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Went to Camp Choctaw

August 31st 2013 1:13 pm
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I got to go for a long ride to Camp Choctaw today with Izzy. Not my first long ride but it was for her. Bless her heart she threw up just as we got to the end of the road from the house. She's still not used to riding in the car. So I laid down next to her and let her cuddle up to me so she would know she isn't alone. She cuddled up against me and went to sleep for most of the rid there. Mom and Grammy stopped at Sonic on the way there and got them something to eat and drink. When we got to the camp I got to see Miss Mary and get a couple of treats from her as well as Izzy. I love it when she pets me. I enjoyed getting to be a dog for a day and not in my vest. I still laid down next to mom though and stayed by her at the campground while Izzy went and explored. We got home around 2-3 pm and now I am relaxing. Was kind of fun to go someplace and be a dog and not on duty.


Interesting 4th of July so far...

July 4th 2013 8:39 am
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Well it is quiet here now but it won't be tonight when people start shooting off their fireworks. The sound of them doesn't seem to bother me but it sure does bother Izabella. She will pace the room, pant and go lay down right next to mom when they are being shot off.

Last week mom's niece was over here and Izzy got someone to chase in the yard and play with her. Poor Aquilla kind of got left out. So Emma took turns playing fetch with the two of them. So it was interesting to watch. I sure do enjoy the breaks I get from the little one by going places with mom in uniform. Nice and quiet and I get left alone and nobody trying to chew on my ears.


Was interesting week last week...

June 12th 2013 1:06 pm
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Last week mom had her nieces come over. I enjoyed that because I got all this loving from the both of them when they were here. Izzy got jealous and barked at them when they were petting me. She got some attention though. They played fetch with her in the back yard which gave me some time to myself.

Mom took me to AETN where she answered phones for their telethon that they hold a couple times a year to raise money for the TV station. I was fine with that and just laid down on my side and went to sleep as she answered the phone and took donations. MOm took me out so I could do my duties and came back in during a break. I even got some pizza crust when mom ate some pizza that the station got for us to eat.

After the telethon mom and I got I the truck and headed home. Mom's friends in the Strange Birds of Little Rock were really nice and I enjoyed it when they petted me. I always have a good time when I am around them. Can't wait to see them again if mom can go to the next get together.


Went to Toad Suck Daze today with mom....

May 4th 2013 3:20 pm
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Well today I went to Toad Suck Daze a local festival held here every year. I went with mom last year and did okay. This year Grammy went with us and more people were wanting to pet me and such. So mom is going to have to look into getting a patch that says no petting at work or something of that sort. I know it's nice to get petted and such but grammy looked like she wasn't too happy with mommy letting people do that. So hopefully mom will be able to get a patch that says to not pet me I am working and that should take care of the problem.....I hope.

Mom found me a mat at a booth that had stuff for dogs. Mom was reaching in her purse to get more money to cover the taxes and the lady who ran the booth was sweet enough that she told mom the twenty would be enough and she would cover the rest after she asked mom if the mat was for me and when she realized I was a service dog. That was kind of neat. Now I have my own mat to lay on when Mom takes me places. It's a nice red corderoy like on one side and then a red with darker leaf pattern on the other side.

Seems like Izzy has been cuddling up to me lately. Not too sure with that. I wouldn't mind it but she tosses and turns like mommy does. No wonder those two don't phase each other when Izzy sleeps on the bed. All I can say is I am glad she does give me more room on the floor. So it was really interesting today when everyone was asking Mom if they could pet me.


Been really interesting since Izzy came into the family...

April 9th 2013 9:04 am
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Well not too sure when it comes to playing with the little one but I let her know when she has gone too far. Most of the time though I just turn and walk away in the other direction away from her. Champ seems to enjoy her playing with him and following him though. Which is good because sometime she can get on a dog's nerves. Thank goodness mom was willing to play with her and get her to run around the house and wear herself out. At least when I go out with mom and work I can get me some time away from her and to myself. Seems like Izzy seems to like the bed at the foot of mom's bed. That's fine with me cause I hardly sleep there. Glad mom keeps her on the bed at night so I get my space as well as some love from mom after Izzy is sound asleep. So been kind of rough getting used to the new addition to the family since Friday.


Went to an appointment and more....

