and unwrap them while no one is watching.

China and I have had our paws full since the UPS guy, the mailman, and the FedEx guy keeps driving by. "Hey, you don't belong here!! Get that ugly truck off of my street!!!"

I hear that in a few days, my mommy and daddy will be having lots of friends over for a party. Oh goody!! I hope they are friendly. I like people. People hug me and pet me, I like that.

This Christmas thing sounds fun, I hope Santa doesn't forget that there are doggies living here...

Oh look, what is that funny package that looks like a bone?? Will I get in trouble if I open it now???

Ok, Ok, I will wait for Christmas, but the other human boxes are all open season!! muwa hah ahhahahahaha.


i Have a Binky!!

November 2nd 2012 9:37 pm
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Hooray!! My mommmy gave me my very own binky! By binky, I mean my very own blanky or towel to carry around the house and chew on. Before that I got yelled at for chewing on pillows and blankets. Not anymore because now I have my very own blanket to chew on and you know what? I really like it. As a matter of fact, my mommy snapped a picture of me snuggled uup and asleep with my Binky!

I have the best mommy in the world!!


Wiggle Waggle Walk!!

September 30th 2012 7:17 pm
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Today was my very first "Wiggle Waggle Walk", a walking fundraiser to help the Pasadena Humane Society, our local humane society. I was told that my mommy and daddy's first dog was adopted from there. I bet it is a nice place, but I have been in a humane society and even though it was nice and the people were great, I never want to go back to one. I like it here with my sissy!!

However, we met the wonderful lady who walks me twice a week along with her dogs at the event. Sheesh, I have never seen so many dogs in one place before. There must have been hundreds of them and in all shapes and sizes!! So after my daddy registered us, we got into line along with the other dogs. I got to show off how handsome I am by wearing a bright yellow "Wiggle Waggle Walk" bandana!! Brad Pitt eat your heart out!!

There are two walks you can take, a 1 mile and a 3 mile walk. My daddy told me that he has never taken the 3 mile. He tried last time, but both he and China got bored halfway through and came back. So this time, since we all had friends to walk with, we tried the lengthy 3 mile walk. It was really HOT, but there was shade in some places and people giving out water.

China even found a squirrel along the way and dragged daddy over to the tree that it scurried up. I helped by whining and barking. Apparently, this distracted people enough to entertain them. They laughed and took pictures. I am so glad that I could entertain them!!

In the end, we finished the 3 mile walk and daddy's feet hurt. Then we walked around the booths and went home...

Oops, that is not how it happened, the food line was so long at the event that we went to the nearby golf country club for lunch. This is where we go every weekend with grandpa. It was a good meal and in the end I got to play with one of my dog-walker's dogs, Fitz.

Now, after such a long day, what will I do with the rest of my day you ask??

Really??? You need to ask this??



I am enrolled in Obedience Class!!

September 1st 2012 11:20 am
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I got enrolled in my first obedience class at a place called Pasanita Obedience Club. My daddy calls it Doggy Boot Camp, and he is right. I am learning so much, but I still do not like to do the down stay. Mommy tells me to lay down so I roll on my back for belly rubs. However, that is not working out the way I had planned, so I guess I just might have to do what I am told, no matter how much I don't want to do it.

I learned how to sit, stay, lie down, and walk with my daddy in many different directions. The marching part is fun and I am good at it. However, since my sissy decided that she had to do it too, I spend time looking for her too. Also, my granddaddy and his new puppy are in the class too. This all makes it so much fun, but also a lot harder to concentrate. Next week we get to use a 15 foot long line, so I guess that means that my mommy and daddy will be a long way's away from me. I hope I can stand being that far away from them. I mean, after all they are my protectors from the scary things in the world. However, if treats are involved, I will do anything.

Oh, gotta go. Mommy brought out my martingale collar, time to work and get LOTS of treats.



First Time at the Dog Park!!

July 31st 2012 9:06 pm
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I went to the local dog park for the first time the other day. IT WAS FUN!!! First I met an Australian Shephard who I was, to tell you the truth, a little intimidated by. He was so fast and had so much energy. So we went to the small dog's park and there I was met by lots of fun and friendly little dogs. More my style. I met a little yorky called Zeus. He was cool. All the dogs followed him, including me. He showed me that the dog park was not such a scary place and that it was okay to chase after the many left behind tennis balls.

Finally we got up the gumption to re-enter the large dog park. This time, there were some really fun dogs there!! The ones who caught my attention the most were two pitbulls who were chasing each other all of the way around the park. I joined in and they let me!! It was fun, but I can't let my daddy and mommy get too far away from me.

The next day, we went back and saw many new friends. My daddy liked the pitbull named Piggy who rolled in the watery mud to cool off and then used him as a towel. He was all filthy dirty, it was quite funny.

There were a lot more dogs there the second time, and they all were playing with each other. I got a little overwhelmed so I hung out where it was safe.

Who knows, if my mommy and daddy keep bringing me to the dog park, I just may be a playful force to be reckoned with.

But for now... SLEEP!!


It's HOT!!

July 19th 2012 2:15 pm
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Wow, is it ever hot outside or what? I went outside to meet my sister when she returned from a walk and my little pawsies burned on the concrete. Therefore, we ran around in the backyard, but it was short lived because having black fur in this kind of heat is miserable!! My daddy tried to get me wet with a mister, but I think water is kind of scary. It looks cool and fun but I guess I will just have to try it!

Oh the floor is nice and cool, Goodnight!

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