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Scrappy's wild life

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A sunny and cool day

March 6th 2012 8:05 am
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Well Iwent on my morning walk, it was a nice little walk and I enjoyed it. I am going to go and play with my ginger bread man outside. I love to play with him and I want to play with him before the rain comes. I hope we get some rain! we need it. yesterday was sucha beautiful and nice day it was 76 degrees. To hot for this time of year! My alergies are acting up with all the plants and flowers in Bloom. My little eyes just water. I guess Iam going to help my sister look for a job and play and take a nap today. I have a busy agenda.


A Spring day

March 5th 2012 7:22 am
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We are having Spring like Weather in the middle of March! I hope that we do not have winter weather in the Summer, Strange weather. Maybe the Eqator flipped over and now we live below it so our weather is different. It was 74 degress. It might rain on Tuesday which we need. Still No Robins we are worried about them- I think that they are having a big Mardi Gras Party down South and do not want to come back up here to our weird weather. I get new medicine to try for my head, I got a very nice walk this morning- and my 1 human sister is going to be home so I will be able to go outside and play with my Gingerbread man out side and sit and enjoy the nice breeze of spring. Oh Congrats to Nikita for being DDp I wish I would get it- She has had 2 days in a row she is One Very Lucky Kitty! Callie mnade a very nice picture for it- It was nice of her to do that!


Noicey Night

March 4th 2012 8:26 am
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Boy last night the dogs in the neighborhood must have been having a party or something they sure were barking alot. I got up several times with my human sister to see what was going on and Nothing was that we could see. I figure that some dog had a party that got a little loud. Congrats to Nikta for Bine Catster DDP. My heart goes out to all the furs and people hit by the Toredo in the Midwest and South Hope all is ok. Gotta run my sister has to look for a job.


Not as busy As Abbey still having fun.

March 3rd 2012 1:05 pm
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I got to help myself to the Lemon Cup cakes, I think I deserved them since I helped make them. I got to listen to one of my favorite bands Cold Play yesterday on Good Morning America. I went tot the pets store and had a nice Cart ride around the store it is very fun but my human sister does not drive the cart very well. I got to go and run with the people and dog runners it was fun, and another bye bye. I am a very tried little boy dog. My human sister said I have to rest before I get to grumpy. I slept right up next to her last night with my head on her shoulder. I was very tired as I did not get up until 6.30 and we had to be at the park at 8 am. We are Lucky we live close to if so we could do the short littl walk to the park. It is such a pretty day today. I hope it is not a hot summer or a raining one. I guess I am going to watch the college Basket ball game today and take a nap see ya later.


fun day

March 2nd 2012 8:10 am
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I did not get to go to dog park today. My human sisters did not think I was well enough to walk and play at the park. They thought I would get to tried. I do not think so. Well I get to stay home and Watch Cold Play on GMA this morning. I love that group and so does Abbey and she does not get to see it and I do. I also get to help make cupcakes and get Lemon Frosting and she does not. So I guess it is fair. Then we have alot of bye byes to do this late afternoon. I just Love doing bye byes and going to the pet store. On Saturday I might get to go running with a dog running group. I get to run with my human sister today and go for a walk this afternoon since it is not raining. I love to go for walks it is fun to be outside and explore stuff. I hope we get more rain as we need it and I hope I get to go to the snow again, it was fun the last time I went.Well I am going to go help my human sister make cupcakes. I also want to go and see what Lucy is hissing at in the window. Gotta go.
Ps. It was a neighborhood cat that Lucy was upset about- Cats!


Rainy day

March 1st 2012 10:38 am
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Hi furs
WEll I got to go and walk our friend Epona today. I like doing that as I get to see different neighborhoods. I di not get to go and run as it is two hard for my human sister to run with two dogs as she gets tripped and falls. It is NOT our fault that she is a KLUTZ! I get to go for a short run on Friday I am looking forward to it as I LOVE to run too.Us pets are going to be alone this afternoon so I guess I will have to play by myself or take a anp, as the other furs her do not like to play with me. Oh congrats for Abbey to get get DDp she is one lucky dog. I hope when I go and run I find some money too, so I can buy some dog treats. well I am going to go see if my human sister will play gingr bread man with me before she leaves. See ya



February 29th 2012 8:37 am
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Hi Furs
It is raining today, I know we need the rain but I do not like it at all!! I do not like it hitting me on the head or my head getting wet. I can not go out side and play, I guess I will have to play inside which is not as fun because I can not run as far. In the rain I do not get to go for long walks just short ones. I guess I could rest up as my medicine makes me very tired. I think I will go and see what the furs and people in my family are doing. Maybe some one will play Ginger bread man with me.oh yes Happy Leap Year Day!


Exciting Day

February 28th 2012 8:08 am
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Hi Friends
Well I get to go to the dog park and I amvery excited, I have not been to the dog park in 1 week because I have been sick. I love to go there and play with the other dogs and get all the dog gossip. I love to go there and run leash free. I also get to walk my friends Epona, Chloe and Bernie which is fun then I get to see other neighborhoods and get the gossip. I have to go out and play today and make sure my toys are in side as a big storm is coming with wind and I do not want my toys to get ruined. I am glad that my ears are better, I had to have the fur on the bottom of them cut so that I do not get thorns or fox tails in them, I did not like that. I am alittle upset that Nikita kitty blamed me for getting her sick and will not apologize for it- I did not get her sick, and I think she owes me an apology. well I guess that is it I am going to go and get ready to go tot he park see you all later.


I am not GERMY!!!

February 27th 2012 3:23 pm
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I am not germy and I didnot give Nikita any germs. Dogs can not give their germs to cats. We have different diseases, only thing we can share is flea, and I am flea free- I take Revolution so there an't no flees on Scrappy! I am feeling ok today. I got to go to the park with Abbey, we had a very nice time. We get to to to the pet store today and I love the pet stores and ride around in the cart, only thing is my human sister is not a good cart driver. Nikita has to be on rice and cottage cheese for a few days and Abbey says that we might be able to get some too- we love that. I was out side playing with my gingerbread man, my human sister came out and played with us. she is not feeling well either. She has a headache and sinus problems. I helped her look for a job today. I hope it does not rain as I want to go tot he dog park on Tuesday and walk with the other dogs. Well I am tired so I will go and take a nap, I played hard with my ginger bread man. well I guess I will go. See on the flip side.


I am up to nothing new

February 27th 2012 8:55 am
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Hi furs. What is new with you. It is a boring old day. My humans are gone out to work so we are home alone with nothing to do. I guess I will have to play with my toys by myself- that is ok I can have fun by myself. I am feeling better and so is Abbey. Now Nikta has Asthma. She says she got germs from us dogs I do not think so. well I am going to go play.

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