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A Sweet, Somewhat Spoiled Little Dog's Life :)

Carter's Gotcha Day is approaching! (July 6th)

June 25th 2012 3:13 am
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Okay, so since this is my first entry, I thought I'd let you all know right now that I'm writing as myself (Carter's Mama, also known as Kaona). I would just feel awkward trying to write as if I am Carter. I know many of you do that for your dog's blogs and it's cute and fine with me, I'm just saying that's not how I want to do it :) No disrespect!

I didn't know exactly when I'd first brought Carter home for a long time. I knew it was sometime in July of 2011, somewhere around the beginning or early middle. I might be a bad mama, but I was so excited that I was getting Carter and running around to buying doggy supplies, and once I got him, buying more supplies than he needed! I was just so excited and wasn't thinking, in my excitement it didn't occur to me to mark down the date that I brought him home with me. But tonight I had an idea. A lot of people complain about the new Facebook timeline, but I went on it to look through July of 2011 tonight, since I remembered posting pictures of Carter on Facebook as soon as I got him. Sure enough, two pictures from July 6th! So now I know when I brought him home :)

I feel guilty though, because I don't know when his birthday is. The person I sort of 'rescued' him from (she abused him... my poor little guy) told me when I got him that he was somewhere between 5 and 6 months probably. So I guess I'll just 'give' him a birthday sometime in December or January, but it'll take forever for me to decide. I wish I knew when his birthday was, then I could look at the cute little doggy zodiac things :P

Anyway, the main point of this post is that I want to plan some sort of adoption day (though it wasn't an 'official adoption', of course) celebration for Carter. I'm not sure what I should do, because if I try to get anyone else I know with dogs to come for a little pup party, they'll think I'm crazy and roll their eyes. I guess I'll just make a nice cake for him... I'll be sure to take pictures! And I'll sing some lame song to him or something, and take pictures of him with the cake and of him eating the cake, and give him even more love than he usually gets (which is a lot!) on that day.

So I need to find a really good recipe for doggy cake. And I want to be able to write something on it with some sort of makeshift icing, I don't want to use the type of icing we use because of all that sugar! I wonder what exactly I should write on the cake. Any ideas? :) Any doggy cake suggestions would also be greatly appreciated, but in the mean time, I'm off to search the internet for some!

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