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Scrappy's wild life

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Feeling perky

February 26th 2012 7:33 am
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Good day

Well, I feeling pretty perky today. I went outside early this morning despite it being cold. I played with my toys I ran up the yard and down the yard many times chasing after the toys. Then I ran in the house. I ran and jumped on bed and played in the blankets. Later I went for a walk, but not to long and I have no idea what else I might do. I think I am going to spend most of the time playing with my toys.
Enjoy your day


Walk in the park

February 25th 2012 7:35 am
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Hi furs
Today is a sunny and cool day. I am a very Lucky Dog as I get to go walk around the park today.I am excited- other dogs are going to be there. It is a dog running/ walking group. My human sister does not think I am well enough to run so I have to walk. I think that I am very well and I can run just fine. yesterday I had 2 bye byes and 3 walks around the neighborhood. I love to go on walks and see all the pretty flowers in bloom. I think I have allergies as sometimes my eyes water. I am glad my ears are feeling better, I hope I do not get any more fox tails in my ears. Next week I get to go back to dog park I am a very Lucky dog, see Lucy is not the only one that has Luck in our family. Congrats to her for being DDP on Catstser for the 2nd time this week and 5th time this month. well I am going to go and get ready for the run/ walk.


Sleeping and stuff

February 24th 2012 7:42 am
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Hi Friends
I am feeling much better today. Congratulations to Lucy for being Catsters DDP. It is a beautiful day windy and warm. I hope I can play alot outside with all my toys. I love to play with my toys especially my ginger bread man and pig. Last night I cuddled up to one of my human sisters as she slept on the floor. The Blankets were soft and cozy. It was nice to sleep on them. I wish she would not have gotten up and went to her bed, because it interrupted my sleep and I had to go sleep in another place. I went to my other sisters bed and slept with her. I wish Abbey would have told me that she planned on taking that sandwich. It looked and smelled good to me too, but I am to small to beable to rach up and take it. I think it is rude that Abbey did not share it with me, afterall I am her little brother.It just shows that she is a pig when it comes to sandwiches I would have shared with her! No Abbey I did not tell on you she came out on her own to find you eating. I think the cats told on you. If Iget a sandwich or anything good to eat that the humans eat I am not going to Share with her.Well i think I am going to go and look for something good to eat that is human food. I hope my sister gives me left over cereal that she does not want. that is good stuff- she gave it to Lucy the last 2 days so it should be my turn to get it and Sorry Abbey I am NOT sharring


Feeling better

February 23rd 2012 8:58 am
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Hi Friends
My ears are feeling better. The medicine must be working they are not as red as they were. I do not understand how I get fox tails in them they are not in our back yard. I must get thm on my walks. I can not walk on the creek side any more, they thought I got them at the dog park but I have not been there lately. I ate a little breakfast and some jelly sandwich which was very good. I growled at my human siter and showed my teeth but she had green stuff all over her face( she said it was a face mask) and it scarred me! It looked like a geen moster from the black lagoon, so why woudn't a dog be scarred and growl. I am tired I think My ear medicine makes me tired. I went for a hsort walk just around the block, I wanted to go farther but I was not allowed because I am recovering and it is windy. I got very upset about that and growled around. I am used to being spoiled and I wanted to go longer but was told no. I do not like to be told no. Well I am going to go take a nap see ya later.


Nothing new in my life-not well

February 22nd 2012 8:21 am
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hello Furs
I am not feeling well at all. I had to go to the vet yesterday I had a fox tail in my ears again. I do not know how I keep getting these. The vets says My brain and temperemnt are nto good. I had to wear a mussle at the vet.I never had to do that before, and also I am getting that bad habit of being obessed about one area of my body which happens to be my hip and I have a licking sore there. My human sisters are very sad tears were coming out of her eyes. I licked her and told her I would be better today or Thursaday I promised. She tried to put a collar on me, So I would not try to lick my sore and I got really Mad at her so she did not. I am the boss. I slept with her last night and had my paws on her shoulder and she cried. I do not know why she cried, I just have illness that will heal. Long yeared dogs have many ear problems. My sister thinks the shaking of my head is getting worse and that is not a good sign. I do not think it is that bad. The vet said my eyes are showing signs of brain injuries, My sister told him that when I get mad and growl and snap I get a weird look in my eye and more of the whites show and he sad oh that is not good.( The Vet said I only have a few more weeks he thinks I am going down fast) Abbey and I had to have baths yesterday. I do not like baths at all or fur heaters! I would not let her dry me with it so I went around wet until I dried Naturally, It was fun! and freeing. We got some nice snacks after our baths. I think I am going to go and take a nap. I hope my sister does not cry tonight- I am a happy dog and had a very good last 6 months, I came here sick, I am 2 years old and had a intersting life and the last 6 were the best a dog could hope for and were wonderful!


