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Scrappy's wild life

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Just a day

February 17th 2012 8:37 am
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Hello furs
Well today I am feeling a little better. I was able to go for an afternoon walk yesterday and a early morning walk with Abbey. I am watching a show about the Golden Collar awards for dogs who act. Why do they get awards. Everyday dogs who truely work and love their families should be nominated. I know that I would win one. I am a special little boy. I wake one of my human sisters up evrymorning with a dog kiss- who would not want that! I am going to take it easy- my meds make me tired theya re to relax me and they do. It is a nice sunny day but we do need rain very much I guess it is to come on Sunday.On sat I hope it does not rain as Abbey and I are going to walk in a new park and trail and both are very excited. I am looking forward to sping. I hope my sisters get better jobs as the economy is improving. I think I am getting sleepy I wiall talk to you later.


Not feeling well

February 16th 2012 7:39 am
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I am a tired dog today I do not feel well. I did not want to get up until 6 am. I missed my Walk with Abbey. My other sister will take me for a short walk later. I went to the dog meeting too and got a cookie it was tasty and the chicken was good too. It was cold last night had to sleeep under the covers to keep warm. I think I am going to sit in bed and think about things today. I was a lucky dog I got breakfast in bed. WEll atleast I have not had any attacking moods lately which is a good sign.



February 15th 2012 8:37 am
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I am a very Lucky dog- I have a nice home and people who love me everyday and spoil me. I am also Lucky because I got to be DDp again. I am very happy about that. Just to think about 6 months ago I was alone and running on the streets. I am very lucky. But you have to admit that I am awful cute too. I amvery cute so you could see why it is easy to spoil me.I also have a cute personality. I am just one wonderful little boy dog!!
Thanks Dogster for picking me DDP and congrats to Lucy for getting it too on the cat page. I had a very good Valentines day! I am lucky today because I get to go to the Dog Park and walk with my friends. I love going to te dog park. Today I m feeling good no out burst in a couple of days.So I guess I am Lucy there. Maybe My name should be Lucky - or just call me Scrappy Lucky OBrien. I am going to go out side and see if I can find a 4 leaf clover to bring me extra Luck!


Valentines day

February 14th 2012 8:17 am
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HI Furs
I Hope you all are having a good day. I got a toy and some treats for Valentines day. I am a very Lucky little guy! I got my human sisters something to a frog and socks. I also got to go to the dog park with Abbey and Max and walk Epona. I am a very Happy little guy. It is a sad day today Max is leaving. Our house will be empty as he has been here for 6 days. It is a sunny day. I am feeling better today, I am having better days right now. Well I hope you all find your Valentines. I got to go and take a nap from all my adventures!


The 13th bad luck 2-13-2012

February 13th 2012 8:39 am
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Hi furs
Well today is feb 13ths. Isn't 13 an unlucky number. well it is for me today as it is raining. I do not like to get my fur wet, especailly my head!( No I do not like baths either) My one human sister went to walk our friends and Abbey and I had to saty home because she does not want us out side like the other dogs get to do. No we have to stay inside and be bored or I could pester Nikita- that is my number 1 hobby. She gets mad that I chase her, but I would not chase her if she did not run. I thought cats were so smart she would have figured that out- I guess not- H e He. Oh congrats to Abbey for DDP. See Nikita Abbey and I do good things too. I am tired going to take a nap on the bed.


Sunday 2-12-2012

February 12th 2012 11:45 am
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Hi. well I am up to my tricks again. I went running into my human sisters bed room and woke her up with dog kisses. Then bugged her until she got up. It was fun. It is a cold morning, expecting rain. I like the cool temps, if it is hot now what will summer be like. I was one lucky dog the summer I was a stray it was a cool one and not HOT! I went to dog park yesterday and had fun with the dogs there. I think I am getting sleepy and going to go take a nap. I will write more later.


I have a busy day too

February 11th 2012 7:20 am
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i get to go to the dog park too. I do not know if I will get out and play. Last time I sat in the car with window open and took a nap I was not feeling well. I feel a littl bit better today. My human sister wants to see how I do. I get to go to the pets store. I love that place. I get placed in the cart and my human sister pushes me around in it. I like it and I look very cut in it. I must tell you she is NOT a good cart driver! yesterday My human sister made cup cakes and dropped frosting on the floor and I chased Nikita off so that I could have it. It was very Tasty! It is my job I am the four- footed- vacumum cleaner Not Nikita! well I got to go and get ready to go to the park.


February 10 2012 friday

February 10th 2012 7:17 am
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It sure was nice weather yesterday. I like sitting outside yesterday afternood. The sun was shinning and a cool Breeze. I am feeling ok today. Max is here he is a nice dog, but he is alot bigger than me. I like small dogs. I hope it is nice today so I can sit outside and enjoy nature. It was 70 yesterday.


nothing new

February 9th 2012 8:24 am
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Hi. Furs
I am still sick. I DID NOT give Nikita my germs dogs can not give cats germs! Silly Kitty. Congrats To Lucy for being DDP on Catster. she is one Lucky Kitty 5 times this year. I think Nikita is sick just to get extra attention,She is sitting in my sisters lap getting petted. I do not like that. Cats you will never understand them. Abbey is having a friend to spend a few days over here. I would like to have a friend over, but I am sick so I can not. There was a strange sound last night not sure what it was. The other animals were afraid but I was not I sat in bed growling. It was out side and sound ed like cars squeeling - It was weird! Well I am going to go see what Nikit is up to and then take a nap!


I am alive- very sick but alive! ;) Thanks

February 8th 2012 3:25 pm
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Hi Thanks for your notes. I am still alive. I am very sick with brain problems. The dr say I could live a month to year with it. It depends how wel I do. If I start getting aggressive then there is BIG problems or having head issues or seizures. Thanks again to all the furs for their kind messages. I am live and sick but doing my best

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