Kimmiee's life

Nap time

July 25th 2013 4:29 pm
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This after noon Kimmiee and I went and layed down on my bed. I wrapped Miss Kimmiee and blanket and put her under the covers. She actually fel asleep like that. It was so cute. Then I went out into the living room to find Ashley. She came running ant bounded ont to the bed and fell asleep right next to Kimmiee. They stayed there for more than 3 hours.


New Friends

July 21st 2013 10:49 am
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Today was the first day Kimmiee actually started playing with Peggy. She used to just ignore Peggy until she got so in her face that Kimmiee had to snap at Peggy. Now Kimmiee will run around and around chasing Peggy. Then Peggy will start chasing Kimmiee. They did this for about five minutes until they were both pooped. Then Kimmiee will jump up and lay down with me a Peggy will sit down and stare at her looking like she is thinking "Why did she stop playing." Hopefully Ashley will catch on to the game soon.


Happy Halloween

November 1st 2012 5:30 pm
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Kimmiee, did you have fun trick or treating? I hope you did baby. You looked like you had lots fun. You were so good. Thanks Boo!
I had a great time. Hope you had fun too. love you lots.



Kimmiee and Ashley

July 31st 2012 10:07 am
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Ashley is my twin sisters dog. Ashley is also Kimmiee's twin. Ashley and Kimmiee are very active little dogs. They run all day then come get in my bed and sleep all night. Here is how their day look.
1. Get up
2. Get walked
3. Eat their breakfasts
4. Run for 1 to 2 hours
5. Get walked again
6. Steal each others bones
7. Lay down and chew
8. Get up and run some more
9. Get in their beds
10. Come play some more
11. Get in the car and go some where
12. Get walked
13. Go in their beds till bed time
14. Get a walk
15. Eat their dinners
16. Get in my bed and sleep
Then they have to start their day all over again.


Kimmiee's facts

June 22nd 2012 3:53 pm
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Name: Kimmiee

Age: 29 months

Breed: Italian Greyhound, Cocker Spaniel mix

Weight: 12.5 LBS

Favorite Activities: Running, Sleeping with her people, and being the center of attention

Least Favorite Activities Taking a bath, Being alone, and being yelled at


Kimmiee's first day home

June 21st 2012 1:30 pm
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I went and got Kimmiee when she was six months old. I got her in Davis Ca. She Was really small. She had had a foster home since she was born. Kim was really shy but happy to have a home. Over the next few months she grew and grew and grew. At eight months old Kimmiee was full grown. She was twelve point five pounds. I would describe Kimmiee as Shy, but friendly to who she knows, energetic, fast, smart and quiet.

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