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Kaija's Diary

Kaija's First Easter

April 9th 2012 8:55 am
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Kaija was very interested in the food preparation for Easter dinner; but she was a good girl. Given that she seems to be a jumper... or flier, as I've seen her do some pretty stunning leaps; but she kept her feet on the ground in the kitchen while I worked. The roast was the last to go out on the buffet and I made sure Kaija had her potty break in the yard while my son carved the meat. We all came in and loaded up our plates and sat down for grace. The dinner was off to a great start! Halfway through the dinner I decided to bring Kaija inside. She wandered around and seemed to behave just fine. I was pleased, good girl Kaija, considering she had some food / gobbling issues. I thought she was doing great.
Then, my son stood up and fed Kaija a beef scrap, and then another, and then another. I told him not to treat her while we were all still eating and the food was out; but it was too late. Kaija's interest had been peaked. She quietly came through the dining room door, in one swift leap up to the counter, Kaija pulled the entire roast down into her mouth. In a flash, my son and I rushed over. I grabbed Kaija's jaws. She had a steel grip on that roast and was not letting go. My son took her lower jaw and I took her upper jaw and we pried it open. I could only think, I have to get this meat out of her mouth or I lose my title as Alpha Mom! My son started to pull the meat and I told him no, "You could hurt her teeth if you just pull". He stopped and we managed to pull her jaws open and grab the entire piece of meat. I took Kaija straight to her crate where she cried piteously.
Back to the roast, I had a dripping piece of roast beef twelve inches long and six wide in my hand. On the floor there was a platter and several slices of meat with all the drippings around it and all over the wall, counter and dining room floor. Okay, one lesson in manners totally mangled! My son said, "Throw it all away". I turned to my family and I said, "We can do one of two things and throw it away is not one of them." Being a mom of seven, I never waste anything! So, I told them, "I can wash it off and then I can cook it some more to sterilize it thoroughly and then we can eat it. OR I can cut it into cubes and put it in baggies marked, "Dog" and freeze it to use in training Kaija later." Unanimously they choose to save it for training treats and that's what I did.
After the cleanup was complete, the food was put away and the dishes were done, Kaija came out of her crate and went right to the spot where the roast had been on the floor. She started licking the cabinets, as she licked, I pulled her away and sprayed cleaner on and washed them off. No longer interested, Kaija walked off. Eventually she forgot; but meanwhile, there are three big bags of chopped beef roast in the freezer waiting for a training session with Kaija.


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