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Barks from a Boxer

Who knew my nose could work??

May 6th 2013 1:27 pm
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Hi pals I just had to have Mom come to my page and take this dictation for me. This weekend I had a most excellent time. You see Mom signed me up for something called nosework classes. All I heard was class and all I could think was that oh no she's taking me back to school where they make me learn things. I was not that excited to be rolled out of bed so early on a Saturday morning for school but I grudgingly got into the car and went. Well let me tell you pups this was like no school I had ever been to before. The teacher told all the parents there would be NO corrections in this class. I could hardly believe my ears! I can do what I want and Mom can't tell me no or give me a leash tug??? Things were certainly looking up. They hid some good smelly liverwurst in a box and put it on the floor with a bunch of other empty boxes and Mom gave me the find it command and I was off. I sniffed here, I sniffed there, and pow I found the box with the liverwurst! I got to eat it all and then watch while the other pups had a turn. Then I had three more turns and found the prize box each time. I had a blast and can't wait to go again next Saturday (even if it is early) I will keep you posted as to my next nosework adventure.
Love and Hugs to All
Ramsey tuning up her sniffer


My day at the dog park and it's about time Mom started my- diary!!

January 28th 2013 12:35 pm
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Hi to all my pals!
Well first off I must apologize for my very lame Mom who for close to a year now has failed to start a diary for me. I have barked and barked about this and finally she is willing to sit down and take my dictation. Sheesh good secretaries are just so hard to come by. I'm sure some of you pups know exactly what I mean BOL
Anyway I am just loving life here. I am one very spoiled girl and there are days I run Mom ragged but she loves me all the more for it right Mom? Yesterday was one of the best days evah! We got up early, got our chores done and then we all hoped in the jeep and drove all the way out to a place called Cambridge, Ma so I could go to a dog park for my very first time. As soon as we pulled in I saw all these pups running and playing in this fenced in area ahhhhh heaven! I whined, I jumped, I licked Mom's face. She couldn't get us out of the jeep fast enough. She had me on my leash as we walked through a couple of gates into the dog park. She unhooked me and I was free! I sniffed here, I sniffed there, I sniffed other dogs nether regions and let them sniff mine. We ran and played and chased tennis balls. I made the rounds of the other bipeds in the park saying "Hi I'm Ramsey and they all reached out to give me a pat or two. I've got to tell you guys it was just the most wonderful way to spend an afternoon. When it was time to go I was sad and whined a bit as we were pulling out of the parking lot. I sure hope Mom takes me back to one of those places again real soon. Have any of my pals done this dog park thing? If you have did you enjoy it as much as I did? Sure hope you did. Well pups there is my first diary entry and it had better be soon when Mom helps me to do another. Have a great day my friends and don't forget if you see a dog park make sure your people stop and let you check it out.
Love and Boxer Slobber
Ramsey Newest Queen of the Dog Park

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