I was not in the fight

February 21st 2012 8:46 am
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Hi furs
I gues I missed the fight. It happened when I was stillsleeping. I would have not allowed the cats to treat Abbey like that. I feel bad that I was so tired that I slept through. I hope Abbey's nose did not get hurt that bad. The Scratch does look bad, Even though my human sisters say you can not see it, we can. The cats are just mean to us. well if there is a fight on wednesday I will be there to help Abbey out and make it more even two against two. Abbey is 12 so she need some young pup who is spunky to help her fight off the cats. it was good the human sister was around or Abbey might have had to have stitched those cats claws are might sharp and Nasty!
It is a nice and sunny day, I got to go for a walk with my human sister by myself. It was quite enjoyable. I saw some squirrels chasing each other. I wanted to chase them but my huma sister would not let me. I saw two cats fighting with each other there must be something in the air to make cats grouchy and want to fight. The floweres are starting to bloom. I think it will be an early spring as the end of the week we are to be in the 70's. I think Lucy might be right on something the issue of Climate change it sure is weird weather. My human sister got another plant our house is beginning to look like a nursery. They are all real nice plants but I think she is becoming the crazy plant lady they seem to be taking over. well I think I am going to go and wait for Abbey to come home and see how her nose is. I will talk to you later. I am going to stay away from the cats until they get in better moods. I do not want to get scratched because they hurt!


Fun and exciting day!

February 20th 2012 8:07 am
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I had a very fun ad exciting day yesterday. We went to Donner lake up in the mountains. It was a very nice little park. It had very pretty trail and the lake was BEAUTIFUL. I saw Snow for the first time. It was white fluffy and very cold. I like it very much. if I lived in the snow I would have to have jackets and sweaters because I got very cold! Today I am very tired and snappy. I think the trip wore me out. Abbey went on a walk and I was to tired. Anyway I have to stay and help my human sister look for a place to stay. she has found a couple of places that alllow all us pets. we are excited to move in April. or March. I will talk to you later.


New aventure

February 19th 2012 10:48 am
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Hi. I agettting excite, I get to go to the mountains and see snow. I am feeling ok, but my sister wants me to see snow so she is going to take me. I had real fun at the new park yesterday, it was pretty and lots of dogs there. Talk to later ready to pack up and go. I am really excited about my new adventure barking about it ad got my snacks ready. Speaking of snaks yester day Abbey an I got a special chew snack one for then and one to take. we are Lucky dogs.



February 18th 2012 8:11 am
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I heard my human sister talking about going to the mountains tomorrow, and I assume Abbey and I will go. I am very excited as I never been as I am only 2 and just started living with this family. My old family may have taken me but I do not remember. Anyway, I wonder what mountains are? Abbey says they are really pretty with lots of trees. There will be snow there too. Being as I live here in Sacramento I do not know what snow is either or I do not remember. Abbey again says it is white and cold, and people love it. I do not know if she is right as she could be pulling my paw. Anyway I am looking for to seeing snow and the mountains


Dogs on TV I am very excited!

February 17th 2012 11:35 am
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Hi Friends
I just very excited. On the View today they had a Mutt show. There were many dogs on T.V and on the dog show. I think I should have been asked because I am very cute and I would have won the contest hands down. I did not see any dogs that turned my head. The chew and revolution is going to have dogs on their shows too. I can hardly wait to see who they have on. I do not understand why cats are upset about not being on T.V. They just have to realize that Dogs Rule and cats do not! It is simply that. Cats are just to independent- what ever that is- I do not think I want that I like being next to my human sister and gibing them puppy kisses, going for walks and byes, cats have to stay home to much. I like sleeping in the bed with them too. Well I got to go My time is up. It seems my time was hsorter because Lucy and Nikita took all the time and my human sister wants the computer back to look for a good paying job. I hoping next year I can compete in the views Mutt contest- I know I will win.

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