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DAY 104, Thursday, 6/21/12

June 22nd 2012 8:08 am
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Yeah, I’ll admit it: I’ve been a bit of a bad boy lately. When Bob first started taking me outside on the long leash, I would run as far and as fast as I could. Lately, though, I’ve been tugging at the leash, and Bob doesn’t seem to like that. So, instead of stopping, I started tugging on the short leash too. Wendy, the trainer, says I’m just being a teenager, but there’s actually a method to my madness. You see, it’s been a while since Bob took me to the tennis courts. (I think he’s afraid I might pick up something bad there.) So, I figured that if I acted rambunctiously (his word, not mine), he’d give in and take me to the courts to run off all that energy. Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know if my plan worked or not.


DAY 103, Wednesday, 6/20/12

June 21st 2012 6:36 am
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Since this is the first day of spring, I decided to let my free spirit run wild. When Bob and I went out for our first morning walk, I danced and jumped and played tug of war with my lead. And tonight in class, I just ignored Bob and did whatever I felt like. Maybe I’ll go back to behaving myself next week, but for now, I’m just enjoying letting my fur down.


DAY 102, Tuesday, 6/19/12

June 21st 2012 6:35 am
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Man! Talk about an ego! Bob is all puffed up because his YouTube page got its 5000th hit this week. One video has now gotten over 2000 hits and another one has gotten over 1000, and Bob can’t stop crowing. I mean, really…I caught a bird this week, but you don’t see me bragging, do you?

Oh, speaking of bragging, someone gave me a blue rosette on Dogster last week, but I really don’t understand what to do with those things. Sorry.


DAY 101, Monday, 6/18/12

June 19th 2012 5:07 am
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For the life of me, I can’t understand why Bob is so analytical. He has to figure out the how and why of everything. For instance, he’ll spend hours trying to figure out why I sometimes take my paw and dig through my water bowl, splashing water all over the kitchen floor, which he then has to clean up. Why does everything have to have a reason? Why can’t he just accept that some things are the way they are…well…just because that’s the way they are?


DAY 100, Sunday, 6/17/12

June 17th 2012 4:55 pm
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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 100 days now since I adopted Tony and Bob. And today’s Father’s Day. I’m doubly blessed because I have two daddies, and I didn’t even have to buy them a couple of ugly ties today.


DAY 99, Saturday, 6/16/12

June 17th 2012 5:49 am
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Sometimes Bob really bugs me. Like today, he took me outside to run on the 25-foot leash, but he knows how I like to chew on the leash, so he sprayed it with that darn bitter apple that I detest so much. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just go back to digging for crickets.

Richard and Patrick, two of Bob and Tony’s buddies, came over for dinner tonight. They belong to Foxy and Pablo, so I know they’re canine-friendly. Tony cooked Indian food, and I was sure that Patrick would slip me some of it under the table, but Tony wouldn’t let him. Phooey! After dinner, though, Patrick did rub my belly a lot.

The four of them sat around and talked for a couple of hours about something called religion. Jeez, these humans sure have some strange ideas. I’m glad I stayed out of it.


DAY 98, Friday, 6/15/12

June 16th 2012 5:40 am
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Decisions. Decisions. Sometimes when I’m outside, I’ll be crouched, all set to poop, when I see a cricket stir in the grass. So, what am I supposed to do, go on with my business or chase the cricket? Why does life have to be so complicated?


DAY 97, Thursday, 6/14/12

June 15th 2012 5:27 am
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I’ve devised a new way to play hide-and-seek. I just toss my bone under the sofa (usually by accident) and wait to see how long it takes Bob or Tony to find it. They’re usually kinda slow to catch on, so I have to bark a few times until they figure it out.


DAY 96, Wednesday, 6/13/12

June 15th 2012 5:26 am
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Yeah, I know, I haven’t written in my diary for a few days. I’ve been on a vacation of sorts. There was no training session last week, and…well…let’s face it…Bob and Tony don’t exactly lead the most exciting of lives.

Nevertheless, training resumed tonight—the first night of the advanced class—and Bob did all right. We worked on heeling around other dogs. In other words, we tried not to be distracted. We still have some work to do in that area. We also have to practice the “drop it” command, but we’re getting there. Bob just has to make sure he has the right treats on hand.

There was a very little girl in the store—maybe 2 or 3 years old—and she and I had a grand time playing with each other. We also had a new participant in the class, a pit bull/retriever mix, and she and I practically fell in love with each other. I’m looking forward to seeing her again next week.


DAY 92, Saturday, 6/9/12

June 10th 2012 12:29 pm
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I told you there were evil spirits lurking in the grass. Today, when I was out walking Bob, I caught one of ’em. After I had bored my snout into the ground, Bob noticed that I was chewing. He looked in my mouth to see what it was, and there on my tongue sat one of those evil spirits. Tony said later that it was probably a cricket, in which case it wouldn’t hurt me. I’m not worried. It’s the cricket that should be worried. He’s the one that got eaten.

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