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I'm the Bee's Knees

Sweet Beasley at the Rainbow Bridge

July 31st 2014 5:27 pm
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We Say Goodbye to Beasley, Dogster's Beloved Little Biscuit Head of a Pekingese

I miss her every day.



I have my very own cat!

October 16th 2013 2:47 pm
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A Feral Cat Named Cow Keeps Falling in Love With My Dogs


Lil Bub is coming to San Francisco!

August 28th 2013 12:50 pm
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Lil Bub is coming to San Francisco to promote her new film and is stopping by Catster HQ for a visit and interview with assistant editor Liz Acosta!

Tell Liz what you would like her to ask Lil Bub during the interview and you may win a chance to attend a screening of Lil Bub & Friendz and a meet-and-greet with the precious space kitten!

We will announce and email the tickets on Wednesday, Sept. 4.


Don't you worry, Pink Haired One, you will be mine...

July 3rd 2013 4:14 pm
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Liz Acosta, Dogster's assistant editor, took care of Beasley while I was out of town last month and wrote How I Nicknamed a Magical Dog for Dogster Magazine! I really love the way she captures the magic of The Bee's Knees!


Hey Dogsters, tag a Photo For a Chance to Win!

June 12th 2013 12:50 pm
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Win a limited-edition Dogster Summer tote by tagging a photo of your pup, "Summer2013." I will look through the stroll early next week and award the photo with the most commenters!

For more info on tags, see our FAQ.

Dogster Photo Tag Search


Beasley's Started Her Journey One Year Ago Today!

June 10th 2013 9:59 am
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Beasley’s official "Gotcha" Day, the day celebrated to recognize the day I adopted her, was listed as August 26 on her Pet Page on Dogster, but I changed it to June 10, because that is the day she was “adopted” by the wonderful community of dog lovers and rescuers who helped her find the way to her forever home . A heartfelt thanks to ALL of you from Beasley and me!


Anatomy of a Rescue: It Took a Community to Save Beasley

March 18th 2013 4:07 pm
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Six months ago, I shared my story about failing as a foster and adopting Beasley, my one-eyed senior Pekingese. I received a lot of great comments, here on Dogster and on other social networks. Two commenters who read the article linked from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue's Facebook page had their own stories to tell of Beasley’s rescue.


Beasley Got Adopted! By Me!

August 31st 2012 8:29 am
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Everybody knew I was going to adopt Beasley except me. That is, until someone else wanted her.


Looking for my furever home!

July 2nd 2012 11:08 am
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Beasley (aka Bea, Beezy, Beez, and the Bee’s Knees) is a DELIGHT! True to her breed, this little 10ish year old, 15 lb. Pekingese is confident and determined. She wins the hearts of everyone with her permanent wink (she has one eye), snaggle-toothed under bite, and confident waddle.

She doesn’t mind a slow stroll around the neighborhood and through the park, just as long as there are plenty of stops to sniff around. She refuses to go up or down stairs, preferring to be carried, not unexpected from a dog whose breed was carried in the sleeves of robes, worn by members of the Chinese Imperial Household, centuries ago.

She gets along perfectly fine with other dogs and usually sits quietly when cats approach her to get a sniff. She doesn’t lunge or attempt to chase them. I think its safe to say that Beasley is great with other dogs AND cats.

I’ve taken her to work with me; and she sat in my lap quietly during an hour-long meeting. Pekingese ARE the ultimate lap dogs! She took the train and rode the bus like a trooper! She has some car anxiety and tends to shake a bit in the car and on public transportation. I make sure she gets let out to pee every few hours and pay attention when she heads to the back door, so there aren’t any “accidents.”

 She is pretty much deaf, and I have only heard her bark once.

Since coming to Muttville, she’s had blood work, a senior wellness exam, dental surgery, and the growths on her back and right-back leg removed. She just had the staples in her back and sutures on her back right leg removed, and her hair is growing back. She is recovering nicely. The best news is that her biopsies came back and the growths are benign. Her blood work also looks really good. Beasley's thyroid test came back slightly abnormal. This would explain some of her skin problems and rat-tail. The Vet says that the abnormality is so minute, it could be caused by recent stress, the infection in her mouth prior to having the teeth pulled, poor diet, etc. Were using a wellness supplement for a month rather than starting her on thyroid medication.

She is active, eating well, and enjoying being doted on. She is such a sweet dog and deserves the perfect forever home!

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