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The Day In A Life Of Me... Spike!

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Lonley Dog Days... :(

October 23rd 2012 1:20 pm
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I have been quite lonley and I have been searching around the house for Kiera and Dood for ages now I think I have just got to face the fact that there up in the clouds now!...

I have been sat on the playhouse veranda today in the rain mom tried to get me in but I didn't come she evantually had to get her dad to come and pick me up and bring me in because I was soaked! Mom said because im down and lonley that she is organizing many play dates in the neigbourhood for me!

Spike :)


Dogs keep coming and going!

October 22nd 2012 1:45 pm
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Plenty of new pups in the neighbourhood to play play play with but it just doesn't feel right without dood and kiera we were all very close members in are pack. I remember walks down to the river and my first swim with Dood by my side and lying on the river bank with Kiera it's very hard for Mom at the moment juggling studdying and going on holiday aswell as Dood and Kiera going to rainbow bridge she talks to me allot and say life is hard but also full of happiness and joy. She loves dogs and hates to see them pass even when Benny at PTLF passed she had a slight tear in her eye.

I haven't really seen much of mom as im off doing my own thing latley like lying in the garden or playing in puddles of chewing toys. I haven't been on many play dates for a while... There is a new staffie puppy around the block who i sniff and give a little lick and a yorkie puppy of moms friend.

Spike :)


Up to date on the doggy news!

October 12th 2012 12:24 pm
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Lots of stuff is happening at PTLF! I like drama but definetly not horrid drama!

Thank our furry dog god for saving Jimmy from getting snatched by the coyotoes! I love Jimmy hes so funny and cute and we are alike he he! I like many dogs on dogster its such a fun community out there!


Sleepy Daze

September 28th 2012 1:30 pm
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I have been so sleepy theese days mom has been litterally dragging me out the door to take me on a walk shes been waking me up in the mornings. I sometimes wake up to her laughing at me because I had been dreaming and twitching in my sleep he he.

Spike :)


We meet again dogster!

September 27th 2012 1:46 pm
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Okay recently I haven't been on dogster because moms laptop charger broke and she recently had to purchase a new one so I haven't been on in around three weeks but I have really missed dogster and my friends at Pets That Love Fun!

Im learning many new tricks at the moment as my mom wishes to get a mini agility course type thing for christmas as she thinks it would be perfect for me i'm quiet excited aswell to see if she gets one.

The only down part of my week has been that I did a little wee wee in my basket and lets say mom really was not happy as she was busy and had to stop to clean up the pee especially as I have been house trainded since a pup!

Back to basics for me

Spike :)


Long time.....

April 24th 2012 12:41 pm
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OMD i've been soooooooooo caught up in pets that I've fun club I furgot about my dairy he he he.

Ive been making so many friends since I joined like:

Buddy B
Redford and many more....

I mainly P mail Buddy, Flicka and Jimmy along with Pepper! Naught Dood my furry friend pooped in the house and on the sofa!!! (he's not aloud on there!). I go round to Doods for play dates nearly everyday as Beth my owner goes to school and and her dad has to go to work so doods mom and dad dog sit me!


Fright Night!

April 8th 2012 12:30 am
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I woke up hearing a creak in the night i jumped out of my fur in fright. I sparked up to see Beth but she wasn't in her bed... I whimpered and walked out into the upstairs corridoor looking round she was no where to be seen!

I sat on the stairs to hear a glass clinking in a cuboard. So I crept down stairs went down the corridoor and into the KITCHEN!

I peeked round the the door and Beth spotted me whimpering! She bent down to pat me and she gave me a little bit of milk... yummy! It only turned out that she was getting a glass of water.

It wasn't so bad in the morning as I got some doggie chocie for easter!

HAPPY EASTER DOGSTER AND CATSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



April 7th 2012 1:56 am
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Weather today... well its just the usuall. Im really excited for the summer because Beths dad is selling the car to get money for a new one and so we can go camping again!

Last time we went camping we went to wells next to the sea with three other doggie friends:

Dood- German Shepherd
Lewis- Dalmatian
Elmo- Golden retriver

Lewis and Elmo are friends of the family!

Whilst beth was in the arcades I enjoyed many walks on the beach and in the woods.

I can't wait until we go again!


Hi guys!

April 6th 2012 11:08 am
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Today wasn't as bad as yesterday I went on a playdate because beth said it would do me some good to catch up with all the doggie gossip BOL!

Baxter wasn't as playfull today I think he was in a bad mood because it rained slightly. Broady was fun her bark is like a squeaky bath toy! Me and Broady are very energetic Baxter used to be but he is heading into old age part of doggie life.

I went on a walk round the neighbourhood and licked a group of kids playing outside they allways shout SPIKE! when the see me im a famous little doggie ha ha ha.

I would love to be famous and act in all the doggie films like the fire house dog. I loved Marley and Me but it made my owner cry but she got over it.

Im of to have dinner now bye bye!


Im Bored!

April 5th 2012 9:23 am
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Today ive been bored because use i have had no one to play with :( . Beth is the only person who plays with me and is busy with homework projects so im stuck on my own.

Ive been outside chased a cat or two and chased and apple of the tree as a stubstitue for a tenis ball but I got bored again so i sat on my blanket in front of the tellie but still just a boring history chanel. Ploding upstairs to see what Beth was doing Beths dad pated me on the way down. I walked into beths room she fussed me but had to get back on with her homework as she wanted to do it all so she could enjoy the holidays with me. I sat in her room watching her on the computer but soon got bored.

I am now in the kitchen having lunch just the usual bickies...

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