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Letters from Lindsay

Good bye My Friends...

August 25th 2007 6:54 am
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Lindsay Meryl Connelly passed away quietly, sweetly and surrounded by her family July 31, 2007. In her final days Lindsay was never ill or never in any pain. She slipped away from us as a result of a stroke. She was active and enjoying life right till the end. She waits at Rainbow Bridge and plays and runs free . She was the light and the love of her family Monika Jayne, Tim and her canine sister Cuailgne.


Hanging Out In Corners...

July 11th 2007 7:04 pm
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I just wanted all my friends to know that now that I'm 13 years old, there have been a few changes in my life. A few months ago I suffered a stroke, but don't worry, I made a good recovery! But I seem to be hanging out in the corners of my home alot. I don't know why... I just sort of end up there. And my close up vision isn't as good as it once was, but I can still spot a cat or a squirrel, or bird from across the street! I still let em' have THE BARK when I see em'. So anyway, my mom did some research (I'm not really sure what that is, but she's always doing it) and found out that I have what most people know as a kind of doggie altzimer's disease. My dad says, "Her body has outlived her brain". My mom and dad found out that there's a new drug called aniprl that could help me. I'm taking it now, and even though there hasn't been a big change yet, in time there might be. It's an expensive drug and some dogs don't tolerate it or have some house training lapses ( and no one likes that!), or vomitting, but most dogs improve after at least 4 months. Meanwhile, even though I'm getting up there in years, my life is still pretty fun. I go on walks every day even though I have some arthritis. I take Deramaxx for that and it has helped alot, I love my food, I still love my humans and I still love to wake up my dad in the middle of the night for no reason (he falls for it EVERY TIME!) But I thought some of you may want to know this information in case some of you may be having these same symptoms.


The Big Dog Swim

September 20th 2005 3:46 pm
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My mom took me to the Big Dog Swim a few weeks ago. It was CRAZY! There were dogs everywhere! First I spend time in the shallow end with a bunch of other little dogs. Some of them were kinda cranky and snappy. My dad took me out till I was chest deep and I had to paddle around a little bit. But mostly what I was really interested in was watching all the other doggies. There were Big dogs, Little dogs, black and white dogs. Dogs as far as I could see in every corner of the pool. Then I guess one doggie had a "phoo accident" and everybody had to get out while the bi-peds put some stuff in the water to clean it up. We had to wait 20 minutes. That was a drag. Then my mom took us to the deep end to swim with the BIG DOGS. Well, while she was getting ready to take off her t-shirt and get into the water, she turned her head just for a tenth of a second, and I just decided to walk right into the water. I had NO CLUE how deep it really was and I sunk like stone! My mom FREAKED out and jumped in to save me. My head was under about 3 feet of water! It turned out o.kay though. I was fine. And it didn't scare me off the water. I still wanted to get in. My sister Cuailgne looked at me with look that said, "What a dork!" She's a better swimmer than I am, but I'm prettier!


Beach Bunnie

August 27th 2005 4:09 pm
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Hey! Guess what? I got to go to the beach today! My mom took me into the water for some more swimming lessons. I want to be ready to go to the Big Dog Swim at Blaisedel Pool over labor day.

We really had fun! First I ran around the whole beach. I saw this rock I thought was a killer rock or something worse maybe. So I let it have the what-for. I blammed it pretty good with a sound barking. Then I scampered up the banks, sniffed around in the sand, got a lot of pebbles and shells in between my toes. That was werid!

After that I waded out into the water as far as I could, all my myself. Then my mom came in beside me, and she put her arms under my chest firmly so I could feel that she had me, and then she just took us both into the deeper water where I couldn't feel the sand under my feet anymore. I paddled my legs, and kept my head above the water. My mom stayed with me. I wasn't afraid! I could feel she was strong and could hold me if I got too tired. Then we made for the shore and when I could tell the water was shallower, she let me go all by myself. I swam about ten "strokes" all by myself! I was swimming!We did this about five times. After that, I was pretty tired. So we went to rest in the shade. We got some water and I watched Cuailgne learn to kyak with my Dad. She's pretty brave. I don't think kyaking is for me!


On Patrol

July 1st 2005 6:21 pm
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I've decide that I must be the only sane mammal on my street. This is a mean street too. Stuff's always happening here, and I'm the only one around to keep my family from getting killed in their beds. The MAN doesn't seem to worry too much about all the wacky goings on.

Take for instance the recent mass incursions of birds. I've seen robins, cardinals, a flock of finches, but not a flock of seagulls, and a ton of other annoying feathered, feckless freaks- with- beaks entering our air space. They don't give a hoot about the clearly posted 'no fly zone' I keep barking out everytime they step over the line. Especially in the morning when the sun's just coming up. They start chirpping and stirring, and come right up on the front porch no less! I'm looking at my humans, the Man and the Woman, and they're just snoring away there. Not doing a thing about this affrontery! So I rush out to the front door and let 'em have it! Blamm-blamm-blamm! and another Blammity-blamm-blamm! Oh, yeah! That got their attention all right! Both the freaks-with-beaks and the humans. The MAN yells at me, "Lindsay! Lindsay! Hey, shut the *&$%! up! It's 5:30 in the morning for God's sake... I swear to God that dog is going to give me a heart attack one of these days..."

Talk about ingratitude. I save his life and the life of her he holds dear and this is the thanks I get? Maybe next time I'll let the beak-freaks get him!

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