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My View from the Bridge

October 4th 2016 10:01 am
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Hello my dear friends, Thought I should check in and say a heavenly Hi. Tomorrow will be my 3rd year at the Rainbow Bridge. Looks like a lot has happened and changed since then. Oh how I remember and cherish all my pals and the fun times we all shared. Some I see moved over to that facebook place. Even though it's not Dogster at least it's a way to keep in touch with friends. Of course I get to play with my pals who have also joined me up here. Puggie and I are so lucky to still be together and hang out in the Pugdom.
So Mom and Maggie have been real busy, but not as active with fun things like her and I were. Guess that little hairy thing is so tiny and mom isn't as mobile as she use to be. They spend more time taking care of Grandma and visiting with family. I see they enjoy going up to the lake (Lake Erie) like mom and I use to do. Mom still sheds a tear for me now and again, but it's usually quickly replaced with a smile of my memories I send down to her. Wow were there lots of good times back then. Our groups we use to belong to have fizzled out. A few attempted to get them going again but it's slow moving. So heavenly hugs to you all and I will keep sending down prayers and good wishes. LuvGiz


My 1st year in heaven....

October 5th 2014 5:51 pm
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Today marks a year that I left or the bridge. I seen mom and Maggie at my grave early this morning. Mom still has tears in her eyes for me. I tried to comfort her as I heard her say how much she loves me and misses me. I'm sure she knows that I am always watching over her and the little pup I sent her. She told me that Maggie is 8 months old today, and that they are going to the church for her to be blessed, just like mom did for me. So mom picked up Auntie and let her see an animal blessing, then off to the pet store they went to get Maggie her winter coat. I seen mom smile today so I am happy that puppy is doing a good job. I hear mom tell that little pile of fur all about me and that we both have her heart. Sending everyone hugs from heaven, LuvGiz♡


Happy 10 Years Dogster

January 17th 2014 6:42 pm
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Congratulations on a great 10 years Dogster!
This has been a great place to meet friends, play, get the best doggy info, laugh, cry, have silly parties, find comfort and keep our angels with us. There is no place like it, so Dogster will be missed. Thank you for all the memories and the opportunity to be part of your family, We love you! LuvGiz and mom Kathy


Christmas in Heaven

December 28th 2013 6:32 pm
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So I just spent my very first Christmas in Heaven. I sure do miss mom and as I keep my watch over her I know she misses me too. I try to comfort her when she still sheds some tears over me. She made it through ok and still has an aching heart. Good thing Nomex is there and doing a wonderful job of taking care of her now. I see she follows mom around the house a little more closely than she use to, but that was my job before I left. I guess I taught her well cuz she's been making me proud. Mom knows it's not the same but accepts the extra hugs Nomex is giving her for me. Nomex had a rough time when I first left but mom and her are finding comfort in each other. When I feel mom is ready I'll be sure to send her a new little pup of her own to love. But now is not the time. I hope all my pals here are doing well and know that I love and miss you all, Take care and I pray the new year brings you good luck, health and happiness.
Hugs from heaven, LuvGiz rest

October 21st 2013 9:53 am
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Two weeks have past since my sweet little Giz has left for the bridge. Friday we received her ashes, wrapped her in a piece of her warm blankie, then laid her to rest in her favorite garden in 'her' backyard. Nomex and her spent many years sniffing around in that garden and chatting with their dogpals that live next door. I'm comforted knowing she is finally home again, yet moments find me in a burst of tears. I sit here in 'our office' and greatly feel her loss. I want to thank our dear friends Jadie and her mom Jan for quickly coming to our aid in making Giz's Dogster page so very beautiful and even more special than ever. I means the world to me .....
Hugs, Kathy (Giz's mom)


Life as an angel...

October 6th 2013 4:32 am
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Today I look down and see my mom with her eyes full of tears for me. She knows I am watching over her, yet she is sad and looks lost. We had shared such a full life together, doing almost everything with me at her side. There wasn't a day the I didn't hear her say "C'mon Giz lets get going" then off we went to work, shopping, the dog park, visit friends and family, camping, fishing with daddy, attend dog events, take bus trips, boat rides, group tours, go for ice cream, watch t.v., play with the grandsons, visit the grandpuppies, walk through the fallen leaves, run in the snow, plan our doggy day trips group events, or simply snuggle up and relax on the couch or in our own yard. The list goes and on... Today my mom will attend our Doggy Day Trip at the winery without me. I am sorry I couldn't hang in there any longer for her. I will be sure to watch over her today and hope she can still feel the warmth of my little paws when she begins her journey without me. Don't worry mom, you made sure to leave me wrapped in my blankie and left me with the warmth of your love. I felt your kisses on my furry little head and knew it would be hard for you to go on without me. Thankyou for never letting go of my small paws as we said our good-byes. Remember that we have the kind of bond that will last furever. Look for my star to guide you and know that I'm sending you puppy kisses from heaven. Luv your "Little Darling Giz"


My Tribute to Giz......

