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Thads training

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April 24

April 24th 2012 10:36 pm
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We were out in town to at the bank and earlier we worked on stay while sitting and laying down. We also worked on leave its from a bowl of food.


April 18

April 18th 2012 8:20 am
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Went for a walk this morning around the street over from me back around to my street. Worked on heeling and sitting at heel and side=right side around to heel on left.


April 15

April 15th 2012 1:15 pm
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Worked on leave its and place. He did good on the leave its till I had him lay in the middle of the treats then after a little of not he finally ate what I asked him to leave. I will keep working on that. Also worked on the come when called with hand signals and stay till told to come with hand signals. He is doing very well with those and just can get better with the distance. He also does well on the halt and sit when in a heel and lays well too. Still working on place he would probably get a 4 out of 10 on that.


April 13

April 13th 2012 1:09 pm
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Went to my dog training class tonight and learned downs at heels and turn abouts which is going the other direction while keeping your dog on your left side. practiced this morning on the heeling and sitting when halted or stopped.


April 12

April 12th 2012 3:01 pm
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Boy have I gotten lazy. LOL I have not written down any of the training I have done this week. We have not left the house this week but have been working on heeling. I got some hotdogs last week from the store and Thad seems to think they are gold so he is working real hard on this right now. We have class tomorrow so we will see if he has gotten any better.


April 9

April 9th 2012 5:52 pm
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Thad and I practiced stop and sit at heel and come when called. we stopped by my daughters to drop off Easter baskets for my grandchildren and the at the store to buy hot dogs. Thad and I practiced more after I fixed the hotdogs as treats and he loves them and did so much better.


April 6

April 6th 2012 5:48 pm
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Practiced some this morning on sit, stand and down. went to practice tonight at Red River Obedience training and Thad was so good they used him as the dog to show others what to do. we learned stop and sit in heel position.


April 3

April 3rd 2012 11:27 pm
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Mom took me shopping to buy a few things around 10am we practiced waits, sits, downs, leave its. Went to PetSmart to get new harness I was bored and mom left mine on me at bed time so I chewed it up. Mom met a nice lady there and talked a while and exchanged phone no.s she is going to help her train her SDit. Then we went to a Drs appointment and Afterwards we took home this paper(Articles Of Incorporation) for a non profit organization for SDs for people and typed it out. Then we took Sweetie and picked Boo Boo up from the groomers.


March 31

March 31st 2012 4:00 am
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It was so hot and hard on Thaddeus yesterday that I think I will leave him inside part of the time. I set up the yard sale and my friend set up hers at 9:00am I am going to watch try outs for therapy dogs CGC.
Turns out my car is leaking oil and my hubby has to tighten my oil plug so I am already running late for the CGC. Get there and they are already going on. It was surprisingly not as much or hard as I thought it would be. We still have work to do but at least I know what to work on. Thad is so well behaved and know hand signal for a few things and only has to be told once that he impresses people at only being 16wks old.
When I get back I stop by another persons yard sale and pick up somethings for the grandchildren then its back to my sale. It is 11:30am by the time I get back so I let Toni go and check out some of the other yard sales. I start dinner about 3pm and she returns back. We have a few more looky lews then we go in eat and close up for the night. After dinner I help her tear down and we went to a few stores to spend our earnings:) Then she leaves and I go to sleep.


March 30th

March 30th 2012 7:26 pm
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Woke up at 6:00am this morning to work a yard sale, he behaved so good but was so wiped by the end of the day. It was 81 degrees out and he slept most of the time, at the end he got smart and laid under a table. Afterwards I used my earnings to go to the pet store and by him a harness and some bully sticks. He was just to pooped to party:) We are suppose to do another yard sale tomorrow and I am leaving for a couple of hours to observe a CGC. I just hope he does not get so tired tomorrow, am giving him plenty of water.

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