March 4th 2013 10:54 am
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Went with mommy to her doctor appointment. I went under the chair she was sitting in so that I was out of the way. Went with her back to the room for her appointment and layed down in the corner. After the appointment mommy and I went to the police station. Mommy was seeing about offering to educate the officers on the rights of a service dog person and such so that the policemen knew what they could and couldn't do when an instance happened to where they got called to and someone with a service dog was there. Then we came home after that. Wasn't too sure of the doctor's office though. I had never been to this one so it was all new to me. But I made my mommy proud of me because she kept praising me for it.


Went to Wally World today...

February 15th 2013 9:38 am
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Got to go with Mom, Grammy and Emma today around town. We went to the Pharmacy to pick up mom's medicine. Then we went to Wally World and got some groceries. I stayed right along side mom as she pushed the cart through the store. I even got out of the way for some people to by slowing down and staying behind Mom until I could get back along side of her. A lot of people were asking Mom if they could pet me and Mom told them no and thank you for asking her first. Some college kids walked by and noticed I was a service dog from what of them said and then the other went and said something if that service dog can come in here than why can't I bring my own dog in here. Kind of thought that was kind of uncalled for if you ask me but Mom just ignored them so I did too.


Been an really adventurous week...

February 7th 2013 5:14 pm
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Well I got to go with Mom and Grandma to the DHS office and mom had no problems at all while we were there. In fact mom was talking to someone about a singer named Ben E. King when the lady said she liked Al Green's music. Mom started singing "Stand by Me" and the person at the desk started playing the song as she sang it and caught mom off guard and she laughed. Then we went to the pharmacy to get mom's medicines. Mr. Chuck came over and said Hello to mom and then leaned over the counter and said Hi to me as well. We went to Sonic to get a coke and when mom and grandma got their cokes I got a surprise when they brought me out a milk bone dog biscuit. Boy was I happy to get that. I ate it up right away!!

Went with mom to the clinic as we always do every Wednesday when she volunteers. Mrs. Mary spoiled me with some love when she came in to work and said HI to me. She is my buddy and I so look forward to her coming in. Grandma has been slowly but surely letting mom take me with us more and more. So I have been getting to go to some new places with mom oh what fun!!


Interesting weekend with mom's niece

January 20th 2013 11:56 am
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Well mom's niece is here. I have been spoiled lately because she likes to give me a dog biscuit along with Champ and Aquilla. I love getting petted by her too. I also got to ride in the car with her, mom and grandma to Sonic today too.

Last night I had to keep an eye on mom while the side effects of her medicine were triggering her muscle spasms on her face. I layed down on my bed next to where she lays on the bed. Every so often I would get up and go to the side of the bed and whine to get her to reach over and let me know she is okay like I did when she used to have her seizures. She can talk during these though and they have only been happening since she started taking Geodon. Her dr. is working on getting them under control though. But mom was okay and called her friend she had to get off the phone with while this happened and let her know she was okay. I stayed where I could watch her from the side of the bed until mom fell asleep and then went around to the other side where my favorite bed is and went to sleep. Was an interesting night last night.


Christmas week and no power...

December 30th 2012 4:58 pm
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Well this was a very interesting week for me and mommy. Christmas Day at 11 pm we lost power. Mommy started a fire in the fireplace and put my coat on me when the house got to 55 so that I would stay warm. I didn't know what to think of the snow being up to my tummy as I tried to walk through it. Mommy kept me and my buddies Champ and Aquilla Marie warm though by having a fire in the fire place since we had no heat and putting me in my winter coat to help keep me warm. Mom had to pull out her sleeping bag and unzipped it and laid it across her bed with the rest of her blankets and was able to keep herself warm. She put the stuff that needed to be kept cold into a cooler and went outside and put some snow into it to keep them cold until her Uncle could get to the store and get her some ice for them.

Mom had plenty of food for me and my buddies so we were okay and she had enough medicines as well so she was okay. I still helped remind her to take her medicine even though the first morning after I did what I was supposed to she forgot because of having a panic attack so I helped her to get calm down so she could be level and able to do what was needed even though I kept trying to remind her like I was supposed to do.

I sure hope we don't go through this again without Grandma here. Because I was worried about her until Mom told me she would be okay. Me and my buddies waited in the kitchen the first night hoping she would come home but she didn't. I am just glad Grandma is home now. So that was what happened this most adventurous Christmas week.

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