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Hercules' tasks

week 5

July 6th 2012 9:02 pm
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So this new bean house is nuts!! I love it but still...NUTS!!!! My furless siblings are a ball always sharing nums and soft places to lie. They hug me lots since the ol man boxer went to the bridge a couple of weeks ago. Even the mama and dad snuggle me with wet faces. I wasn't with him long but he taught we lots and made me promise to watch over the family.

I also had this funny feeling and wasn't feelin quite right. I got medicine from the dogtor and got rid of these squirmy things. But it took a lot mama said. I am now just shy of 35 lbs and very lanky. Mama says I will catch up again.

Its been so fun here I trained the beans to do this neat trick. I sit or lay down while they talk to me and I get a num. How awesome is that?! My bean grandparents even bring me nums. So many nice juicy chews I don't got borrow any from my furless siblings! Mama seems to think I am pretty great and all I can say is its easy when your pawesome!


Day 11

June 8th 2012 6:07 pm
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So the Mama put me in the basket again. This times she told Dad 21 and says Iams 14.5 inches tall. I gots no idea what the big deal is. I did gets my milk taken away :( Mamas said I wasn't needing it anymore since I gots teeth. I am goin to go pout somemore with the little beanies (they have treats they share. My favorite-ice cream hands down!)


Day 7

June 5th 2012 7:54 pm
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I have been in my new home for a week. Its so fun here. Except my beans keep telling me no when I go potty. I mean come on when ya gotta go ya gotta go. Besides I'm all of six weeks old like I can hold it long enough to tell someone. BUT I have this crazy idea I'm thinkin the beans want me to only go outside! Thats where everyone else goes but really...hmmmmmmmm. Maybe I should go chew on this over a bone.


Day 4

June 2nd 2012 5:25 pm
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I had an exciting days so far. The little he's had what I heard Mama referring to as a scout outting. We got in the shiny box and went to this big wet place. There were so many yummy smells! The bigger she kept me on this shiny tether thing I kept tripping over it but she would unwind it. We walked this path in the grass I could smell fishies and water. Pretty soon we met a bunch of little hes and they surrounded me. It was so exciting! Then while the little hes waved these big sticks my little she took me to the water. We splashed and played and then i tripped on "accident" and gots all wet. After i came out i rolled in a pile of yummy smelling goose poo. Now mama and the bigger she are getting ready for me to have baths. Yay!


Day 3

June 1st 2012 9:06 pm
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The Mamas put me in a basket today. She then grinned big and tolds me I was a big boy...duh. she kept telling dad 18...18...I can't believe 18. Whats the big deal? Hers and the dad are so odd. Mamas keeps telling him don't take him for rides he only has one booster. I don't sit in the boosters the smallest he and she do. Silly mamas.

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