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Scrappy's wild life

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I am back

April 3rd 2012 11:00 am
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I thought I would pop and say Hi. My human sister said that he thought that I would never write after I left the Earth, She missed me so much and feel bad about me having brain issues that she could not fix. We had the best six months together. we went running and played alot. I play alot up in heaven and am having a good time. I do mis my family though and wish that I was with them. I just wanted to write because my human sister misss me so much and feel so guility about me dying. I loved her alot too. I had a very good 6 months alot better than being on the street. I just am glad that we got to know each other and I know that she feels the same way and misses me terribley every day. We will always love each other to infinity and beyond. I am a very special dog and a very loving, fun and kind dog. I got to go but do nto be surprised if I write again when My human sister feel blue and misses me. We will NEVER forget each other our LOVE will always last!


Rain bow bridge

March 12th 2012 12:36 pm
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Hi. I went oer the inbow bridge today at 9,00 am. I had a very good 6 months, I will miss my family and friends and friends on Dogsters. I will always love YOu.
Scrappy 4-22-2009??- 3-12-2012


not a good day

March 12th 2012 8:07 am
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I am not having a good day, I do not feel well at all. I am tired and have no energy. My human sisters are very worried about me, I am not eating and will not eat when it is handed to me. I just very tired and slept in my humans lap last night when she was watching tv. They are not having any luck their car is broken. I hope they get better Luck. I know I will feel better on Tuesday!


A good day

March 11th 2012 1:27 pm
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Well it stopped Raining so Abbey and I got to go to the Human park. It was very fun. There were alot of dogs out and about. we meet a nice Dalmation and German Wired hair dog and a rat Terrier. They were all very nice, Sam the Dalmation was the most friendliest, he is my age 2. It was a very nice time jumping into puddles, though I do not like it as much as Abbey. When we got home the catsLucy and Nikita Had to takle a bath. Boy were they un happy and put up a fight. It was funny to see. I never seen a cat get a bath before, boy they sure do not like them. Then after their bath they got some canned salmon, Abbey and I got some too. It was mighty tasty, I hope they get baths more often so we can have the salmon. Lucy and Nikta didn't eat all there so Abbey and I finished it off for them. boy we are very lucky dogs last night we got a few peices of chicken. we are spoiled dogs and cats. The heater is on so Nikita and Lucy do not get colds. I like it being warm- I am a warm weather dog. There are alot of Cherry Blossoms out, I think I am allergic as my eyes are watering. Well I got to go and take a nap with my human sister we are tired. We have had a busy morning


I am not lazy

March 11th 2012 8:31 am
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I am not a lazy dog. The humans changed the time and I did not know it. I am only 2 years old how was I suppose to know. Why did thy have to spring forward, I liked the time the way it was. I am not lazy because the medicine I take makes me tired and groggy so I sleep alot. It is raining so I can not play with ,y toys outside. I hoep I did not leave any out side. Well I am going to go the paper too. I will see all later.


Friday March 9 th 2012 20/20 show

March 10th 2012 8:22 am
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I watched the 20/20 pet show last night. It was very nice that they had a show like that. Many people Love their pets- especailly dogs and I guess cats. I did not know that they had goumet dog food, I would liketo try that. My human sisters better never put clothes on me! I would not put up with that. This Past January one of my sisters tried to buy me a sweater to wear she thought I was cold and they were on sale, well I had no part in that. I think I would like to try the dancing. I dance on my own all ready- but do not think my humans are cordinated enough to do it- they are a Klutz! Some people had interesting pets Like a Hippo , Buffalo and Crocadile. I would not want to live with a hippo- he might squeeke me to death and the Croc might see me as an easy meal. One lady had an Ant Eater I bet she does not have a rodent problem but they are only active at night so I guess they would be ok to live with, I think they are blind to and go by sent- not my favorite fur brother or sister. I like having dogs and cats as brothers and sisters. I really liked the show- It was interesting!
I had to stay home today from the dog park my human sisters thought I was to tired, I went running yesterday and they thought it tiredme out as I did not get up until 6.30 am. I get to go for a walk around the neighborhod, it is not as sunny as yesterday as we are to get rain on sunday, when we move our clocks ahead. I get to go on the errends which is good because I LOVE bye byes. talk to you later.


Finally DDP

March 9th 2012 7:30 am
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Guess What I finally got DDP on Dogster.! I am so Happy I got choosen. All the other Kids in the house had gotten it but me, and Now I finally did . I had a great walk with Abbey there were alot of kids out walking many we had not seen before, we figure they must have moved in over the winter, Abbey Thinks alot are Holiday gift kids.. It was fun to see all of them, it is nice that more dogs moved to the neighborhood. I love this Spring type weather, I do not like the cold. Abbey and Lucy do and Nikita and I like the heat. It is suppose to rain next week so I guess I will be stuck in side, so I guess I better enjoy the chance to play ourside with my gingerbread man and other toys. Thanks again to Dogster for picking me as DDP I really appreciate it. Thanks to all the furs who leave comments, I appreciate it.


Dog park

March 8th 2012 7:50 am
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I get to go to dog park today, but they say it will be to much for me to walk the dogs. I love the park, I have several little dog friends there. It is very fun to run leash free and be a dog with out any restraints. Last night some dogs must have another barking party that I was not invited to because I heard them barking alot and the frogs were having a party because I heard them croaking. I wish I could be out side and join the party and gossip. I have to be in side at night my humans say it is safer, and I do like sleeping in the nice warm beds with them. Well I should go as my human ssiter has to look for a new job she does not like her old one, not enough hours or pay, only par time. We Like her home with us so we are not so lonely since our momma human died.


Lazy day of winter.

March 7th 2012 6:26 pm
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Still No rain. I have not been up to much, just helping my human sister look for a job. I hope she gets one soon. Beginning to worry about it. I went on 2 walks with Abbey it was cold out side and windy. No dogs wereout. I saw a frog and It was interesting I wanted to go and meet it but my human sister said No leave it alone. He looked friendly. Abbey has a vet appointment next wednesday, I am glad it is her and not me, I do not like going to the vets, she thinks she can get out of it I do not Think so. Oh no that will mean we will have to have another bath, we just had one, but they want us clean for the vets, which I do not understand why. Well I am going to go and get my spot for the Tv shows tonight. I love criminal minds and CSI with Ted Danson. Well I am going to go. Once again congrats to Abbey for being DDP. Thanks to all the nice and kind Pups that leave nice messages on my diary page. I apppreciate it.


Windy Weather

March 7th 2012 7:25 am
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Congrats to Abbey for being DDP today. That is great for her. I wish I would get choosen, as I am the one who has not gotten it for a while. I guess I should not complain and be happy I ghot a few times this year I was Lucky I got it then.
It is very windy here, when I go out side my whole fur just blows away. I am Lucky that I am a little chunky or the wind would carry me away it is that strong and I am so little. Last night we had a very strange parked outside out house, it scarred the humans but Abbey and I were there to protect them. The cops came by and checked it out and it was fine, Abbey and I could have told them that. It is cold and is to get below freezing today. Well my human sister has to go and look for a job on the computer so I got to cut my diary short. I will see ya later. It is so windy I cannot play with my Gingerbread man outside only inside.

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