October 5th 2013 3:08 pm
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Today I had to make that choice for my sweet little girl to end her time with me here on earth. She has been the light of my life and such a huge part of our family for over 15yrs. We have been so very blessed to have known the joy and love of such a beautiful soul. I knew the moment I set my eyes on her in Aug of 1998, that there would be a love and bond so strong it would break my heart someday. She's been our constant companion, as she even shared my office at work every day. She was there to help raise my young grandson, helped me through a difficult health scare, and way too many life's important events to list. With the years of belonging to our Dogster family, our journey the last several weeks were more bearable. I knew in my heart that I would do everything I could to make her final days as warm and comfortable as possible. That task was easy for me to do only because of my love and devotion to my little girl. Giz, you have brought great joy to my life and opened it to a world of many dog loving friends. We've had so many adventures together. All the events like Woofstock, pug prom, bus trips, parades, meet-ups, parties on Dogster, etc. How will I ever get over this lost....I know somehow time will make it easier, but it will be so hard to go about my daily routines knowing you are missing from my world. I love you with all my heart and even though it is breaking I knew what I must do for you. Your little body was aging so very quickly this past year. I wish I could have stopped time, but reality sneaks in and I seen you needed me more than ever. Your tumor had grown, your weight was dropping quickly, and finally your little body was giving out. When the vet told me today you had also had a stroke, it all made sense. So I held you gently and told you how much I love you and then held your paws as you took your last breath. So with that I say you have forever left your pawprints on my heart. I love you..Giz 6/7/1998 - 10/5/2013
When tomorrow starts without me
And I'm not there to see,
The sun will rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me.
I know how much you loved me,
As much as I loved you.
And each time you think of me,
I know you'll miss me too.
But when tomorrow starts without me,
I want you to understand,
An angel came and called my name,
And I answered her command.
She said my place was ready,
In dog heaven far above,
But that I'd have to leave behind,
All those I dearly love.
If I could relive yesterday,
Even for a little while,
I'd come and lick your hand,
Just to see you smile.
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don't think we're far apart.
For every time you think of me,
You'll find my paw prints on your heart..
-Author Unknown-


Old age is challenging.......

September 18th 2013 11:58 am
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So I haven't written in my diary in quite some time. I miss the day's when Dogster was thriving and active. Groups have quieted down, yet I think of my pals with fondness and treasure the friendships made here. In my 15th year I have truly shown my age. I must have forgotten that a senior gal shouldn't act like a daredevil. A few weeks ago I decided to ignore mom's advice and I leaped from daddy's truck like a young fool :( The next day I got to where I couldn't use my hind legs. Mom gave me some aspirin and off to the vet we went. After some time an exam and exray's the result is: I am old, lumpy, heart and lungs good, vitals good, but....I have arthritis in my left rear leg and a tumor on the my bone just below my knee. My doc must think It's not good and I may not be around much longer...but mom said that's not an option. I am now taking arthritis meds, osteo-biflex, and a product to help detoxify and prevent or slow down that darn tumor. At my age surgery is not an option. I think my doc will be surprised to see the progress I am making in the last few days. Wish me luck and please say a prayer that I can continue to improve, Hugs, LuvGiz


Celebrating 15 Happy years.....

June 9th 2013 6:07 pm
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Wow, haven't wrote a diary in quite some time. We've had a lot going on in our lives the last 4 yrs. Mom had gotten real sick, but is finally doing well, just dealing with "old knee's" now. I don't mind that as long as she's feeling better and can take me places again. We got two little human grandkids (twins) may 2012. They entered our world a little too early so mom and dad was at the hospital a lot all last year. They recently had their very first birthday. One of them will have hopefully his last surgery in a few days. Mom's sad about that but she feels he'll be just fine. The oldest grandson is spending a few days with us now that he's out of school for the summer. Mom posted some pics of him giving me my birthday present. He picked it out and even wrapped it for me. I trained him a while ago to know how to love dogs and care for me. He's doing a great job at only 8yrs old :) So mom and I went on our annual Island hopping cruise yesterday. We enjoy planning the trip and seeing our pals each year. We seem to add a few new ones each time we go. The weather was perfect and the lake was pretty calm. Jen came with us, we had great day! Today mom and I just crashed at home, relaxing and recharging from yesterday. Can't wait to do it again next year. At 15 I'm feeling pretty good, just can't hear much anymore. Mom makes sure to keep careful watch for me so I stay safe. Tomorrow we'll stop in at work for a bit. Probably will just take it slow this week, cuz next week we'll be taking grandkids for swimming lessons in the morning then work in the afternoon. Life is good, Hugs to all, LuvGiz


Island Hopping ...still.....

June 13th 2010 8:13 am
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Last weekend mom and I went on our annual "Goodtime I Island Hopping" trip. She's say's we do it just to celebrate my birthday, which was Mon June 7th. I'm now 12yrs and still loving the yearly day trip with my doggy travelin pals. This year was a bit different cuz Mom and I organized the whole thing. Our tour guide closed her business earlier this year and mom and I just couldn't let our pals down. We all enjoy getting together and taking a bus ride to someplace fun. We may even plan another trip for the fall. Mom's been having some health problems lately but she's determined to get better and keep our trips going. Enjoy your summer! LuvGiz

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